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  1. I've just finished the main campaign, here's my review:
  2. You should be listening to Neil Young on one of these bad boys I miss the days when music players had their own unique style, even if this one was a massive flop. It's all black rectangles these days.
  3. I've give Lidl a try, there's no Waitrose round here (not that I can afford it anyway).
  4. Anyone know which high street supermarkets still sell OO flour? I've tried Tesco, Aldi, Morrissons and M&S but nobody seems to have it. Tesco had loads of it last year but it seems to have fallen out of favour. Not looking for massive bags of it from a wholesaler or bakery supplier, just the standard 1kg or 1.5kg.
  5. Now this is a bit better. Just got to Utah and definitely enjoying it
  6. Deleted my save and tried from scratch. I’d picked the first option which says “Play Now” Giving campaign a go now. Hope the rest of it is better than the front end UI
  7. There was no online stuff, just me wandering about and getting confused on my own
  8. The holodeck bit was with Iron Man. Maybe I chose the wrong option and didn’t start story mode? Thinking about it there was a trailer type video showing all sorts of baddies that I didn’t know were in the game so it could be me being a bit stupid.
  9. I’m about 20 minutes into this and feel like the stupidest man on earth. Do you need a PhD to play it or something? I did the holodeck tutorial where the first move was a four button combo as opposed to a normal single button “circle to punch, square to shoot” or whatever (admittedly it was the same button four times but it seemed odd to start with a combo). Prior to this the game showed me so many screens that went on about how some points and skill things had changed but I’ve never played it before so that was useless info. The tutorial got a little better but once that was complete, Nick Fury talked me through a shitload of screens with a million icons about levelling up and hero points for far too long. I feel like I was force fed the Infinity Saga in five minutes and can’t remember a single word of it.
  10. Gorgeous game and completely charming. Just finished it and loved every minute of it. I know it's not the most taxing but was a breath of fresh air compared to the 80+ hour epics that use every button and have tons of weapons, skill trees and powerups to configure. It really needs a camera mode, one of the best looking games I've played.
  11. FFVII Intergrade download seems to be working now. I accessed it via the PS5 itself, haven’t tried the app today. edit - Sony seem to have fixed it quite logically as I chose the full Intergrade download but it’s only actually downloading a 10GB file called FF7R EPISODE INTERmission which I assume is the extra missions only
  12. I could delete the original but won’t the store still know I own it and block the download of intergrade? I don’t fancy losing my save and starting from scratch but maybe that won’t matter. Are the extra missions completely standalone?
  13. Thanks for confirming it’s not just me. Good old Sony, love the hardware, hate the (non game) software.
  14. Anyone have any ideas how I can get the FFVII extras? I got the PS5 version last time it was free on PS+ but never bought the Yuffie missions. The upgrade is £15 and the full Intergrade download is showing as unavailable. I’ve got the top tier PS+ subs.
  15. I'm surprised at the cringe comments, thought that episode was brilliant. The action sequences were up there with Hawkeye for being fun as opposed to a slog. I'm glad it didn't have a proper big comic book mega-baddie story and was more focused on the background and family. As for the big reveal:
  16. For once, a month I'm genuinely looking forward to. I've finished FFVII but not played the Yuffie add on, and while the Avengers game never really made it big, it does look worth a play. Stray is obviously the most interesting of the bunch. It's been a while since I felt like this about PS+, can't wait!
  17. There's no way that account isn't a spoof. Helped Clive design the Spectrum? It's got to be someone (not Tim) taking the piss
  18. The crouch/double jump combo is badly laid out on the pad too. Holding down circle and then double pressing X is ergonomically rubbish.
  19. I don’t get on with the camera angles for some reason. I know that’s the signature of crash games but it feels like aesthetics over decent gameplay.
  20. Robocop was as agile as a supertanker in the movies, finally an FPS that's suited to my reflexes!
  21. Surprised it's so quiet in here but I guess everyone is watching the very entertaining spectacle of the Tory party collapse in on itself. I really enjoyed that episode, lots more character building and the Khan family just get better and better.
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