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  1. Sue Pollard and she's playing the daughter sister of the woman in Indy 2 who screams a lot. edit - Checked the dates, daughter was a bit optimistic.
  2. Nuron/As One - La Source 02 https://www.discogs.com/Nuron-La-Source-02/release/17978248 Beautifully produced melodic techno, coloured vinyl, obi strip and a glow in the dark sleeve. What else could you possibly need?
  3. John Ratzenberger Every Pixar film plus Superman 1 & 2 and The Empire Strikes Back. Or maybe Arnie.
  4. cubik

    The Last Of Us

    It's not hard to imagine that the majority of PS5 owners have already got it as part of the PS+ Collection
  5. cubik

    The Last Of Us

    Why bother remaking it again? It's a PS3 game that everyone played on PS4 and is now just given away with PS5. I loved it, but why not just focus on something new? I can't see it making huge bucks for them as it's been done to death.
  6. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    I assumed they'd just split the album over two discs. If the second disc is new/old/rare stuff, I'm in.
  7. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Anyone seen anything they like on this years Record Store Day list? Once again, I'll probably complain about it, how it's too expensive and a piss take for the eBay scalpers but still end up buying something. Things on my wishlist: Yet to be announced by The Chemical Brothers Future Sound of London - We have Explosive KMD - Mr Hood Mansun - Closed for Business (Seven EP) VA - Erased Tapes Erased Tapes 20・・---0 VA - Ciao Italia - Generazioni Underground A few of these are double LPs and I'll be they're expecting £35+ for them so
  8. If Q can make sure that the scene in S1 where Picard put on a beret and talked like an Allo Allo character never actually happened, I'm in.
  9. There's a Tales of the Unexpected where a woman and her lover kill her husband. They get married, then the new husband is a creep so she sets up the freezer to kill him, and they both end up in there. It's called "Sauce for the Goose" Edit - It also features some of the worst/cheesiest "travelling around the world" scenes I've ever seen. Just brilliant in their awfulness.
  10. I've always loved this version of I Spy by Pulp, Jarvis Cocker at his absolute peak
  11. The breakout scene felt like it should have been narrated by this guy:
  12. Thanks for the reminder, I'd seen this mentioned on Friday but forgot about it.
  13. I figured out what this is - It's not Tales of the Unexpected, it was Hammer House of Horror. The episode was called Charlie Boy, it's about a cursed statue/voodoo doll type thing. The farm equipment impaling isn't at the end, it's about 21 minutes in. I guess it's tame by today's standard but I was 9 when I saw it and it definitely left an impression
  14. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Thanks all for the replies. I've used water and microfibre before and had reasonable results. I've also seen the disco-antistat but reckon I could buy a Pro-ject VC-E, use it and then sell it and it would cost me the same or maybe even less than one of those. I've thought more about this and I'm not keen on anything that submerges the records in a bath of fluid as I reckon the fluid will quickly end up dirty and I'll be constantly changing it and cleaning the device out. I've got hundreds that I'd like to clean so prefer something that has single use fluid and drie
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