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  1. This thread The idea has been chipping away at me for days now and I've just given in and been in the loft to seek out all my old miniatures. They are in a pretty sorry state. Especially sad to see the ones I was really proud of (nothing special mind) all chipped and broken My paints are completely solid and I can't find the undercoat. I've found a few black orcs that are just asking to be painted.... I'm not going in a GW though . Anywhere cheaper than GW online? I need paints, brushes and undercoat.
  2. Winamp for life! Classic skin, naturally
  3. jobe1

    Glastonbury 2007

    I can't believe everybody rated Pendulum so highly I thought they were awful and I left after a few tracks. And that involved barging through a hell of a lot of crowd! They were so loose and messy (in the bad sense), and far to rocky for my liking. I'm not the biggest fan of the album but I guess the appeal is that it's so slick, which doesn't come through atall live!
  4. jobe1

    Glastonbury 2007

    Amazing weekend as always Bjork was the best, I had goosebumps for the whole set and that throbbing bass was incredible! And that breakdown towards the end Chemicals looked awesome but I couldn't get anywhere near the front Randomly discovered Shlomo playing (who blew me away) followed by a mini Lily Allen set at The Park (MIA was ill) which was suprisingly good. Spent quite a bit of time at The G Stage...Shpongle and Andy C being the highlights. I actually ended up seeing a lot more music than I usually do as I was on my own a fair bit. The Friday night silent disco in the dance stage was another highlight. The new area was ace. Good times!
  5. jobe1

    Glastonbury 2007

    Wooo, leaving tomorrow morning! I need to pack. I'm taking two pairs of wellies. One for me and one to either sell (if I run out of money) or to give away and in the process gain a friend for life!
  6. jobe1

    Glastonbury 2007

    Yep, and I'm sure she'll put on a good show! I'd love to see Joanna Newsom too
  7. jobe1

    Glastonbury 2007

    Dreadzone and Andy C are always worth a look and I've always wanted to see Shpongle! Nosia should be heavy too. I'm gutted that I'm finally going to see Bjork and it's just after her worst albums been released I really hope she plays a good selection of her back catalogue! Loads of good stuff there that I'll no doubt miss completely
  8. Casa Bonita all the way. Recently I loved that Easter Buuny episode. Oh and the one where cartman gets a nanny Though it really takes off around series 5 I'd just watch from where you left off!
  9. Roy Ayers blew me away when I saw him
  10. Er...they wanked over it for pretty much the whole second half.
  11. I hate drinking games. It's all about gulping down the ale or sipping on a whisky. God I sound old.
  12. Oh man that looks gooood. Chilli chocolate is great, Lindt chocolate is great...therefore Lindt chilli chocolate is GREAT!
  13. Well that's really rather shit...
  14. Speaking of camelbaks...anyone used their bottles? I've got a massive craving to get one but £13 for a bottle seems a bit excessive! edit - Well I ordered one. Damn rllmuk induced internet shopping temptations
  15. I'm not sure really. I generally go up three or four times a week for a few hours at a time (and most of that is spent enjoying the sun!) to keep it going. But I have spent full days up there, with help, for the time consuming physical work. Regarding tomatoes...I grew Alicante last year and they were really succesful and tasty. I used them mostly in salads but made the occasional pasta sauce. I'm no tomato connoisseur but they were lovely This year I've gone for Gardeners Delight but yesterday I had a bit of a disaster! I decided to take my tray of seedlings up to the site with the intention of putting most of them in the polytunnel, and a few in pots to keep at home (no compost at home, see). I cycled up there, but obviously it was far too bumpy as when I arrived all the seedlings were uprooted, buried or generally beaten! I salvaged what I could and planted them but I'm not too hopeful I may have to pick up some plants from the garden centre as my basil needs tomatoes! I've got ring of fire peppers going too, I couldn't resist with a name like that
  16. jobe1


    Unplugged is their best album.
  17. I once crashed into a parked car (right outside my front door) on my way back from the pub. I also crashed into a parked car on my way home from a party. Don't drink and ride kids. Or park your cars on my route home
  18. The highlight of the series so far for me
  19. jobe1

    New Bjork Album

    Pretty good. Loving the new artwork too.
  20. jobe1

    Twin Peaks

    I'm in shock that it's actually out Any news on a R2 version?
  21. Finally sorted out that first outdoor bed. Now full of various salady plants, herbs and some broadbeans. Also put in some spuds and onions. All going pretty well apart from the lettuces in the polytunnel which are getting mauled by (I assume) the slugs. Damn them
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