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  1. One thing that really stood out in the trailer was just how badly done the Trump and Boris voices were. He really is a terrible "comedian". I've managed to mostly avoid him on TV but he's on Absolute Radio occasionally and I always end up having to switch it over. Last time I saw him on TV he was on a panel show and kept banging on about a point he was adamant he was correct about. When proven wrong, he had a bit of a hissy fit and throughout the show kept doing the old "I'll make a joke about it but really I'm dying inside". It was all quite embarrassing and
  2. I'm surprised anyone would have season 6 as a low point. "The tall motherfucker with the ivory hair" is still one of the highlights of the entire run. Alice Levine isn't a natural comedian but didn't stand out as being particularly bad. The group as a whole worked well. Joe Thomas let series 8 down with his gormless and constant "Tim nice but dim" act but again, the others made up for it. The only series that I'd put on the don't bother list is series 4. I know others love it but I can't stand Noel Fielding which probably doesn't help. As for a favourit
  3. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    I’ve seen those kits for polishing car headlamps get mentioned in hifi and vinyl forums. It might be worth a look on vinyl engine, there’s some useful info on there.
  4. Or impressionists. That looks and sounds dreadful. How long can britbox survive with a subscription base of just 25 doctor who fans?
  5. I could understand that with the PS4 showing its age and the shadow of the next gen looming but their new console is out in weeks. It's as if they hadn't planned this year very well, or are now in full on complacency mode. Maybe they'll just do a surprise standalone press conference stream to show off some of the UI etc.
  6. Are Sony not bothering to show anything or have I missed it? Bizarre that they'd not be having a headline presentation at TGS with a new console weeks away. I hope Namco (I still can't bring myself to call them Bandai Namco) show something for the next gen. I don't think they've announced much PS5/XBSX stuff have they?
  7. I'd like to think that the press will have had actual hands-on experience and released more complete info on all this well before release day but based on how bad the pre-launch has been so far, I wouldn't bet on it. It does feel like Sony just aren't ready for this, but have to get something out there before Christmas. I really hope the hardware is right as whilst it would suck if the software wasn't all there, it could at least be fixed later.
  8. I’m another that really wanted to jump on the next gen (PS5) train but hasn’t seen any games that make it compelling so am leaving it for a few months. I’m sort of glad the PS5 preorders are gone and likely to be in short supply before Christmas as otherwise I could have been tempted to order one in the hope that a must have game was out by Christmas. I’ll sit it out for a while and see how the hardware works, how noisy it is, what the UI looks like and what games are out in early 2021, assuming brexit hasn’t added £100 to the price and we’re not eating badgers.
  9. I’ve just realised they never showed the UI. Also, did anyone notice any 3D audio during that?
  10. That seemed like it was thrown together as a reaction to the MS launch. It wasn't slick, just loads of trailers with a couple of talking heads and a single slide that was knocked up today with pricing. The machines need to get in the hands of someone in the press, I'd love to know how noisy it is for example. My launch PS4 spoiled my TLOU2 experience a bit by making it sound like I was drying my hair when I played it.
  11. Underwhelming, maybe because everything seemed so serious, not colourful shiny fun. Yes, I know Nintendo are the go to guys for this. Maybe the stuff Sony showed isn't for me (except Spidey and eventually GOW). I'd have loved to see a driving game, platform game (other than Oddworld which I've always hated) or something other than horror shooty sword killers. I sound like I don't even like games. Fuck me I'm old.
  12. Is this an advert for Chessington World of Adventures? Get a fucking move on.
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