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    It’s worth checking out a post I made on this very subject. I do use those boxes too but you do need to watch out as the ribs on the lids can damage the sleeves. I put a couple of 12” squares of plastic in to protect them. This post and a few of the follow ups explains more:
  2. I've never really been a fan of this series but needed something new and shiny to give my PS5 a proper work out, rather than just upscaled PS4 games that I've been playing recently. I got a second hand copy from AVForums and blitzed it over a few days. Performance RT is a thing of beauty, as someone who grew up with the 8 bit era I'll never tire of being amazed by real reflections in shiny floors & walls. As for the game, I really enjoyed it, much more than I thought I would. The haptics with the different weapons work really well and give them all a real unique feel. Character wise, I did prefer Rivet & Kit to Ratchet & Clank. Maybe that's down to them being new though. One negative - I could have lived without the Glitch antivirus bits, even if they did look cool. To sum up - Great game and a real showcase for modern graphics engines, sound, character design & animation. Like most story based games, I doubt I'll replay it so if anyone wants a bargain copy you should check out the trading forum.
  3. Nobody buys Pringles at full price, they're the crisp equivalent of Pizza Express. Two for one or a £1.25 deal or nothing
  4. Deathloop is so meta it'll never come out but just re-release slightly different trailers for all eternity
  5. Capcom vs Amiga Classics. Ryu fights Zool or M Bison fights Superfrog, Lemmings digging in the background surrounded by parallax scrolling Chupa Chups
  6. You mean those hundreds of copies of Crash Bandicoot won't be worth millions? Gutted.
  7. Just do what everyone else in here has done (or maybe it was just me and I'm trying to sound like I'm in good company): Buy a new one from Amazon, tell them it's faulty and send them the drifting one back in the box for a refund.
  8. That makes perfect sense, even though I've got H:ZD installed it has been quite a while since I played it. Games I've played or installed recently seem to have had updates installed. I still wish there was a "I'm on an all you can eat internet package so download it all" option though.
  9. Is it just my PS5 or does auto update not work very well? I fired up H:ZD today to check out the 60 fps patch and the first thing it did was start to download it. H:ZD was already installed and my PS5 is always in standby mode when I'm not using it. Auto updates is switched on in the settings. I've seen this with other games, it just doesn't bother to get the updates until I run the game. Am I missing something obvious?
  10. It's no Holiday on the Buses though is it
  11. I've yet to be impressed by Christmas themed crisps. Every year there's a new glazed ham or pigs in blankets flavour and they're always overly sweet and extremely artifically flavoured bags of disappointment. At least the Co Op are trying something different instead of just going for turkey & stuffing.
  12. cubik

    Vinyl lovers

    He always struck me as quite outgoing.
  13. The postie delivered two new releases today. A Bleep exclusive green vinyl version of the new Martin Gore remix album (which for some reason people are trying to sell for £170 on discogs) and the standard boring old black vinyl version of Tomorrow's People by Shire T. I wish I'd ordered the Dinked edition when it was announced as it's a beautiful looking disc. Colour of vinyl aside, this is a fantastic album, a real throwback to the glory days of UK dance. The breakbeat on Blue Kiss is straight out of legend and when the 303 style acid line kicks in it just lifts the track into something amazing that takes me right back. A genuine love letter to UK dance and serious contender for my album of the year in the RLLMUK charts.
  14. A couple of modern represses of late 80s Chicago house and acid compilations:
  15. Loved episode 2, the mix of action, humour and feels was just right. It definitely benefited from deviating from the original story more than Ep1 did. Obviously the emotional side was ramped up by it being Chadwick Boseman's last work but it did feel like a worthy send off.
  16. I'm excited for this, the only complaint I have about the trailer is that the costumes are a bit bland. I'd love to see them use the bold colours that defined the Kirby original at some point during the movie.
  17. cubik

    Vinyl lovers

    By whole kit do you mean amp and speakers too?
  18. Now you put it like this, it makes perfect sense! If you can afford it, go for it. At least you have a bit of choice, the 1200/1210 mk7 is essentially the latest version of your mk2s, the mk7R is the Red Bull themed version of the mk7 (for some reason), the GR is the "affordable" hifi version and the G is the model to aspire to. It all comes down to how deep your pockets are!
  19. On the subject of new turntables, I have to ask why? You're in the 1200/1210 gang anyway which everyone knows is where the cool kids are. If it's to improve the sound, why not look at a cart upgrade. What cart do you have on it?
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