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  1. Decade is an anthology, but it’s a very good entry point!
  2. Neil Young is a genius. Your records are (probably) Harvest and After the gold rush. Even if you find them too folk or hippy for your taste, go beyond. Zuma, Arc/weld, and so much more.... I’m almost jealous!
  3. I may stuck to Neil young forever and never listen to anything else.
  4. Cody or Like Herod probably. (and I also adore the Zidane documentary OST!)
  5. Never stop sneakin’ It’s the first game I finish since, well, I don’t know. And I don’t know why. Probably because I hate stealth in games with a passion.
  6. Tonton David died too a few days ago. No, no clip from me. I'd be banned probably.
  7. Sorry. And yes it's really weird. They are good musicians, I love some of their albums, they're even rather fun live, but their covers are absolutely atrocious, wrong and horrible. Everyone of them.
  8. I recently listened to Duran Duran's cover album (yes I own it - don't ask). It's hilarious. Worst album ever according to some magazine in the 90s, right? GQ or The Face, can't remember. Well deserved, it's horrible. Try this :
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