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  1. I'm playing Yakuza:Like a Dragon and now have to raise 3 million yen by playing a shitty business simulator. I hate it so much.
  2. cubik

    Depeche Mode.

    That'l be a strange press conference, just the two of them. I'm genuinely surprised they're announcing anything this soon after Fletch's death, they've never been the type of band to be in a hurry about anything. Fingers crossed for a decent producer. Hopefully the headline statement will be that they're sacking the drummer.
  3. Had a successful pizza session this weekend, managed to get 4 out of 4 launched without sticking or folding over. The only difference this time was that we built the pizzas complete on the kitchen worktop, and I moved one at a time onto the perforated peel and then straight in the oven before it had time to stick. Getting them onto the peel was relatively easy, just held one edge with a couple of fingers and shuffled it under carefully. Gave it a shake to make sure it was free to move and then straight in the Ooni. This is the first time where every single pizza slid straight off and into the oven. Disclaimer, I only had grated mozz, and we did put a bit too much cheese on but who cares, it's pizza (and garlic bread).
  4. I was referring to the cinematic dialogue (cut scenes). Even during those there'll be characters off screen or with their face away from shot, it would be weird if they all looked into camera as they spoke. As you say though, it's a good addition and great to see that they're opening the game up to as wide an audience as possible. Shame it's £70 though!
  5. What happens when they're not directly facing the camera, or voices are coming from off screen?
  6. If this new hypermegacorporation remasters SSX Tricky I'll let them drive a roomba round my house all day with a live streaming camera feeding directly into Jeff Bezos' brain.
  7. Sony need all of that sweet sweet 30%. Every penny goes towards their premium storefront with a well designed and not at all confusing UI, amazing download speeds, unbeatable uptime and as recently promised, a comprehensive selection of previous gen classics
  8. cubik

    Great CD Revival

    Now that is a bargain, I'm jealous. I've got some SACDs, mainly dual disc Depeche Mode reissues. I've never played a single one as I've never had an SACD player. I've just checked the price of them on eBay, I see what you mean. Ouch!
  9. Thanks for that. I’ve used the bottom one (63zw-7xy6). Will download and give it a listen when I’m at my PC later.
  10. cubik

    Vinyl lovers

    I don't have a lot of 7" singles but the ones I do have I keep in one of these really useful boxes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/273339279271 I've got my 12" singles and albums in Kallax too (doesn't everyone?). A full 4x2 plus a bit of overspill in a couple of smaller record cases.
  11. That was great, the humour defintely landed - Couple of comments and questions:
  12. cubik

    Internet Radio

    Soma.fm is my first choice for internet radio. A variety of quality stations, with their electronic options being some of the best.
  13. cubik

    Depeche Mode.

    Pye Corner Audio gets my vote. I'd be happy with Tim Simenon again. Ultra doesn't get the love it deserves as it gets lost in comparison to the golden period of Black Celebration to SOFAD. I think it's worthy of inclusion.
  14. cubik

    Depeche Mode.

    I resisted the temptation to mention Alan as I've finally accepted that it's not going to happen. Getting Flood back would be nice. Hopefully it's not Ben Hillier.
  15. cubik

    Depeche Mode.

    I’m surprised it’s so soon, but I suppose it is quite a while since the last album so may have been planned ages ago. I wonder who the producer will be? They seem to be the most important person in how DM sound these days, hopefully it’ll be someone who’ll turn down the channel that has Christian Eigner’s “pots and pans” style drumming on it.
  16. I didn't get any OO flour but found that our local Italian takeaway was selling pizza dough balls. £2 each so they weren't cheap but they would make a 12" pizza and I thought they were worth a try. I have to say that my main issue with the Ooni has always been getting the pizzas off the peel, it's still hit and miss as to whether they slide off or stick. First pizza slid off the peel beautifully and kept its shape. I slightly overcooked one side (but I like the burnt bits so never mind) but what a crust, absolutely lovely and light. Yes, it has pineapple on it. I never understood the controversy surrounding it as it's one of the finest pizza toppings going and anyone who says otherwise is wrong Next a garlic bread, half with tomato. Didn't slide off quite as slickly and concertinad itself up a bit so the initial circle became more of an ellipse. Still tasted bloody great though. The third one had the most ingredients - Roast chicken, some Coppa from an artisan butcher, mushrooms, peppers, onions and sweetcorn. Unfortunately I tried to slide it in and it stuck to the peel, with most of the expensive meat flying off and into the flames at the back. An absolute disaster. I thought I'd got the hang of things and then this happened. Gutted. Oh well, another excuse to try again I suppose! I'll go for the semolina next time as mentioned above. On the subject of dough balls, anyone tried these? They look like they could be convenient and are £2.75 for four. The pizza crust in the image they use looks a bit underwhelming though. https://groceries.morrisons.com/products/morrisons-the-best-sourdough-pizza-dough-balls-4-pack-573204011 The instructions only mention normal ovens so maybe they're no good for the mega high temps in an Ooni?
  17. I didn't like the Secret Wars/Battleworld comics, I found them to be an overly crowded and disjointed mess that tied together too many series for purely cash cow reasons. Saying that it was better than Infinity which felt like a slog - Miss one issue of a minor character and nothing makes sense. Imagine a film where every scene is like the end battle of Endgame, that's what it felt like but in comic form. I have high hopes for the MCU as they don't stick to the comics verbatim, still worried that they'll tie themselves in knots though as their multiverse efforts so far haven't felt linked in any way.
  18. Thanks. I'd looked on Amazon and can't bring myself to spend a tenner on a bag of flour (including P&P) when the last lot of OO I got in Tesco cost less than a quid. I'll be in Machester at weekend so will see if Salvi's deli has any in.
  19. cubik

    Vinyl lovers

    I’ve had loads from Juno too, never had an issue with them
  20. It was weird. The camera was on Natalie Portman and it looked like some instagram filter was turned up to the max, but then the shot changed to Hemsworth and it was just as bad, if not worse. I asked my Mrs if it was just me and she thought it was bizarre too.
  21. I watched Doctor Strange a few weeks ago and thought it was a bit shit really. I'd seen that the reviews for Thor 4 were a bit meh so had low expectations. For the first half hour or so I really did think that the multiple attempts at failed humour were missing the mark and spoiling it but then..... Basically, I loved the cheesiness and came out of the cinema smiling. It got off to a bad start but absolutely redeemed itself after a short while. One weird thing though:
  22. This was slightly obscure back in the day as I only ever saw it in one arcade (and I went in a lot of arcades). It was brought into the spotlight by being part of a Capcom arcade collection. A fantastic side scrolling shooter.
  23. The only "boy band" video you need. More on topic, a genuine top tier boy band:
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