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  1. I got the newly released repress of DJ Food's Kaleidoscope at weekend, it's a four disc album. Discs one and two are marbled blue, discs three and four are marbled orange. It's lovely to look at and a great sounding pressing. It was £25. That's not a discounted price, that's the norm. In the grand scheme of things he's a relatively niche artist with nowhere near the appeal to the masses or volume sales that the major label stuff has, if Ninja Tune can make a profit when selling a set of four coloured 12"s at that price, how much are the big players making with their £20 12" singles or £30+ represses of Hounds of Love etc? Obligatory photo (I guess this should be in the what's on your TT thread but it seems relevant to post here):
  2. This all looks bobbins, I'm struggling to think of a worse month. Maybe Sony are joining in with the "Freedom Day" mood and encouraging us all to switch off our consoles and get out in the fresh air
  3. John Legend should be forced to change his name. Absolutely over the top pub singing awfulness
  4. Depeche Mode have been releasing 12” box sets over the last year or so. Their latest announcement is that the 8 disc set for the Ultra singles is £160. £20 per disc for rerelease 12” singles. As a lifelong fan I can honestly say that while Ultra is a great album and DM were known for great 12”s, these remixes were a bit pish and that pricing is bonkers. As the best song off the album says, It’s no good.
  5. Record Store Day seems to have peaked and takes up a massive chunk of manufacturing too. All these limited editions by huge (and often dead) artists on major labels clogs everything up. You see comments from indy labels (Castles in Space for example) who can't get stuff pressed in a reasonable timescale because David Bowie's estate need the $$$ from yet another picture disc. Without new sales, these labels will struggle, I'm sure the Bowie estate doesn't need any more money. I wonder how much of the capacity of these plants is taken up with completely pointless represses of albums that have had tens and tens of years of sales? Rumours by Fleetwood Mac seems to get the resissue treatment every few months, HMV do their limited editions which are the same old shit in a different colour and even Amazon are getting on the vinyl subscription "classic album " service. Cue a shedload of copies of Dark Side of the Moon being made yet again. One thing that I noticed this year was that a lot of the RSD stores were posting comments by mid morning Saturday to say that the queues had gone and that they were back to normal trade. In previous years stores like Piccadilly Records were busy all day. A lot of these stores can't survive on one or two mad days a year, they need constant business and for that they need a constant supply of new products. I really thing that RSD needs to start implementing rules, such as only one pressing by an artist per year, or how about a Record Store Day for new artists and independent labels? No represses allowed. On a previous RSD, Peter Hook released 4 or 5 live albums in one hit. This year, Oneohtrix Point Never banged out 5 releases in a day. Neither of these sold out on the day - I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to release a large quantity of music but why not spread it out over the year so that other labels can get stuff made all year round? If this old repress stuff sells (and it must or else they wouldn't make it) then maybe the real answer is for someone to invest in new manufacturing plants so that supply can keep up with demand?
  6. Just in case you didn't go back for the Beasties release, these guys have it in stock: https://driftrecords.com/products/beastie-boys-aglio-e-olio
  7. My mistake, you’re right
  8. If you're planning on watching it with subtitles on, the main antagonist is actually named within the first few seconds during the voiceover montage at the start of the show. D'oh! Also, one other interesting thing that was in the subtitles of the montage, one line is spoken by Hank McCoy. Is that the first official reference of mutants in the MCU?
  9. I got a bag of these from a farm shop at the weekend. Hadn't seen them before so thought they might be worth a try. Absolutely lovely, loads of flavour and great crunch without the extreme sharpness you sometimes get on handcooked crisps.
  10. I'm at that age where I watch trailers for new and exciting games and think "that looks too twitchy for me" Sifu is a great example, looks really interesting but I bet my reflexes aren't up to it. I love Housemarque's games but never bothered with Returnal as I knew I'd be stuck on the second or third level forever.
  11. Has anyone mentioned Vic and Bob's Saturday night gameshow, Families at War? It was hilarious, chaotic mayhem and unfortunately didn't last but gave us the enduring image of Leo Sayer being ejected by a treadmill. Apologies for the potato video, it doesn't seem to be available in a better quality.
  12. Jett looks like it may struggle to avoid No Man's Sky comparisons. As for Sifu, I can't decide if it looks cool AF or if I might struggle to play it as it requires the reflexes of a flea and I'll just end up button mashing
  13. This tends to get decent comments in the Ooni UK facebook group: https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/283713806 I've never tried it, we make our own using the Ooni recipe. https://uk.ooni.com/blogs/recipes/classic-pizza-sauce Next time you're making your own, try and use tinned Pomodoro tomatoes. They work well in pizza sauces.
  14. The book turned up today, looks like it'll be a good read. Just need to finish the one I'm reading which I bought ages ago but only just got round to (The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds) and I'll be on it.
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