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  1. Man, the first month in ages that I really want. Hopefully they send me an offer. I almost paid £7+ for the monster train dlc just the other day.
  2. I completely agree, I really boundced off it first time round but enjoy it on mobile. Some games are just better played in inregular 10 minute chunks and mobile gaming is obviously better suited to that format. Desta has a lot of gameplay similarities, allbeit a very different context.
  3. Netflix games How to get access (no indication that it is still in trial phase or beta): https://help.netflix.com/en/node/121442 Alternatively, search for netflix on the play store, click on netflix inc. link at the top and all the games are shown. Desta has just been release, an exclusive for now: By the Monument Valley devs and from the first hour or so of play, I really like it, definitely worth a download if you have netflix. It is proper game, in the sense that it has a full story, proper complex mechanics and isn't a typical mobile 'whale chaser'. Also coming soon is a game that I am really loolking forward too, Terra Nil: Poinpy (by the downwell devs) is ok as a short burst time waster: They also have into the breach and oxenfree amoung a few others that look ok, but the majority are shovelware mobile crap. Netflix claim over 25 games currently available but most of them are shovelware at best although I haven't played all of them. I'll keep this thread updated with significant new releases and announcements. If you have a netflix subscription then why not give them a go.
  4. Despot's game has just been added, pretty sure that is unannounced. I've seen it played on twitch and looks like a fun strategy game.
  5. Yes, some have returned but it isn't common. I can't see Hades returning any time soon.
  6. Yes, sorry, I agree, I meant the handling was poor, too responsive.
  7. Do you find the controls really poor? I have struggled with it because of the unresponsive feel of the cars. I like the concept though.
  8. Worryingly, it isn't listed on the app as far as I can see. The first was great but also would have benefitted massively from another iteration. I was also expecting a full release so to learn it is game preview and not even listed on the "coming soon section" implies that they aren't ready to shout about it yet but still want to meet the launch date. Hopefully we will be able to play it today and see for ourselves. In other news, I had no idea what game spiderheck was until I looked it up. It is the bonkers "crab" fighting game with light sabers and shit. I might even enjoy it for a quick blast.
  9. On reflection, it was a really poor sequel which completely lost the core components to what made the first so amazing. The first was so amazing because of the 3d scale, where something 100 metres away felt like an epic find. You could access almost everything from the start, but didn't have the oxygen or mobility to do so. The world felt huge and endless, even though it wasn't. Below zero lost that feeling and without it, it was an average survival game.
  10. Valheim is a massive surprise and a great addition.
  11. This could be pretty huge, it is effectively currently a poor version of my time at Portia/sandrock but set in the Disney world. I'm not a massive Disney fan but even for me, the familiar characters and settings make a massive difference. I'm really enjoying it so far even if it has mostly just been busy work making everything pretty again. The camera is just a little too far zoomed in most of the time for my liking and it desperately needs a lot of QOL improvements.
  12. This game has the awful 'sprinting when walking' animation. Why has this become a thing recently?
  13. The avatar designer in this is fantastic. I've never laughed so much at the options. It is proper fantastical, in a good way. My avatar doesn't look fake or unrealistic, but instead looks like a conscious choice to be unconventional.
  14. I've been playing this a lot recently, and having unlocked/completed everything apart from the DLC (which I don't have) I started working on speed runs and high scores. For the first time ever, I managed to 1-turn the final boss: I've been working on the strategy for a while after seeing a speed run that used inferno and urchin spines to beat the game. I've been working on a strategy that starts with inferno for wave clear but then transitions to Crypt builder as single target damage can be much larger, using magic power improvements to boost the damage and then offering tokens to play them. On the final boss, I managed to get down to a deck which was small enough to allow me to apply the 1 cost inferno to clear the minion from in front of the boss, then apply 3 urchin spines for 12x spell weakness. Then I used the offering token to play the +30 magic boost crypt builder (215 damage). Total single spell damage 2795. I'll get the dlc when it next goes on a decent sale... What an amazing game, the best in its genre for me.
  15. I have been playing on an oldish PC and the performance has been flawless playing at 1080p so maybe it is 4k related?
  16. It never got super-hard for me, in terms of execution, but finding everything is a different story. I am 8 'stars' short on one of the levels, got no bloody idea what I've missed. In another, I missed a whole section, which I found this morning.
  17. Was massively looking forward to this as I loved the demo and the full game didn't disappoint. I use past tense because I've finished it already. It isn't long but doesn't outstay it's welcome. Can't wait to see some speed runs. It has an almost Tony Hawk style flow to it at times where the best way to play is just to keep moving forward. It feel so fluid and satisfying to play.
  18. Quite predictably, the only game I haven't seen recommended yet is Tinykin, which was my demo game of the last "steamfest". It's like a hybrid of pikmin and psychonauts. The demo was huge too. Delighted to see it on game pass.
  19. All this talk of easy achievements makes me laugh. Literally a few posts up is the post about library of ruina. It is literally 'start the game'. No button pressing or tutorials, or 5 minutes. It is literally starting the game.
  20. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    To add to what Tony said, the pokeraid thing is a third party social network set up to get people access to mobile raids all over the world. I've not used it myself, so definitely check what they ask for in terms of data.
  21. Ok, maybe I've made a mistake then. I'll take another look. I didn't realise I could skip the tutorial entirely. Still shit to not be able to save progress through a tutorial or skip to the relevant parts though.
  22. So there is no way to save? Literally 30 minutes+ through the tutorial and no option but to re-start the tutorial? Are you sure? If so, that is absolutely awful game design. I'm kind of ok with each run being wiped if you don't have time to finish it in one sitting, not ideal but ok. But having to completely re-start the tutorial if you have to quit it before completing it is madness. The tutorial isn't short either. I assumed it was a bug in the demo, not designed that way. Awful design decision if true. I haven't come across that for years.
  23. I'm hoping the game will be great as it has potential but...the demo was not well put together at all. A crazy long intro and progr ssion was way too slow for me, limited options, no progress save. One of the most disappointing demos I tried during next fest because of the implementation of the demo. The small amount of gameplay that I experienced seemed ok.
  24. I've really enjoyed Above Snakes. It is similar to don't starve but nowhere near as punishing and has a really interesting mechanic where you start on a really small land and to add extra land, you have to explore and do activities like foraging and crafting. Once you have a specific workbench, you can unlock different terrain tiles (e.g. desert, forest, water etc.). These tiles unlock new characters, items, quests etc. The overworld map is built like carcassone so you have to unlock the correct pieces to develop the world shape that you want.
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