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  1. They seem to give a lot of rewards. I did three of the practice runs, got two exotics. Just a shame the SMG is bugged. You can get it from the quest, but it does not drop outside of that.
  2. So me and a friend have been looking for something good to play co-op. He comes across this, seems like a typical roguelike kind of thing. Only it seems to have an emphasis on multiplayer. After playing it for about 5 mins, he gifts me a copy. This is pretty damn good. It is fairly early, so there are not many levels and only two main weapons. However they have nailed the feel of the movement and combat. Feels similar to Hades which is no bad thing. Typical formula, pick up skills, get stat upgrades, get relics. When you finish a room you often get two choices of exit so you could pick healing or gold as the reward. There is permanent upgrade currency you get over runs, and it is just a lot of fun to play. Multiplayer seems to work with no issues. You don't just drop in or out, have to host a game (you can set it to private) then invite via steam). When you get a relic selector you both have individual choices, you have to both be at the exit to move to the next room, it's a lot of fun. I'm on pad, which I think is the preferred way to play. I think there is couch co-op which I imagine would work well as most of the rooms only have a little scrolling. I've got a few little quibbles here and there. There is one mini boss that has an attack with no startup and no warning. The game tries to be as readable as possible (enemies will flash, have an exclamation point or other indicator before an attack etc) so I assume that will be fixed. Enemies hit hard (so stuff can two shot you) but health seems a little hard to come by, any build with regen seems super strong. The second area enemies seem overtuned, third area enemies don't seem anywhere near as hard. All stuff that can be fixed, I hope. If you ever wanted a roguelike co-op game this is definitely a good shout. I've not seen much word spread about it and it would be a shame for it to get lost in the shuffle.
  3. It's the old Mega Man X test. This is what it looks like with no shader on. Pretty good, right? Look at the health bar. Almost like some of the bars are missing. So go to shaders, interpolation, and pick one of the sharp-bilinear options (there are a few options to mess with). Here is the result. We now have a pixel perfect health bar. In most things you are not really going to notice the difference. The health bar in Mega Man X is an outlier but also a good test. So I've got most of my games to load up by default with the shader on (there are options to set per system config and they are in there somewhere).
  4. I'll second Droix, got a 351P and a 351MP from them in the past and no issues. Shipping from the UK means no long waits or import hassles. I'm a big, big fan of the MP. Cut my teeth on the P to get used to 351/AmberElec, like the device so much I wanted the 640*480 screen on the MP. My only issues with the MP is one of the selling points - it being made of metal. it's so much heavier than the P. As mainly play up to PS1 but mostly 16-bit stuff the screen is perfect. Stick a shader on and everything looks pixel perfect. The P is good, but the screen isn't a patch on the MP. I also got a generic hard drive case that happens to fit the MPP ideal if you want to play GBA games as screen is in the correct format. I did mess around with ArkOS but prefer Amber, much less fiddling around. There's a good bunch of ports as well - I could never get Shovel Knight working but Freedom Planet plays great on it.
  5. Could be worse, could be grinding Wellspring for red borders. At least it is relatively consistent now (weapon every other run, red in about three weapon drops). Shame the seasonal isn't as consistent outside the one red border a week. That Sweet Sorrow gun is incredible in PvP, I've got a tap the trigger drop that feels like a laser.
  6. To be fair Hugill looked absolutely terrible and missed some horrific sitters. Every time I’ve seen West Brom this season the quality has got worse and worse. As someone who has seen Megson and Pulisball this stuff is somehow even worse. You can certainly argue he’s not had much to spend this season. Lost our best player to big monies, the new striker gets injured first game. Nothing really changes though. 60 mins, time for subs. Every time. Same system that as you mentioned does not work for these players. He has made rod for his own back. Johnstone got dumped out the squad as he threw a hissy fit when told Button would stop in goal. Now the manager is right to take that approach. Problem is he has put his favourites straight back in despite replacements performing well before. Johnstone calls him out (poorly) and here we are. If you want a conspiracy theory, his contract is up end of the season and maybe this was only way of getting some money for him. Despite all this we sit 5th in the table. Fulham only five points clear despite scoring about 30 goals more than the next team. Bonkers league. WBA are however near the bottom of the form table. My guess is he plays one way, everyone has found him out and there is no plan B. Teams know exactly what to do and have done for a long time. The next home game will be utterly toxic if he is still in charge. I’ll also take chance to say this does not excuse behaving like utter cunts at Millwall, screw those idiots.
