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  1. It's worth mentioning that the perforated one that a few of us have is sold under different brand names and at different prices. It's £21 at this link. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Professional-Anodised-Aluminium-Perforated-Placement/dp/B096YHB3QM
  2. (Chloé Zhao pitches some suggestions for the "Eternals 2") Zhao: One, Sprite needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine. Two, whenever Sprite's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking "Where's Sprite"? Three-- Kevin Feige.: Great, great. Just leave them right there on the floor on your way out.
  3. Overall I'm enjoying it, there are some bits I could happily live without though. The flashback scenes, especially those with the sandpeople have been brilliant. Can't say the same for the Mayor's assistant and the street gang who look like a cross between the BMX Bandits and these guys:
  4. What if there’s no plan to introduce true backwards compatibility, but to keep the existing PS Now streaming functionality and using it to sell access to individual game licenses instead of subscriptions to a library? I know Sony have all the internal specs etc but I still can’t see them releasing a bullet proof PS3 emulator for PS5 and making releasing old games nice and easy. I am happy to be proven wrong though.
  5. I hope it's summat, but it's fairly flimsy evidence. Sony making a minor mistake on the PS Store wouldn't be a major surprise. I'd be happy if PS2 compatibility came too.
  6. I thought that this might have been unfairly treated by reviewers so was looking forward to watching it. I don't think I've cared less about a bunch of characters in my life, it's pretty much completely devoid of emotion and peril. I almost turned it off part way through, never felt the need with an MCU film before. The two leads (Ikaris and Sersi) were so dull, Ikaris especially who spent most of the film looking like he should have been in an ITV drama set in a small town. I don't think anyone would use the word "chemistry" when describing them. The supporting Eternals might have made a good film; Gilgamesh, Makkari and Phastos (plus Druig towards the end of the film although he annoyed me in the first half) should have had more time to shine. There's an awful lot of staring into space while trying to be profound or earnest. It really reminded me of Star Trek: Discovery. In short, high budget nonsense with a complete lack of charm or coherence. A generous 0.5/5 from me, I can't even see myself staying up watching it in bed when it's on Film 4. edit - I couldn't decide if the text at the end of the film that said "The Eternals Will Return" was meant as a promise or a threat.
  7. I've got this one too, can recommend it. The super peel looks like a super convenient way to take all the hairs off the back of your hand. I wouldn't want to be getting my hand that close to the mouth of my Koda 12. Even with a decent peel, pizzas can still stick, especially if you've put the dough on the peel and let it sit for a minute or two. What I do now is use the two peel method. I have the dough on a wooden peel while building the pizza. Then put the wooden peel into the Koda and use the perforated one to slide the pizza off it and onto the stone.
  8. cubik

    Vinyl lovers

  9. Gonch needs to be a budding cryptobro, selling NFTs to the younger kids and using the school PCs to mine bitcoin.
  10. cubik

    Vinyl lovers

    I wouldn't bother with negative feedback, a lot of physical shops sell via discogs so there's always a chance things could get out of sync. Shit happens I guess. Don't think that discogs is always like this, I've had some great bargains and used some great sellers. Like any online marketplace, the majority are fine. I've had a couple of issues out of many many orders, one was a load of old dance 12"s from late 80s/early 90s which were overgraded and turned up smelling really musty. I complained via the messaging system and the seller gave me a full refund and said keep them so I threw the sleeves away as they stunk and kept the discs.
  11. If they think for one microsecond that you've done commercial work on it they will hunt you down. We've been 100% legal licensed customers for years and still managed to get audited more than once by their less than friendly legal team because we did something like forget to uninstall AutoCAD LT 2010 from a Pentium PC that only gets used to hold a door open nowadays. They didn't care that our reseller assured them we were 100% legit, we even had more licenses of software than engineers to use it! There's also the fact that blender 3.0 piddles over older 3DS Max from a great height, especially when comparing simple stuff like real time feedback on materials and lighting with the Eevee engine. Shading and lighting is so much more efficient when you can see it live.
  12. Hats off to @ngchol for their sterling work in compiling this. I'm always keen to see the list and just how varied the tastes of forum users are (and how out of touch my tastes are). For anyone with even a passing interest in British dance music, especially if you like stuff with a nod back to the golden age of rave, get yourself a listen to my number 1 choice, Tomorrow's People by Shire T. You really won't regret it, more so if you play track 3 (Blue Kiss) quite loud.
  13. I've only got God of War and Horizon on the buy list for 2022 but I do have PS+ and PS Now so I'll easily find a lot more than 12 games worth playing. Oh. Looks like I'm in.
  14. I said this: First three were right (but some of the easiest predictions to make) and the last was wrong. It was actually Wipeout that ended up with a random mobile offering. As for this year, easiest prediction to make is that NFTs are going to stink up the gaming world.
  15. I gave up on this after a few hours when it first appeared on PS+, and only reinstalled it when the PS5 update came out to see what it looked like. What a plonker I've been, missing out on this all this time. Mind you, this way I played and finished it in super slick 60 fps mode so I guess it was worth waiting for. I bought and completed the original back in all its three disc glory on PS1 and this does it justice and then some. Is the DLC worth buying? I know the story is changed somewhat and I must admit, I did have to read a "what the fuck happened at the end" guide to make sense of things as it's been 20+ years since I last played it. Are they actually working on more parts to this or is that it? edit - I'm playing the PS5 version which was the free upgrade to the PS4 version that originally came with PS+ Is the expansion pack the only add-on I can buy? If so, what's intergrade?
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