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  1. I'd be massively surprised if they didn't drop something for launch day. AC: V seems far-fetched but Dirt 5 is believable.
  2. 60Hz to 120Hz on my monitor is night and day, honestly. I'd take consistent 60Hz over variable between 60 and 90 say, but consistent 120Hz+ is amazing.
  3. They missed out unfortunately as my must buy something, it's my birthday urge has gone elsewhere. I'll still pick it up down the line though.
  4. Tech understanding check please: I've just ordered a 4k monitor (which I'm not planning to use to play games on): https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/accessories-and-monitors/monitors/home/L28u-30C19280DL028inch-MonitorHDMI/p/65FAGAC2UK It says that is has HDMI 2.0 and 60Hz. My understanding is that this monitor cannot do 4k at 120Hz because it has neither 120Hz nor HDMI 2.1. So, if I get a series X, I could use it on that monitor at 4k 60Hz but the series S would only do 1440p at 60Hz. I also have a 144Hz 1080p monitor (which is my gaming monitor)
  5. I'll have to try octopath because I love the aesthetic. I feel like in both film and games, we have continually strived for more realistic looking productions without really asking if that's what we want. Modern films and games are both generally too dark and too visually busy. I think the thing that has been missed in this trend is that in real life, we have other senses apart from visual input to be able to decode a scene. In gaming and film we usually only have 2d visual, at a distance and non-spatial sound, also at a distance. Combine this with a move toward high-res images, causing small
  6. The only game on this list that I've not played is BOTW (I've just picked up a cheap copy on ebay thanks to a random £10 off voucher they sent me this morning). If asked, I'd probably recommend all of the others but the only ones I've 'finished' are Uncharted 4 and Slay the Spire. Something about Uncharted games make them easy to flow over me. They never get too complex or require lots of energy so they are perfect evening games that I can pick up. The only games on the list that I simply can't gel with are The Witcher 3, and Outer Wilds. I have given time to both, mult
  7. It's my birthday so I'd like to throw some money at this but still no price information anywhere or option to buy the full game.
  8. Nice, must be cancellations coming through, seems unlikely that they have just found a load more consoles down the back of the virtual sofa.
  9. I think Rocket League has a shout for the definitive game of the generation: Launched on a subscription gaming service, digitally and has also been available long term on psnow and game pass. Came from nowhere in terms of marketing and has turned a small, indie Dev in to a huge service company. Used loot boxes early on, with crates opened with paid for keys. Has constantly been updated over the years since release and its predecessor was in development for years to perfect the formula. Has pursued the play anywhere approach and was the first game to offer c
  10. Series X was made available first. Probably plent of people like me who went with the X as the only pre-order available at the time. I'm leaving both of my orders for now but will likely give up the X at a later date.
  11. Yep, not sure if still available, but the s was available from amazon.
  12. The last time I was involved in pre-order fervour like this was the Wii. I managed to pick one up on launch day from Argos by walking in the door. I'm sure that there will be similar opportunities this time around.
  13. I'm surprised that the 'people watching' numbers aren't entirely generated by an algorithm that makes up the number based on what it thinks will get you to buy.
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