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  1. A history of previous actions is a great way of dealing with this, but could require a lot of work depending on how a game is built. Racing games have featured a rewind feature for years but the time-frame is obviously much shorter than needed for most games. Even a 5 minute or 10 minute prioceedurally generated video of previous gameplay would be huge to make going back to games a lot easier. The comments about re-starting a game are fine for some games but for the majority of adventure/story games, re-doing 30+ hours of a game just to be able to makle progress again is going to m
  2. I was with you until you said that books don't have a re-cap system. They really, really do and when I read, I use it often. Books are literally the perfect example of being able to access previous content almost immediately and at any time during reading. If games had a system like books do, I'd be absolutely delighted.
  3. I think there is an arguement to be made that our consumption of gaming is now at least as episodic as TV and possibly even more so, despite the content not explicitly being delivered episodically . Streaming services and most series now being available in full on day 1 has made TV viewing a much more binge-based activity than it used to be. For many gamers, gaming is episodic (Most of the games with the most players right now are match based). I think the delivery method and perception of TV being episodic, and gaming not, is a legacy issue and not necessarily a reflection of the current real
  4. Prompted by the claims of quick resume for the series X, I think games should come with a recap/reminder function available at all times, especially if quick resume is going to be as good as it sounds. Recaps are pretty common in TV, for a reason, and games should catch up. Some games are almost impossible to return to because they require specific mechanics, story or item understanding to make progress. Open world story games are especially bad for this. In years gone by, a lack of saving provided game designers with a consistent start point for all sessions. Then savi
  5. It think overnight hiring so many games as a kid has permanently impacted my ability to completely absorb myself in an action game for more than 24 hours. However, for those 24 hours I can be completely absorbed by most games. As a kid, I'd play non-stop for every second I had the game before returning it, never to think of it, or play it again. This weekend was regions of ruin, I've played nothing else and been completely absorbed by it. Before that was the hammerting demo. Very rarely do games manage to outlive 48 hours of my attention, regardless of how much I loved
  6. For whatever reason, I'm a sucker for side on 2d games featuring dwarfs and mining. Maybe I watched too much fraggle rock and always imagined what mining community would look like. There was also that amazing Xbox live arcade mining game which I loved.
  7. 2 demos I tried out today that are worth a play: Hammerting: Oxygen not included meets craft the world, meets dwarf fortress. Still in early access and still fairly rough around the edges but I can't get enough of it. The demo allows an hour of play from the start of each game. Early access released within the next week I believe. Ring of pain: Heavily influenced by slat the spire with a few notable and worthy differences. The demo is relatively short but very, very complete. Out already and it has gone on my wishlist h
  8. I don't believe the 'ref saw it' clause is there any more, so retroactive action is possible and should be applied here.
  9. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    Yay, Absol from the next one, just what I've always wanted, a useless pokemon that has been out for years, available in raids for years and in other egg types. Even better, it has shit IVs. Insta-bin for a 12k egg that requires a shit load of battles to get. Why aren't Niantic forced to release percentage chances for egg hatches again? Because eggs aren't loot boxes or some shit, because they aren't bought directly.
  10. BeeJay

    Pokemon Go

    My one and only red egg so far was a Trubbish. They simply can't continue to have this for a non egg distance event. I'd never want a red egg if the normal 12k was in place. I've got 2 more on the go right now we'll see how they come out.
  11. While the Currys system is bizarre, I do think the pre-order system does need looking at as it doesn't gel well with pay on dispatch systems, which encourage scalpers and as their is zero risk in the pre-order. It is effectively a 100% hedged investment as it becomes pretty clear close to release, what the demand will be.
  12. I agree the DF Dirt 5 video is underwhelming but I also agree that cross-gen launch games are usually underwhelming. The Dirt series has also been underwhelming of late. I'm still on the fence about S or X but I'm leaning toward the X.
  13. Is say that Rez is a classic example of a mass appeal product that isn't targeted toward dance music fans. As a big dance music fan, I can't get in to rez but Avicii invector I have really enjoyed, even though I'm not the biggest Avici fan.
  14. Add Gears tactics to that list. Probably my favorite of that lot as a pure turn-based tactics game but obviously very different to wasteland 3.
  15. Until 11:00, you can potentially get 50% cashback at quidco on game purchases on GAME, up to £28. So I've pre-ordered. GAME and quidco have been a pretty reliable combo for me over the years so hopefully it'll work out ok. The quidco rep on hutukdeals is responsive and has said the deal is legit. Hopefully it will work out. The bonus content is the t-shirt and cloth. Hopefully the t-shirt will be fat git sized. Just be sure to not use any reward points against the purchase.
  16. Agreed, seems like a mistake in their email as the offer online says £8.99 a month for humble choice premium. Someone has incorrectly assigned the 'price' variable in the code and not noticed.
  17. I've just received an email with this offer in: "Save big on a Premium Month-to-Month plan" "Sign up by November 6th and pay only a month for the next 6 months. Pick games every month that you get to keep forever!" I'm sceptical that I am interpreting this incorrectly but that reads to me like I buy one month and get 5 free? Either a mistake or they are getting incredibly desperate or they know their upcoming offerings are extremely poor quality.
  18. My daughter played co-op with me and said the fruit looked amazing, that was her only real comment. I loved the demo, played through twice. Is this much of an improvement on the wiiu version? I've been wanting a wiiu for a while so tempted to pick one up with this instead of waiting for the switch release.
  19. Destiny 2 rivals monster hunter world with its "let me hold your hand during the tutorial, are you doing ok? Tutorial's over? Fuck you, ya useless cunt".
  20. Interesting to see the continued slide of review scores for FIFA over the last few years: 18-84, 19-81, 20-78, 21-75. As someone who hasn't played much in the last few years, I think 21 is easily as good, if not better than anything that I've played before. Of the reviews I've read, the predominant complaint seems to be that UT has been prioritised over the other game modes. I'm not surprised by this as everyone plays FIFA for UT now and that is where they make all their money.
  21. Looking forward to giving days gone a go. Good to see increasing exclusive support to psnow.
  22. The strangest part of it all is that the last couple of matches we have looked utterly dominant in possession, especially so against Arsenal. The defensive mistakes have been there for a while but not the total lack of any control over the game, that we showed last night.
  23. Of all the things that 2020 can deliver, the start to this season is right up there. What the hell is going on? Thankfully it isn't just us. Are we seeing what impact the lack of crowds is having on the bigger sides. Fair play to Everton and Villa, they have started this season like they really want to be on the pitch and winning matches, unlike most of the 'big' teams.
  24. I've won a game! Got placed into div 6 and subsequently hav got hammered a few times and snuck a draw. Really enjoying it though, I think the squad building challenges and objectives add a lot to the game. It still has its moments of bullshit, of course, but not massively so. The way lag is handled is now much better than way back when I last played properly.
  25. No fitness is good. I've literally just been playing my first few FIFA 20 games this morning. Bit of a shame that I can't find a single game that isn't against 94 rated teams. I've managed to take 2 points out of 10 games and have quite enjoyed it but ultimate team feels more than ever that you have to be there right from the start to get the most out of it.
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