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  1. I don't know if it's the best or the worst youtube channel ever.
  2. More than weird. From the beginning of his carreer he was the guy that was craving for love. Without success. From the imitations of other players to his bizarre takes about gluten or vaccine. (And the less said about his nationalist Serbian takes sometimes the better….) Even the French are laughing at this and trust me they usually don’t like Federer or Nadal. it’s a bit sad. Djokovic is a wonderful player, a tremendous athlete. But also such an idiot apparently.
  3. It’s totally bizarre. But I believe its team and himself were just being total idiots - and they absolutely didn’t read the room. They thought they could get away with it. Hubris again.
  4. West side story isn’t even in your top 3 and you go all drama because Spielberg dared to « film » a remake of it? drama.
  5. Oh god I hate Jacques Demy maybe even more than Spielberg.
  6. Oh, I could stand corrected on the minutiae. But I think my point still stands. There's a reason actresses are so prone to surgery to appear younger - and it's nor their fault or their responsibility. They have no choice if they want to work. Well, let's get back to the last korean drama!
  7. Yeah, but again, blame Netflix, the director, the scriptwriters, the casting director, whoever was in charge. Blaming Bullock feels wrong.
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