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    I am really missing Glee!! At least I have an ipod full of the songs
  2. Next will be some low life from The Hills.
  3. Potter is great! Shame it didn't finish above Rubbishformers 2!
  4. Hollyoaks is sooooooooo emotional at the mo!
  5. I hate it when my fave characters go! Like when Mr C clogged it, and Lee Hunter left - the best charaters ever!! And who is going to look after little Tom??
  6. Totally agree! Apparently he is doing some presenting with OB, and going for auditions?!
  7. Yikes has anyone seen tonights E4 episode?? I don't think Steph is going to be too happy! I am sad to say that I had tears in my eyes
  8. My sister had to take a breather from The Passion of the Christ whilst at the local cinema, and then passed out!
  9. Anyone watching this? The north isn't fairing too well! So glad I live in the South!
  10. Yikes is it the end for Russ and Carmel?
  11. Maybe I do? Sorry to disappoint! I'm going to watch it.
  12. Anyone going to watch this? It has not had very good reviews in the US. Apparently they don't get her sence of humour.
  13. I thought it was lovely and funny!
  14. To be fair, after Terence Stamp even Fergal Sharkey could have turned it around
  15. Hmmmm...the thing is that the Xbox 360 didn't seem to be selling in huge numbers in the UK despite being the only new generation console around for ages. The PS3 will pick up after a while, once the price has fallen, more games arrive, and we get close to Christmas. Plus, many people just don't seem to fancy the Xbox 360, outside the hardcore.
  16. was only kidding. Sith and Steely to go through but please do play the games in the next round on time!!! Clarebear logged in - ooops!
  17. Only just tuned into this after a sunny day at the beach. Atmosphere looks sooooooooo much better than at the Diana thing last week, whoever was in charge of seating at that f*cked up royally. If I was one of the princes I would have been totally peeved.
  18. I think it was Calvin. I really hope it wasn't OB
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