  7. There is no word of a release date yet either. I don’t think it will be Feb with KoF, but maybe it is much further down the line and this was a pure network test. Balance aside it feels pretty complete game wise, so I dunno. Being brand new I do love the simple things. Like discovering Kunochi has a double jump, then completely messing with people expecting to punish a jump in. Well, maybe they’ll learn after the eighth time, here I go…
  8. I am enjoying this a lot. Not played a fighting game in a very long time, and the ease of execution (along with the Max videos) got me to try it. It is a lot of fun. Without training mode it is a bit of a case of mashing stuff out and seeing what happens. Being able to just string A B Skill Magic from the off means even an idiot like me can do some sort of combo. All the characters seem to have some sort of grade A bullshit. This does not feel like a civilised fighting game. I did like being a Crusader against Jam..I mean Striker. Put the wall down, hit her with the hammer and she went flying upwards. Repeated, and it looked like some beam of light from where hammer hit wall kept knocking her up. She stayed airborne till the wall went. Incredible. I’m quite liking Vanguard. BIG BUTTONS. Almost everything hits for half screen at least, and you can just plain combo skill + direction into each other. I am interested in just why Ranger is so good against him. Do the gunshots just shut down all his attacks?
  9. Yeah, that was beautiful from Perez, completely negated the advantage. Now we might have a race.
  10. Is there any way those hards last the entire race?
  11. Got rid of some of the random chicanes. So turn 5 used to be about three or four corners, and the section after one of the straights has been turned from two/three corners into one long left hander. Opened up the bridge section but that does not seem too major. Only minor changes, but from my time racing the track on Codemasters games it looks a lot more flowing.
  12. Max pushed him off, but I thought that was a slam dunk. Now they are saying to give back the advantage? Masi strikes again. Almost feel sorry for Max, that’s absolute bollocks. Lewis’s to lose now.
  13. Cannot replace Mazepin, you have to have raced in one of the practice sessions. And beaten like [insert driver here]
  14. I am incredible excited for this. Hopefully we get a nice race long battle. …it's gonna be T1, isn’t it.
  15. All this discussion on the one incident (I actually have sympathy for both sides here) which could easily have been avoided if Masi had just told Merc first he was going to be let past. I think it was mentioned on Sky, Lewis probably assumed there was an incident as why would Max of all people all slow down to let him past. Meanwhile Max has been told to let him go and is wondering what the fuck is guy this doing. Could have all been avoided with soke decent communication. Which seemed to be a bit of an issue with the F2 race. Who was the race director for that? Take a guess.
  16. I'm sat here listening on radio, driving via sat-nav. Hang on, did Masi just offer RB a deal? Nah, must be sat nav cutting i...wait what the fuck? Haven't seen it yet, but absolute clown shoes all round. We getting a new director next season surely.
  17. The lack of updates has been a problem. There was that problem before where the pit lane opened then closed in the space of a minute for no reason. Plus they haven't installed a pit lane alarm so you have a guy with a whistle. Welcome to your rushed oil baron track. The fact it hasn't been cancelled so F1 can do their thing is amazing, doesn't F2 usually get shunted?
  18. Got it with the voucher, been playing a good chunk of DD2. I'm back and forth on it. I never really spent any time with 1, I was quite happy going into 2 knowing it was a roguelike. No spending hours grinding a party up, you just pick up and go. It looks and sound fabulous. Nice ominous music, the 3D upgrade means you get some real nice animations (never get tired of Man-At-Arms dragging his mace back along the floor) and of course a certain voiceover returns. Seems a bit light on lines, but it is early access. The combat is just as dangerous as DD1. Some big changes here, most percentages have been replaced by tokens. So you get a dodge token that gives you 50% chance to evade an attack that gets eaten on a dodge rather than a percentage chance that changes with buffs. Game does some clever things with the system, debuffs on enemies (even outside the usual damage over time stuff) are very good. Do not sleep on blinding or weakening a powerful enemy. I've got a few issues. Some of which can be fixed with balance changes, some are more baked in and are more problematic. I think runs take too long. I don't mind the fights being slow and methodical. There seems to be constant chatter between your party, which slows the game down. You have that damn carriage, which is a good idea in theory but again slows everything down. If it wasn't for the amount of work they seem to have put into it I'd scrap it. If you are going to have a Slay the Spire map, just click on a location and throw a pop-up if you get a road battle. Runs can take 3-6 hours, and getting screwed by some random RNG near the end of a six hour investment is a bit much. Balance stuff - at the moment stress seems the obvious one. When game first came out, you could stress heal to 0. So everyone spent first mastery point on Plague Doctor's Ounce of Prevention, which upgraded gives +1 stress healing to the entire party. So you pick it, spam it, have minimal stress issues. Stress is so important as anything at or above 4/10 stress causes negative barks and reaction, which leads to more stress which leads to more barks etc. You gain stress just by driving, so you can end up with people reaching 10 stress and having a meltdown - which reduces them to barely any HP and ruins relationships. Bad relationships lead to..you guessed it, more stress. Good relationships do a load of fun stuff like random heals, buffs and more importantly a lot of passive stress healing. Game snowballs one way or another. Dev's solution to this is to put thresholds on stress (it was already on healing). So now you cannot party heal until stress is 5/10 or above - crucially above the 4/10 mark for negative stuff happening. So now you pick