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  1. Nice one. Ordered and will now cancel my 8 week old Currys order. edit - should have said “attempt to cancel”. Unlike every other online retailer, you can’t simply cancel. Filled in the form but they have to check it to make sure my criteria are acceptable to them and will let me know if I’m worthy of a refund which will then take 14 days to appear. I’ve had no feedback since placing my order two months ago so not holding out much hope. I’ll never ever buy from them again, they’re useless. No wonder Bezos is so rich, half arsed shopping experiences l
  2. One arcade conversion I remember being impressed by was Mr Do's Castle on the C64. I had a dodgy mail order copy of it on cassette and spent hours and hours and hours on it. At the time it seemed like as close to the real thing as you could get. Now I can just watch it on youtube and see the differences or load it and the original on an emulator. It's not the same though, but I'm not 13 anymore... Oh man, now I feel old.
  3. Charging docks appear to be in stock at Game https://www.game.co.uk/en/dualsense-charging-station-2826350 I haven't tried to checkout with one in my basket but it's worth a try for anyone looking. They were also showing as in stock at Currys earlier but seem to now be out of stock again, they still haven't shipped mine though...
  4. First of three new releases from CPU Records: https://shop.cpurecords.net/album/people-are-giving-and-receiving-thanks-at-incredible-speeds
  5. I was looking at that earlier as it came coming up when searching for Kelly Lee Owen's first album. It's on my shopping list for the next order.
  6. It is. I'd somehow missed paying any attention to it during the year but saw it mentioned in end of year lists including the RLLMUK top 100 albums, and then heard a track (Jeannette) on 6 Music. I had a look at how much her first album is on vinyl - Ouch. I hope the success of this convinces the label to repress it.
  7. I was lucky I got mine, ordered on Currys on launch day at just after 6 in the morning using a glitch from HUKD. Once I got to work I read that people were being told by Currys that their glitch orders weren't valid and I spent half my working day trying to get one from other retailers just in case. No chance whatsoever as one by one, most of the major retailer's websites died as they put them on sale. Amazon's site stayed up but the stock went in the blink of an eye due to bots (as per the link from @Popo) Following that, over the next couple of weeks the Currys orders
  8. The margins they made on PS5s especially were crazy. They were selling for 800/900 on Gumtree etc. Even the easiest option (CEX) made them £200 with no hassle. Records attracts scalpers and is the one that really pisses me off, limited or desirable releases in general. Obviously Record Store Day is the big name example that they are really attracted to. You'll see the same faces in twitter feeds year after year and some are well known for buying handfuls and getting them straight on eBay when they get home. At least with consoles, they'll eventually make more and you'll
  9. Scalping was so much easier this time round, it was amplified by facebook marketplace, everyone being used to selling their shit on eBay, Gumtree, people with a lot of time on their hands who could sit and press F5 to get hold of one etc. I'll single out CEX as the enabler that made it so simple for someone lucky enough to get one to make £200 pretty much instantly with no hassles. I know a few people who spent quite a bit of time trying to buy them from normal retailers just so they could sell them to CEX. OK, technically it's not CEX's fault but offering people the ability to mak
  10. cubik

    vinyl lovers

    Post a list in here first and see if there’s any interest. Selling individually is a full time job but posting packs of 10 or so should be relatively easy and affordable.
  11. The postie's been with a nice bundle of vinyl. Been busy spending Christmas/birthday money. From left to right: ACID88 - A compilation of, you guessed it.... acid. It's a release from RSD back in 2017 An EP and album by Umwelt Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song (thanks to a combination of 6 Music and the RLLMUK album of 2020 thread for this one). Purple vinyl the DOC - No One Can do it Better (silver vinyl) Currently spinning The DOC and sounding sweeeeet. Still got a couple of orders in the post, pics to follow when they ar
  12. Looks like she only lived twice, or died another day. Take your pick.
  13. I'm in good company as a one vote wonder (Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini - Illusion of Time was my 10 pointer). As @Rsdio said, the abundance of music makes these lists difficult to compile in a meaningful manner, especially with the small sample size. Let's face it, when the general public respond to end of year reviews en masse they're usually full of pricks like Sheeran or Robbie Williams so I'll take a carefully curated and unique list any day. I bought 8 of 10 of my list on physical formats, (yes, I'm old) but will be spotifying a lot of the ones
  14. I'm loving the RT60 mode. I suppose having more traffic and denser crowds would make the city feel more alive but that smooth frame rate and those shinies are a great combination.
  15. cubik

    I love the KLF

    That's why you need these: I do hope this ends with them releasing a bonkers vinyl box set. I'd buy it.
  16. I've had one on order with Currys since late November, no news as to when I'll actually get it though. The scalpers moved on to these once PS5 supplies dried up and they've been selling for stupid money. Give it a few weeks and they'll hopefully be everywhere.
  17. Seems that way, according to the internet. Fuck 2020
  18. PS5 GOW:Ragnarok doesn't launch in 2021 Neither does Horzion: Forbidden West Gran Turismo is a no show in 2021 too Namco tease a Ridge Racer related announcement but it's a massively disappointing mobile game or something (again). I really hope I'm wrong.
  19. There's nothing wrong with old school arcade high score tables, as long as the scores are honestly earned. Obviously the main advantage of them is that you could write three letter rude words like TIT and BUM.
  20. And there's me spending the holidays playing games like a chump! Somebody somewhere genuinely thinks that their mates will believe them when they magically get 100+ platinums in a week. Sony need to get the banhammer out. There's always a way to cheat the system but I'm surprised that everything being online all the time hasn't stopped trivial hacks from working.
  21. cubik

    CD only greats

    A perfect match! That CD player looks brand new.
  22. Having just finished Days Gone, it took me 40 hours to complete the game without bothering about collecting everything and going trophy hunting. This guy is selling the platinum service for £30 so assuming they can even complete the game in half the time it took me, they'd be charging £1.50 an hour. Seems like a shit way to earn a living. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Days-Gone-Genuine-Platinum-Trophy-on-PlayStation-4-PS4-Game/284089860207 I assume they have some kind of cheat or shortcut to get these trophies and aren't just playing it from scratch for each user.
  23. Just finished this on PS5 after 40 hours and absolutely loved it; the story, the characters, the gameplay are all great. I prefer story based games so I even enjoyed the cut scenes. At first, it feels a little too open world, almost a mish mash of disjointed missions. The game finds its feet and the story really kicks in once you get to Lost Lake and mixing with Iron Mike & Rikki etc. My only real complaint is that, like TLOU2, it does feel overlong. It could have definitely done with losing a few hours at the editing stage. Graphically, it's absolutely
  24. Being both from the North and a big fan of Victoria Wood I can honestly say she's a much better writer than that. They were more like something from Little Britain. They must have done well in a previous series though to get on this. To be fair to them, I got pretty much nothing on their wall round.
  25. cubik

    CD only greats

    I definitely can't help on the metal front, but don't forget that discogs is chock full of bargain CDs as well as vinyl. What CD player do you have your eye on, and are you fixed on Technics? Don't rule out other classic brands like Marantz, Denon or Yamaha.
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