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  1. I had a spectrum. Will never buy your game. (I just bought your game)
  2. This could actually save my life under the coming lockdown. Take my money. And KOTOR next.
  3. It’s so obviously « Ponzi : the game » it’s funny. And sad.
  4. The first Black Box recorder album is awesome. Horror stories sung with an angel’s voice.
  5. Well, the F1 race today seems to pay honors to this (awesome) game.
  6. It’s colorful, silly and fun. I like it.
  7. Oh I get that. And it's really a minor annoyance on game pass by the look of it. But, but I get totally frustrated (and quite irrationally I know) when AppleMusic tells me that a song appears to have disappeared from the app. Even when it's a song I don't like that much. Even if it's a song I already own on vinyl and cd. /rant over.
  8. I mean I didn’t use any subscription based business model before - always bought things physical and never on a contract (I somewhat fear being tied to something). And if you can buy before it disappears it’s excellent.
  9. I really thought this would come sooner than that. And I would have been much more positive about it a couple of years ago. But there is something I absolutely hate about Netflix (or Apple Music) : it's when something disappears without a warning. It happens a lot. I hate it, and actually I'm buying physical again to avoid that.
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