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  1. I’m watching Sexy Beasts. Covid, climate or nuclear bomb : we need to put an end to our misery as a species.
  2. Yeah I know, but he's a massive fan, wrote things about Dune in french press and so on. I (mostly) trust him...
  3. Jodorowsky have always been a massive nutcase and his films are atrocious. (I always liked The Incal, mind) In other news, a french guys on twitter has been to a pre-screening of Dune, and watched the first 10 minutes and the attack of the harvester at the beginning. He's very positive.
  4. As someone who absolutely don't want a PC at home, I'm delighted.
  5. Surprised no one mentionned another stunning David Simon's serie (written with Ed Burns) : Generation Kill 7 episodes about the Irak war, with the formidable Alexander Skarsgard. It's awesome.
  6. Well then I really don’t get your posts about it. And that may be me.
  7. Do you think southgate should have chosen five white players for the penalties to protect black players?
  8. Well, there are many things that you can do on a football pitch and not outside. Or on any pitch. Or in your bedroom. Different rules for different places. But let's agree to disagree, it's not that important.
  9. According to Stéphane Henchoz it wasn't a red (and he was clearly biased in favor of England). But he (and I) may be wrong.
  10. I'm not sure I get the debate about Chiellini's foul. It was a foul, he was booked for it. Did he deserve a straight red? Not according to rules, and if anytime a foul is a clear act of cheating a straight red is issued, matchs would end 5 against 5. I must admit I quite like a beat of cheating in football. One of my favourite player in the 80s was Claudio Gentile, so what do I know...
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