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  1. First one had flaws, but I had a blast with it. Weird this seems to have just come out with no fanfare. I am also waiting for someone to bite, or get impressions. Trailer looks more of the same. Maybe less plot this time, please.
  2. I have been trying to find this game for about two decades. I remember it at some Haven holiday park, distinctly remember the round peach bullets and bailing out the car. You try finding something based off that. Now I finally know the name of it. My life is now complete, damn near 20 years of searching and thinking I’d somehow made it up as a kid. I’m not insane, it does exist. Thank you for posting this. Only other thing I remember is the Toki cab next to it. Of course I remember that one.
  3. It's really interesting to hear about what happened before I joined, I had completely forgotten about it getting Codies attention. Kudos to Kiro for putting so much effort into this. Scary I can still remember that first podium so well. Maybe because there weren't that many of them . I cannot remember my next door neighbour's name but that was no problem. Really looking forward to the next few seasons, time to praise our lord and saviour Maximum Gary (if he wasn't already a think at this point). God I hope I haven't misremembered that.
  4. When I played the beta I thought I might enjoy DNF. I liked not having to worry about the inputs as I'm a decrepit old man, and I liked the BIG MEATY BUTTONS everyone had. I decided it was going to be my first new fighter since vanilla SFV (which ended up costing me a chair armrest). It's a lot of fun. Just have to remember everyone is bullshit and embrace the chaos. I'm going for Vanguard because, well, BIG MEATY BUTTONS and he seems to do a lot of damage off very little. He has very few options under pressure aside from alpha counter (his DP sucks, it's AA but whiffs a lot of other stuff). No real overhead but I guess the idea is to keep people blocking and guard crush. Online seems fine, had a few disconnects today and maybe one laggy match when I was set to worldwide but otherwise no issues. Ranked could really do with showing you the connection of who you are matched with before you accept. At least you don't have to bother with lobbies for it. I'm not sure if it is hard recommend for £40, and I've not touched the story mode or unlocked the boss character, but I am having a blast so far. When I'm grinning because the opponent baited me in to pressing a button and slamming my arse (I'm still shouting that it is bullshit, but in a happy way) you know it is a good time.
  5. This. I have played SoR2 way too many times. Jump into SoR4 and it is like a comfy pair of slippers. Only you turn the slippers over and if you want you can engage roller skate mode. When you realise what you can do with combos - Blaze is one of the best examples with her Blitz being an OTG, then being able to string her air special into itself for corner carry and damage. Spamming your super? Just don't get hit, get your life back. Amazing addition. I recently played an English patch/hack of Bare Knuckle 3. The mechanical additions are nice, but the environments feel very samey, very grey. SoR2 takes you on a trip. From streets, amusement park, boat, jungle fortress. It sounds by the numbers but the way it carries you along without needing to say anything. SoR4 is similar. Mostly sticks to the same city and you don't get the massive difference of colour palette that helps SoR2 to really pop, but it does take you on a journey, it feels like you are progressing. Turtles does a real good job on this as well. Beat em ups are relatively simple at heart, you need the graphics and audio to get it all together. That's a thing that SoR2, SoR4 and Shredder's Revenge all share. Sound design and music and top notch. Everything has heft, you feel like you are making a connection when your fist/katana/hockey stick hits someone. Revenge maybe slightly more muted but no point having stuff super loud and crunchy in a six player game. Obligatory mention to SoR2 having one of the bests OSTs of all time.
  6. Watching some streams, seems picking Leo doesn't help matters. Very dull outside the pizza cutter. Mikey can bounce off again after a dive kick, and April looks a tonne of fun. I do like the details like stealing a lot of fighting game moves (Mikey E Honda torpedo, Raph Shoryuken etc). However... https://i.imgur.com/R8YjMu0.jpg C'mon now. Just be glad I didn't post Estel.
