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  1. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm not interested in enduring the struggle to get back in to it, life is too short (saying that I'd love to have a UT that works for the casual player but in my all my years of playing UT I've never known this to consistently be the case and their business model is targetted toward whales and addicts, not casual players). And by 'since Fifa 11' I didn't literally mean Fifa 11, I've played loads since and was active on here until a few years back. I properly stopped at around 16 I think. My point is that I feel like 11 was the peak for me and I haven't really changed my playing style since then. Leave me to be the old git who goes to the cocktail lounge and complains how it isn't a local serving fosters and with a pool table any more. I'm not interested in learning how a cocktail lounge works but like to dip my head in every now and then to check that it still isn't for me. I'll finish my margarita and get out of your way for another 12 months.
  2. As is Tainted Grail: Conquest, which I didn't realise was due and is another game on my steam wishlist.
  3. Every year I try fifa again and every year it feels more alien to me. The intro that I am forced to go through involves social media, then running through some streets or something? I skipped as much and as quickly as I could and it still took several minutes to get to the main page. Then on to UT, which is good, as it was 10 years ago, with a few usability tweaks. I still find the squad building aspect interesting. On to the gameplay... I just, well, I just can't work it out. My brain is still playing Fifa 11 I think, which this isn't. 5 losses in a row, against far superior teams, 1 goal scored, about average 5 conceded per game (this is a big contributor to my dislike of the game, either I am the worst player in the world, or the matchmaking just sucks right now but it's been the same story for the last few years). And I'm out, again. Good luck to those who still enjoy it but I've just been completely left behind, in a big way and can't find any joy in it.
  4. My wife just said "what do you want for you birthday?" "Nothing" I said. "But you'll have to have something" she said. Then I opened my emails...That'll do me fine. What better for my birthday than being invited to something that will make me feel old, slow and out of touch. Bring it on.
  5. Is there a newsletter type signup for Stadia? I have 2 lapsed accounts and neither have received an email from stadia since I cancelled the subscriptions. Is it normal for them to send out marketting emails?
  6. Where did you get this? Email, in app? I wouldn't mind another chromecast for the bedroom.
  7. Not to de-rail this thread but I noticed that I was dismissing a lot of games that I started while tired so i now avoid playing new games unless I am fresh and have a good hour of solid attention to give them. That means I start fewer games but I seem to be sticking with them more. I think the nature of release times doesn't help for us in Britain where quite often a game will release early evening, I'll download over tea time and then start it up just before bed, when really I should be winding down before bed and wait until the next day to start a new game.
  8. Worked amazingly painlessly for me too. My VPN even decided it was fine with going to Turkey, which it normally isn't.
  9. *Enters room* "So when is this..." *leaves room*
  10. Man, multiple games being discussed at once in this thread is mighty confusing.
  11. Just finished this. Enjoyed most of it a lot, including the bosses. As has been said, the only section that I was a little tired of was the cooking level. I've never played the original, is it worth going back to?
  12. I'm a fan too but it's getting a little too much for me now. I'm sure that there are loads of alternatives out there, i'm just not noticing them in the same way.
  13. Check out this new game: "A fantasy roguelike metroidvania with crafting and base building, play solo or with a group of up to 4 friends". 95% of all indie games right now.
  14. There are plenty of 'preview' games on game pass right? Starmancer is another that I have played recently, which is a long, long way off release. Grounded has loads of potential but desperately needs some balance/progress fixes and quality of life improvements before release.
  15. I did a thing: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AhVgSTxVRIx1galryHBFkPCoa2sFHw?e=3gJu5V Also, managed to win a 3v3 tourney.
  16. My take on it is that these games are exactely what they expect of them, but the higher profile and expectations that comes with being on game pass relatively inflates expectations with customers and reviewers. I play and watch a lot of indie games and I would say that the indie games that appear on game pass are in line with most very good indie releases, in terms of quality. These games are generally much better received by the community and reviewers when they come out of the blue without the marketing push behind them, which just raises expectations unreasonably.
  17. I thought this was great. Loved the aliens which were genuinely scary and felt imposing and relentless. The script and plot actually worked really well for me. Especially the way the selection of people to transfer happened. I liked the interaction between the main two characters. The script was janky as hell and some of the b-movie production was a distraction. Honestly, I need more of these films in my life, no-nonsense, not taking itself too seriously, action romp with fuck-off scary aliens. As a huge alien/predator fan, this was far better than anything those films have delivered in decades.
  18. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    The interaction distance problem is 100% a contractual issue. Sponsors will have contracts that explicitly include distance requirements. The sponsored stops are absolutely worthless to sponsors (and in extreme circumstances counter-productive) if the interaction distance allows players to be far enough away to not even be in line of sight of the location. Ideally sponsors would want players to actually have to enter the shop to spin the stop/gym or raid it. The sponsors will likely have threatened Niantic with legal action if they did not revert the distance requirement. It is a bit of a 'straw that broke the camel's back situation' because Niantic have had a 'bleed it dry' strategy for years now. At some point it will bleed out. Not yet, but it will eventually. I stopped playing pokemon go months ago but miss the location based gameplay. Orna has been scratching that itch the last couple of weeks but we'll see how long that interest lasts for me.
  19. Starmancer has made a good starting impression for me. It is very, very similar to oxygen not included, with obvious influence from the publishers other games like stardew valley and wargroove, and also rimworld. It seems pretty slick so far, especially for early access. Some of my key complaints about ONI have been addressed (such as working airlock doors). I can imagine that people who are not familiar with ONI will struggle with information overload early game so they need to work on that. I'd definitely recommend people give it a go if they enjoy the colony sim/strategy survival genre.
  20. Oni does sound like it might suit. I love the fact that it can be as laid-back or frenetic as you want it to be. On the ui, it is completely scalable and in my experience, the scalability works really well. I regularly move the game from my 4k to 1080p monitors and re-scaling the ui takes a few seconds at most.
  21. My GT is SStarBeeJay. So all that is required for a flip reset is for the ball to hit the underside of the car? I thought it had to hit all 4 wheels. Not that I've ever conciously tried it either way.
  22. I don't really understand flip resets apart from how to counter them (get up early and in their face nullifies the threat. I've watched that video a few times and still can't really understand what you've actually done.
  23. Absolutely, let's get some games on. Most weekday evenings are normally ok for me. I usually drop on after eating.
  24. I've pre-installed this on xbox but it looks to me like a better PC game. Am I right?
  25. @Theholyhogg I'm enjoying this as a walking alternative to pokemon go, which I've stopped playing. How do I switch faction? I can't join the clan as I am the wrong faction. Edit: looks like something to buy with real money. Shame, I'll join another random clan instead.
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