Jester, upgrade his stress heal skill so it heals for 3 stress and off you go. There are a few other options - Leper used as a pure tank is excellent as he can self heal, self stress heal and is a big chonky boi. Taunt people, take the stress onto yourself, then heal it off. It's the number one most important thing in the game, but right now it feels like it forces you to take certain people and abiltiies. Abilities is another thing. Some of the starting abilities and unlocks need a looking at. I don't mind unlocking new stuff, and some of the shrine events are pretty fun (Grave Robber part 2 notwithstanding). Some characters are utter trash to begin with. Hellion almost requires you to do all her shrines to have any fun with her(I think she has to unlock the ability to remove her own debuff, rather than it being a natural part of her kit - it is terrible). Leper and Jester are usable and fun immediately. I have no found any use for the new character, Runaway. Fire is cool but there is an entire area of fire resistant enemies, plus that is all she is good for. Meanwhile Plague Doctor plagues everything, blinds, heals and that is before you get the real fun stuff later in her pile of unlocks. It definitely needs a pass. Trinkets could also do with being looked at. As you play you unlock new stuff for later runs. Some of them are utterly useless. There is a mechanic where you can only use a trinket with a macguffin (which goes in the other trinket slot). So these will be amazing, game changing trink...oh it's +50% to blight resist. There are some good ones, but I've yet to see a situation where it is worth going for that over two separate good trinkets. As an example the only run where I've beat the boss had my leper with +75% chance for lvl 2 armour on miss, and a bonkers +12% heal every turn. Latter carried my arse, easily best item I've found in the entire game. Despite all my moans, I cannot stop playing it. It is still fun. It can still turn and kill your run immediately, so you have to be careful in all combats. I'm at the point where I'm looking for fights for more trinkets and stuff. It's all about the right team comps, or in my case trying to rinse the shrines for new abilities. Unless you get the voucher or an offer it is hard to recommend as is - I don't doubt game will be massively different whenever the full launch is.
  19. The England starting line up had a Villa player, a Wolves player and a West Brom player. God knows what punishment we get, and I say that as a West Brom fan.
  20. I think they said on the broadcast, but the dude has raced here before in other series. Not like it's a new experience for him. Plus there was also LAST WEEK. Surprised Alpha are so close to Aston in the constructors. Don't think they'll be too happy if basic mistakes end up costing them the place. I am sure you lot will have better examples, but I'm trying to think of the worst rookies. Tsunoda makes mistakes but he at least has points. Mazespin is a piece of shit and slow to go with it, but who was really bad?
  21. Nice try Bungie. You got me two times with the glowy armour, you won’t get me again. What are the chances it will have decent rolls on it anyway? Oh look, universal ornaments for the glowy stuff but you need silver or bright dust. What a surprise. Oh, looks like I might not have to worry too much. From dmg on reddit Not sure if that means spending synthweave though.
  22. You'll prise that railgun sounds from my cold dead fingers. Or in the last case, hot fingers as I may have accidentally fallen into a lava pit.
  23. The map design really is stellar. It's not reinventing the wheel, but little touches like coming back onto yourself, or the one with the snipers. Hell, I liked the one level that was just a large arena, a boatload of railgun ammo and a lot of dudes that needed shooting. It's one of the few FPS where all the guns are good. Even near the end of the early access, I was using the pistol to take out some enemies at mid range. I was puzzled at getting the grenade launcher after the rocket launcher - until I realised the grenades are for when something needs to die immediately and the rockets are better for long range clearance. Always tended to use one on the big flying mortar things. The base shotgun is tremendous, workhorse for most of the campaign. The charge shot never gets old. The...other...weapon that uses shotgun shells I am not so sure about. I didn't like the long reload. I mean everything else was delicious, but that reload is oof. I think I should be using it to murder something, switch away, then switch back to reload when I have a minute. Maybe the bullet weapons need a bit of tweaking. Seemed outclassed near the end of the campaign. The shredders are amazing fun to use but the reload and lack of any accuracy isn't great. Chaingun is fine, but one of the later guns just does everything that does, but better. I get the feeling some of the unrealised guns are gonna be absolutely bonkers. Maybe it can shake the Doom shackles off and just go nuts. Same with the monsters. They are all very Doom-y aside from the snipers. That isn't a bad thing, game wears what it does well. Blue shit is always terrifying, and some of the fights are just pure chaos. It's probably the best game I've played this year, certainly up there with Renaine and that was only a demo.
  24. Been playing this on Game Pass. This game is fantastic. It's very Doom. As in original DOS Doom. As in just about legally distinct Doom. It feels fantastic to play. All the weapons are good, even the fists are hilarious when you realise you just hold both mouse buttons and go to pound town. The shotgun is delicious, all the guns that take bullet ammo are good (although I don't know why the shredders are there, pistol will do for range for now and the next gun up does what they do but better). Rocket are great, being able to manually explode is a nice touch. The level design seems on point as well. Only done a few levels, but there is a lot of working towards a point, game teasing where you have to go first. The part where you get that next gun up I mentioned earlier, and it shoves you into a small section that just coats the walls red with blood is magnificent. It doesn't seem too hard so far, but I'm good with feeling like a monster.
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