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  1. cubik


    If the game is half as entertaining as this thread it’ll be worth every penny
  2. I was excited about the PS5 launch, and planned for a pre-order/time off work on day one combo but after seeing the games that have been announced so far, I'm considering not bothering. So far, what is actually confirmed for launch? Bugsnax? No thanks. Godfall ? Nope. Obviously Spidey is a winner but is it day one and is it a full game? Mind you, I only had Killzone and Resogun to keep me occupied on PS4 launch day and I enjoyed that. The big hitters like Horizon are 12 months+ away. Hopefully there's something up Sony's sleeve for 2020.
  3. cubik


    Lee Carvallo's Bugging Challenge
  4. Is the PS store playing up for anyone else or just me? It loads fine and lets me think I've signed in but then gets stuck in a loop of me not being signed in/clicking the sign in button/reloading the page. I've tried on PC and iPad (it complains that the browser isn't supported on iPad) but can't log in.
  5. The constant slight pause on some but not every hit really annoyed me. Made it look like it was dropping frames and stuttering when it wasn't. Seemed an odd design choice that broke the fluidity. It's a weird one - It does look pretty from a technical perspective, but ugly from a design perspective.
  6. The Shadow of Colossus-alike with the eagle was my favourite. The PS5 stuff fell mostly flat though.
  7. How many x presses for a devastating and eviscerating attack? This looks so shit.
  8. God Fall looks boring, and the guy narrating this is making it sound even more boring
  9. I think I'm old, watching this chess game thing I have no idea what on earth is happening.
  10. Still looks better than Stallone. They'd be better using Sly as Fargo.
  11. Aren't Joe and Rico the same age though? It'll need some good CGI to make Sly look young.
  12. Day 31 - Guilty Pleasure From when pop music ruled the world. Edit - Forgot to add, well done everyone for posting their faves, it's been great to see them and especially to @acidbearboy for starting this thread.
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