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  1. Apparently, for those that have early access, they can start the game now as the full release unlock will only impact the end game story. So I'll be starting at some point today.
  2. I am honestly shocked that switch is getting a double pack of both games. The original runs pretty poorly on PS4 and Xbox one so they must have made some serious compromises to get even acceptable performance from the switch. I'm looking forward to this anyway. I've had the early access on epic but haven't played for over a year and haven't followed any of the progress since then.
  3. I think Mutant Year Zero is a good example of a game that had the experience of game pass before the epic deal. I'm pretty sure it came to game pass on release or very close to it and then later to epic.
  4. Bloody hell that is quite some inconsistency. How do I make the timescale bigger? Mine currently only goes back to March but to be honest I probably haven't played enough 3s last year to have a rank.
  5. Nah, you like being top dog too much, I wouldn't want to end that illusion! Seriously though, I'd love to give a tourney a go at some point if you need a sub because someone isn't available.
  6. Cool, good to know I wasn't imagining things. I'm pretty sure you've had a heart attack mate. Mine started levelling off yesterday.
  7. Plat/Low Diamond ranks are the absolute worst experience, the game is so much more fun at the higher ranks. I find I come up against more people doing crazy air dirbbles and tricks at that level than higher up. But I partly think that is due to players at higher ranks being more used to countering those tactics. Nothing more depressing than playing low Diamond level and watching both of your teammates just sitting in the goal watching as a opponent air dribbles it over their head or does the roof fall flick thing while your team-mates make absolutely no attempt to challenge for the ball.
  8. So... I think I've been duped by Psyonix, sort of. I've been grinding 3s since the start of the new season started, initially taking a massive plunge from border Diamond 3/Champ1 down to Diamond 1. Ok, I wasn't playing great and struggling to adapt to 3s (being mostly a 2s player) but felt like my individual skills were as good as they had ever been (especially aerials and defensive positioning). Since that low, I've continued grinding and things have taken an upswing, reaching Champ 1 fairly comfortably, then onwards to a new 3s high of champ 2. Yesterday I got Champ 2 div 4 and w
  9. While you'd like to think this is accurate, it isn't always. I have to manually change my settings on the xbox to enable 120Hz.
  10. This is probably the answer. Check for the correct socket and and also a compatible cable.
  11. I like working rout s out for myself without watching replays but I feel like I'm missing something with this Smush. I'm about 3 seconds off and can see possibly 1.5 seconds of efficiency savings but not sure where the extra 1.5 seconds comes from, so I'll have to come back to it again.
  12. Thanks, just bought it as a gift.
  13. The DLC is on sale and I'd like to buy it for my daughter. I own the base game on Xbox which she plays on my 'home' console. Will we both be able to play the DLC in the same way if I buy the DLC on my account. I'd prefer to buy a code for her input herself but I guess that isn't an option. Does the Xbox store have any way to gift a DLC to another user?
  14. Great idea, I've just put a time in on the first track. 51.718 I've only made the key timesaver a couple of times and only kind of made it on that run, so still a lot of time to come off that.
  15. The algorithm that I am developing to provide game suggestions, works with game pass, psnow and other subscription services. I haven't bothered updating psnow recently because tracking them as a comparison for over 18 months and psnow games rarely made the top 20 overall, with game pass filling the majority of the other spots. Occasionally a psnow game would jump to near the top when an exclusive was temporarily put on the service (spider-man for example) but on the whole, assessed as a service for experiencing the best that current gaming has to offer, psnow is way, way behind the competition
  16. Great Save Great Save Great Save
  17. What loading? Most I've noticed is about long enough to look at my phone for a few seconds. Is it bad on last gen?
  18. I'm once again shocked at how much the frame rate matters to me. I've tried playing Prey a few times now and not really got in to it. I'm absolutely hooked on the Series X version with FPS boost.
  19. I've been playing a couple of hours a day most days so pretty much more consistent RL than I've ever played. I got new internet about 6 months ago too and that has made a massive difference to the latency and ping. I regularly get about 40 ping not unlike 80+ with patches of 160+.
  20. Nice work boys! I made champ II for the first time yesterday. And now my controller is broken because I have boost on LB and obviously the series X controller wasn't designed to have that button being hammered that much.
  21. I'd guess that as wahwah says, they are technically ready to go, just not ready from a marketting perspective and possibly final testing. They wouldn't want to make a song and dance about it and then release the games not working properly.
  22. The Xbox game pass app is showing a number of games as X|S enhanced despite them not having the associated text. Maybe it could be an error but I'd say it's more likely to be a backend change that hasn't been reflected on the store pages yet. Games include Prey and other confirmed FPS boost games. Hopefully this means the boost is imminent and also a lot more games will get it day one than they have announced so far.
  23. I don't think number of items in the bag = number of items to drop. I've had 40+ before now and I'm pretty sure the number of items in the bag impacts quality more than quantity.
  24. There is one type of loot that I need and I believe that it only drops from one enemy, which I am having real trouble killing. I've been trying to work out how to kill it more consistently without dropping back to level 1 or 2 to farm it. I need to take a closer look at the perks and character choice to see if that can help. I'm not looking for an answer, just sharing. This is definitely the type of game where so much of the enjoyment comes from self-discovery and experimentation rather than execution.
  25. Really good point about the 2nd boss. I got there on my 2nd run with Rogue and despite being really powerful, I just couldn't quite beat it. Got down to about 20% so almost. I switched to Necro and beat the 2nd boss quickly.
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