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  1. Ah, ok, so it is currently more of a suggestion than a law?
  2. I don't understand much about gambling law, why does regulation make you a lot less hopefull?
  3. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    From where it started, I think vastly is fair. It was one of the worst games ever made, on release, in my opinion.
  4. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm looking forward to giving 76 a go. THe wastelanders update massively improved it, from what I've seen, especially from a single player perspective. As someone who has become completely obsessed with no man's sky, I am always open to being captivated by a game that has vastly improved since release.
  5. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    I wonder if microsoft's licensing is shorter-term, at least for third party games. Maybe they only do 3 month licensing and therefore, wouldn't want to announce titles leaving as far out as over 3 months, because license re-negotiations might be ongoing? PSNow is a weird one by comparison because the 'big' releases tend to get very clear windows, with a start and end date. But the smaller titles tend to come and go without any notice at all.
  6. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    But what if I own it, but it isn't on game pass? No indication if owned+not on game pass or not owned+not on game pass, right?
  7. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes, it's crap. The best solution is to cross-reference here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kspw-4paT-eE5-mrCrc4R9tg70lH2ZTFrJOUmOtOytg/edit?usp=sharing which has all of the current, and more importantly, removed game pass games.
  8. BeeJay

    Xbox Game Pass

    Some big hitters leaving in 2 weeks, not just the above but also unavowed, which is well worth playing. OOTP21 has also shown up for PC, which is a pretty massive addition for the service as a whole, if not so much for the european audience. I'll definitely be giving it a go.
  9. @Bangaio Careful not to get dragged in to cause and effect confusion. Because you see struggling child = games player, that does not mean that games player causes struggling child. Games playing may actually be helping. Your post triggered me unfortunately and probably highlights the biggest issue I have with most schools, which is attitude toward students with learning difficulties/mental health issues/who are on the autism spectrum. That child who is bleery eyed, late to school or disruptive might be using games as a method of distraction and escapism from their life. Limiting screen time and further stigmatisation of their interests will only further isolate them and harm them. Ask them about their gaming, engage with them about it, just like any other interest that a student has. I read yesterday (possibly apocraful) that Jimmy Hendrick used to carry a broom around with him all day at school pretending to have a guitar, because he didn't have a guitar. The school, concerned about his mental health, campaigned to buy him a guitar. Be that school, not the school that would suspend him for carrying around a broom all day. Personally, as a parent, I take whatever my daughter shows an interest in and help her develop her interest to the fullest, supporting her and engaging with her. For her, it isn't games, but currently art and swimming. Tomorrow might be something else.
  10. First Tuesday of the month I believe, then available the day after, so probably not until a week tomorrow.
  11. The thing I found with my own build over pre-build is that I was able to make the most of bargains that came up, even if the part wasn't my exact original choice, sometimes getting a better component for no more than my original budget and other times taking a slight performance hit for a big drop in price. Otherwise, I think pre-builds are much more competitive than they once were.
  12. I always feel this way at the end of console generations but right now I do 95%+ of my gaming on pc. There is little reason not to at the moment apart from a few Sony/Nintendo exclusives, if those are your thing. I'm sure as soon as the next console gen kicks in, things will change but for the next 12 months at least, PC is the place to be.
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