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  1. Desperados III is a welcome surprise.
  2. Sorry both, I just assumed that it was on both formats, strange that it isn't.
  3. howlongtobeat says 25 hours. I can usually double their numbers or more for my play throughs even just doing the bare minimum.
  4. Yeah, I've played about 10 hours already I think and haven't made much progress, story wise.
  5. Gris, sea salt, indivisible and FFXV leaving before Feb. Everyone must play Gris if you haven't. I'm also planning to play sea salt. I was planning to continue FFXV but might not get far in 2 weeks.
  6. I've heard that v1.0 is imminent, looking forward to it.
  7. Last day for the sale so also last chance to get more £10 off vouchers. I've just bought Art of Rally and Airborne Kingdom. Rimworld is also £18 with the voucher which is the lowest it has ever been I believe (by about £5)
  8. I would definitely recommend giving both a go. As said above they also both get to the point really quickly. I'd probably recommend giving Pedro a go first because if FTL clicks and gets its claws in to you, you may not get around to Pedro.
  9. More importantly than anything, we were not enjoyable to watch tonight and the players didn't look like they were enjoying it either. Every time that there was an opportunity to up the pace in the final third, we slowed it down. We are a much better side when we are the ones injecting tempo in to the match. I really think the Villa loss is still fresh in the memory as we seem more concerned about slipping up defensively than creating chances. At the end of a performance like this from Southampton it is normal to priase the keeper and the commentary team did...but that really wasn't
  10. I remember is cause a bit of a stir but don't recall why.
  11. Yep, looks pretty good to me. Ancestors was on my wishlist and more importantly there are a lot of games there that are PC exclusive, aren't on another sub service and most of them have either not been bundled before or not been cheap before. Isthereanydeal says that their historical lowest combined cost is £96.56. I'd much rather see months like this than games that have been on game pass for months previous or games that have been bundled a hundred times before.
  12. I've signed up for the trial but finding games (apart from the ones that they want to show you) is really just guess work. There is no 'show all' as far as I can work out. I found one decent looking list: https://www.androidauthority.com/google-play-pass-games-apps-1032500/ But it hasn't been updated in over a year. Anyone know of an updated or ideally auto-updating website? I've downloaded so far: OTTTD (has been on my steam wishlist for an age) and chuchel (no idea but by amanita design)
  13. I plan to give the 2 months trial a go but nothing available really stands out that I haven't played elsewhere.
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