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  1. Fight Club is a far better movie, I agree. But I don’t like it at all neither.
  2. Natural born killers is something that appeal to young men who wants to look cool and edgy, but it’s a mess and quite frankly objectionable in its message, but saved by a very cool couple of lead actors. Like fight club.
  3. A few good men is pure, distilled Sorking pleasure, with a veteran director who knows what he’s doing and a stellar cast having fun. I adore this movie (and I work in law - usually I hate trial movies)
  4. I love the comics, but don't ever believe what Jodorowsky says.
  5. I know what a lenslock is for Elite. That's how old I am.
  6. Sorry, I meant here! I don’t know many people who read it…
  7. It’s been a huge success here and Dune isn’t exactly a best seller. It’s doing very well.
  8. Didn’t see Arrival - and frankly I think you can like D’une and not BR2049. I just happen to like both (while being very doubtful before…). Hope you enjoy it!
  9. Seconded by the way. If you're interested in it, do yourself a favour : watch in on the biggest screen avaiable.
  10. Just seen it, and you can put me in the « liked it » crowd. I’m a huge fan of the book (probably read it at least 30 times in the last 30+years) and I think it’s both very faithful to the books (maybe even too much) and with a vision. The cast is great, the screenplay is good without too much exposition and the scenery is magnificent. If you liked BR2049, you’ll like it.
  11. I just bought myself an original painting for my 50th birthday and I feel rather smug about it. Do you want to start a small collection too? (also, a cat is hidden in the picture)
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