  7. I'm not the biggest fan, having finished a run with Leo. It looks great, some of the tracks go way more ham than needed but single player feels a mixed bag. Unlike every beat em up ever made, there is no meterless superjoy. Worse, you get hit and you lose some meter, meaning you get even further away from superjoy. Sure you can taunt for it but things can snowball out of control quickly. Even worse, you do stuff like dash attack through something, you get super armour. As in, you get armour but still take the damage. The attack after the roll will sometimes can in an entirely different direction to what you want. It's just that little bit too stodgy. For example you can do the upkick, and either just land or dive kick on descent. Just let me air combo the dude when they are launched or something. Do the double jump air attack and you have just that little bit too long to recover on landing. The bosses get very samey after a while. Those that don't have some kind on invincibility phase can just get mashed to death. If you look at the move list it seems geared towards multiplayer which I haven't tried yet. I can imagine with six on the screen the chaos would be wonderful. I'm old school and think beat em ups should be doable in one go, where this is a little long (yes I know, if it helps I thought the same with SoR4). SoR4 maybe the problem. I want more juggles and combos and stuff and this game goes for something different. Despite the completely negative post it isn't bad, I just found it alright rather than good. Probably should not have tried to rush through it in one sitting.
  8. In no particular order Shinobi Non Grata https://store.steampowered.com/app/1796870/SHINOBI_NON_GRATA/ 2D side scrolling platformer, don't think English is first language of devs but who cares? Lot of fun, linear as anything which I like. Bosses seem tough and the levels more of an afterthough, it handles well, I love crouch stabbing being twice the speed of normal stabs for no reason and the cannon in incredible. Big recommend. Selaco https://store.steampowered.com/app/1592280/Selaco/ Doom style FPS. It's going for something with the fast deadly combat but I'm getting a few stutters and I'm not feeling it. I seem to be in minority on that one. There is No Light https://store.steampowered.com/app/1132980/There_Is_No_Light/ It's weird. Really weird. Either the demo steamrolls through the plot on person, or they just you bare minimum and let you are it. Combat also feels a bit weird to me, idea being to attack to build up an ability then use it. Only some enemy attacks are interrupted with normal slashes, others with ability slashs so I assume I just save the ability? Then the game just gives you three weapons that you can swap between and leaves you to it. It's not bad at all, maybe not my kind of thing but it has an awful lot of polish. It's just so weird though. Dome Keeper https://store.steampowered.com/app/1637320/Dome_Keeper/ Could not stop playing this. At all. Cross between Steamworld Dig, a base defence game and Solar Jetman. You have a dome base, you go mining, bring resources back to dome. Resources are heavy, too many and you'll slow to a crawl on the way back. Periodically, black goo creatures that remind me of another game I cannot put my finger on attack the dome. Busy mining while an attack happens? Too bad, better run back to the do...oh you are dead. Roguelike, so start again. Upgrade tree gives a lot of useful stuff, have to really think about where to put resources. You can just get fucked by RNG - don't find the resources or get a bad wave and you have no chance. Something about it just clicked, already put a few hours in. Another big recommend. Thunder Ray https://store.steampowered.com/app/1944910/Thunder_Ray/ It's Punch Out with more blood. Didn't like my ultrawide setup (game was cut off top and bottom of screen), and the game options are language and credits. That's it. No tutorial either, just throws you into a fight and lets you at it. Despite that, it feels a lot of fun (I mean it is just Punch Out) so I'll keep an eye on it. My problems might just be my 21:9 monitor, hopefully everyone else is fine. Antro https://store.steampowered.com/app/1861250/Antro/ Trailer makes it seems like some kind of runner/high speed platformer. Plays more like Inside or Limbo. Not for me, and yes I did only last 5 minutes. On the to-do list: Potion Permit Elsie Midnight Fight Express Chester's Revenge Sweet Transit Roots of Pacha
  9. They seem to give a lot of rewards. I did three of the practice runs, got two exotics. Just a shame the SMG is bugged. You can get it from the quest, but it does not drop outside of that.
