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  1. I guess anything can be done, whether the license for the Vectrex along with the third party games (Scramble for example) can be obtained and then it being financially viable to produce a relatively small run of specialist CRTs is another matter. I would guess that the screens would be the weak link as the mini market aims at a relatively budget price point which custom CRTs surely can't meet. Also, how do you make something mini when it has a CRT? Obviously you could sack off the vector CRT and go for LCD or just have a TV out but making a Vectrex that uses a non-vector screen pretty much misses the point. That really would be a case where a Raspberry Pi could do the job just as well.
  2. Love the album sleeve shelves, a nice touch
  3. I didn't bother with a picture as it's pretty much a generic black disc with a generic sleeve with a sticker but currently playing some new but old school dance influenced bangers courtesy of Tone Dropout 8: https://tonedropout.bandcamp.com/album/tone-dropout-vol-8 Tone Dropout 9 is up next.
  4. Totally agree, I've just had a bag of the margherita ones and they taste like every other tomato ketchup flavoured crisp that has even been made, i.e. shit. Pizza Express need to be worried if their pizzas taste as bad as that
  5. I know it's a forum fave but Burnout Paradise did nothing for me. I just wanted to race on a course, not drive around looking for stuff to do. Destiny takes "playing for the sake of it and waiting for it to get as good as others say it is" to another level though. I hated that game so much with its crappy voiceover, stupid bullet sponge enemies and having to fly to a space station and then walk for ten minutes to unlock some stupid encrypted engram that added nothing my character. "But the DLC is amazing" I hear you say. Why would I buy DLC for a game that's as bad as this? I did play it for a few weeks, but out of a sense of responsibility, rather than enjoyment.
  6. Alderson Loop by Dalham Looks even nicer when it's not spinning. Sounds bloody great too. https://dalham-cis.bandcamp.com/
  7. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    These are my most used online record stores: Bandcamp Bleep Juno Norman Records Coldcuts Hotwax Piccadilly Records (close enough for me to collect in store, or at least it was before lockdown) If you're looking for anything out of print, Discogs is a good place to start Edit - Keep an eye on these for sales of older stuff: https://www.whatrecords.co.uk/ https://www.lostinvinyl.org/
  8. Not quite a test record but close enough for a tenuous link - As a demonstration of new fangled stereo recordings, Decca Records released "A Journey Into Stereo Sound" in 1958 which contained the much sampled line "This is a journey into sound" It's used in plenty of songs, (Beat Dis, Coldcut's remix of Paid in Full) but my favourite of them all is this absolute banger by Public Enemy:
  9. I saw one of the latest episodes the other day and Marge's voice hasn't held up well. It's no worse than the writing, jokes, music and storyline I suppose but did stand out as being not quite right.
  10. I guess it was a bit of an open and silly question. I've had to resist buying too much stuff this time round, I got a bit carried away last time they did this. The site seems to be holding up well though, certainly better than the previous attempt.
  11. Ordered the fantastic new Dalham album on splattered vinyl and the surprise release from Mogwai (zerozerozero soundtrack) as a digital download. Anyone got any recommendations for essential bandcamp releases?
  12. He literally put the *boing* in Springfield. What a legend. As much as I love (loved?) the Simpsons, I wish they'd let it die. Homer was a loveable boob and now he's a massive arsehole.
  13. New Dalham album is out on Thursday, not bad timing
  14. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    After mulling over getting a pre-amp I finally got round to ordering one of these: https://artproaudio.com/product/usb-phono-plus-project-series/ I'd started by planning on getting the Behringer PP400 but after the inevitable scope creep, was then considering the Rega Fono Mini A2D. The gain control on that only works on the USB output though, not the phono stage itself. The Art Pro gets decent reviews, has USB out if I ever decide I want to digitise my collection and more importantly, has adjustable gain on the pre-amp analogue circuit so I can set it to match my other inputs. Looking forward to it arriving, I was recording some albums this weekend and some of the quieter ones won't max out the level meter on my MD deck, even with the record level at full whack.
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