  10. So me and a friend have been looking for something good to play co-op. He comes across this, seems like a typical roguelike kind of thing. Only it seems to have an emphasis on multiplayer. After playing it for about 5 mins, he gifts me a copy. This is pretty damn good. It is fairly early, so there are not many levels and only two main weapons. However they have nailed the feel of the movement and combat. Feels similar to Hades which is no bad thing. Typical formula, pick up skills, get stat upgrades, get relics. When you finish a room you often get two choices of exit so you could pick healing or gold as the reward. There is permanent upgrade currency you get over runs, and it is just a lot of fun to play. Multiplayer seems to work with no issues. You don't just drop in or out, have to host a game (you can set it to private) then invite via steam). When you get a relic selector you both have individual choices, you have to both be at the exit to move to the next room, it's a lot of fun. I'm on pad, which I think is the preferred way to play. I think there is couch co-op which I imagine would work well as most of the rooms only have a little scrolling. I've got a few little quibbles here and there. There is one mini boss that has an attack with no startup and no warning. The game tries to be as readable as possible (enemies will flash, have an exclamation point or other indicator before an attack etc) so I assume that will be fixed. Enemies hit hard (so stuff can two shot you) but health seems a little hard to come by, any build with regen seems super strong. The second area enemies seem overtuned, third area enemies don't seem anywhere near as hard. All stuff that can be fixed, I hope. If you ever wanted a roguelike co-op game this is definitely a good shout. I've not seen much word spread about it and it would be a shame for it to get lost in the shuffle.
  11. It's the old Mega Man X test. This is what it looks like with no shader on. Pretty good, right? Look at the health bar. Almost like some of the bars are missing. So go to shaders, interpolation, and pick one of the sharp-bilinear options (there are a few options to mess with). Here is the result. We now have a pixel perfect health bar. In most things you are not really going to notice the difference. The health bar in Mega Man X is an outlier but also a good test. So I've got most of my games to load up by default with the shader on (there are options to set per system config and they are in there somewhere).
  12. I'll second Droix, got a 351P and a 351MP from them in the past and no issues. Shipping from the UK means no long waits or import hassles. I'm a big, big fan of the MP. Cut my teeth on the P to get used to 351/AmberElec, like the device so much I wanted the 640*480 screen on the MP. My only issues with the MP is one of the selling points - it being made of metal. it's so much heavier than the P. As mainly play up to PS1 but mostly 16-bit stuff the screen is perfect. Stick a shader on and everything looks pixel perfect. The P is good, but the screen isn't a patch on the MP. I also got a generic hard drive case that happens to fit the MPP ideal if you want to play GBA games as screen is in the correct format. I did mess around with ArkOS but prefer Amber, much less fiddling around. There's a good bunch of ports as well - I could never get Shovel Knight working but Freedom Planet plays great on it.
  13. Could be worse, could be grinding Wellspring for red borders. At least it is relatively consistent now (weapon every other run, red in about three weapon drops). Shame the seasonal isn't as consistent outside the one red border a week. That Sweet Sorrow gun is incredible in PvP, I've got a tap the trigger drop that feels like a laser.
  14. To be fair Hugill looked absolutely terrible and missed some horrific sitters. Every time I’ve seen West Brom this season the quality has got worse and worse. As someone who has seen Megson and Pulisball this stuff is somehow even worse. You can certainly argue he’s not had much to spend this season. Lost our best player to big monies, the new striker gets injured first game. Nothing really changes though. 60 mins, time for subs. Every time. Same system that as you mentioned does not work for these players. He has made rod for his own back. Johnstone got dumped out the squad as he threw a hissy fit when told Button would stop in goal. Now the manager is right to take that approach. Problem is he has put his favourites straight back in despite replacements performing well before. Johnstone calls him out (poorly) and here we are. If you want a conspiracy theory, his contract is up end of the season and maybe this was only way of getting some money for him. Despite all this we sit 5th in the table. Fulham only five points clear despite scoring about 30 goals more than the next team. Bonkers league. WBA are however near the bottom of the form table. My guess is he plays one way, everyone has found him out and there is no plan B. Teams know exactly what to do and have done for a long time. The next home game will be utterly toxic if he is still in charge. I’ll also take chance to say this does not excuse behaving like utter cunts at Millwall, screw those idiots.
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