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  1. Surprised it's so quiet in here but I guess everyone is watching the very entertaining spectacle of the Tory party collapse in on itself. I really enjoyed that episode, lots more character building and the Khan family just get better and better.
  2. Imagine the noise Vader would make when blowing up balloons. Ben Burtt would have spent weeks figuring that out.
  3. According to the label it's got potato starch on it to stop it clumping together. There's no pollonium or arsenic in it as far as I can see.
  4. Have you got the latest updates? Performance mode is pretty much well loved now with all the visual shimmer etc. issues ironed out. Performance mode is one of the best looking and silky smoothest games I've played and I'm using a 55" OLED.
  5. Nice - Looks like a Moebius illustration
  6. I thought it was stolen from a Looney Tunes or similar cartoon
  7. Just finished this, it's a strange one alright (no pun intended). It feels like there's a decent movie trying to get out of there, but it's hampered by some of the worst direction & camerawork I've seen in ages. Marvel really don't seem to have a handle on this whole multiverse thing so far, I hope they bring it together into some cohesive story at some point.
  8. cubik

    Great CD Revival

    I miss the days when physical media ruled the roost and you could find some actual bargains in the HMV sale, maybe even take a chance on something because it was just a couple of quid and find a real gem. Then the stupid internet spoiled* it all by making everything available at all times. *it didn't really, did it?
  9. This is good stuff. It's worth keeping an eye out when Lidl do their "italian week" as they also tend to have this block type mozzarella but at a much better price.
  10. I’m intrigued enough by the story but not enjoying the game so might just watch the cut scenes on YouTube. Never done this before but I can’t see myself sticking with it. Sorry everyone. Will my forum access be revoked for this crime against Kojima?
  11. Have you ever wondered if you're playing a different game to everybody else? I'm not feeling this at all and have had to force myself to get where I am which admittedly isn't far (most of the way through chapter 2). I agree with the sentiment about presentation and atmosphere but by god, it's dull. That's one issue with subscription services vs retail I guess. If I'd paid £50 for it I'd be sticking it out but as it's just one game of many on PS+ I'm tempted to accept it's not for me, skip it and move on. Is it a slow starter that gets good after a few hours?
  12. As much as I love the wet mozzarella that comes in a bag of juice, I've found that it's the major contributor to a soggy pizza. You can go the grated route which still works well but if you want to stick to the wetter stuff, slice it up an hour or two before you need it and leave the slices sandwiched between kitchen roll to soak up the unneeded juice. Change the kitchen roll a couple of times too as it's surprising just how much moisture comes out of it. Your pizzas look good. We tend to stick to the standard Ooni dough recipe which has been good so far but I do fancy trying something different like a beer dough or poolish base.
  13. If a Frasier reboot starts with Daphne's entire family going over a cliff in a bus I'd watch it.
  14. "I AM THE SPIDER" plus Leo Sayer's famous fall from a treadmill. An absolute Saturday night classic
  15. If old PS+ is now the Essential plan, has there been any mention of how many additional games will be added to the Premium plan and classics library per month? The classics library is especially underwhelming, hoping to see it get some attention but I'm honestly expecting a dripfeed of shovelware.
  16. There's a mad conspiracy theory that they're leaving it in the bank to rake in $$$$ interest when in reality it's just shrinking in value as inflation goes crazy. Sadly, supply chain issues are a genuine issue and have been for a couple of years now, especially with semiconductors. Something like this will be stuck in a queue with massive companies like Ford, GM and Tesla in it so they'll be very low priority for the chip makers.
  17. I got the point where you meet Guillermo del Toro and have absolutely no idea what is going on. Does it make sense at some point? I'm guessing it might never.
  18. I thought Spidey would be the remastered PS5 version but I can only find PS4. Miles Morales is PS5 though. The store front is rubbish, even simple filters for platform would make a massive difference. Anyone tried Mr Driller? Why is it so loud, almost to the point of distortion? Also, I can't decide if my memory is playing tricks on me. I tried a couple of PS1 games (Mr Driller and Tekken 2) and the intro videos have seriously crazy MPEG compression, I don't remember them being that bad quality back back in the day but maybe they always were and my OLED just highlights the issue.
  19. There's a lot of variations on this but this is my favourite of them. An amazing album and classic artwork: Danger Doom - The Mouse and the Mask: Other obvious one that that deserves praise: A less obvious cover from a very obvious artist, I love the artwork on this: I'm a big fan of simple, geometric artwork: Nadia Struiwigh – Lenticular. All the covers on CPU Records are along the same theme: Plaid - Scintilli: Tycho - Awake: 808 State - 90: Bonus 12" single from the days before Anton Corbijn took over the design work:
  20. I didn't hear the full stream the other night but my CD has now turned up, I'm listening to Mind Maps 3 and it's brilliant. A couple of beers and chilling out to FSOL is a great way to spend an evening.
  21. I'm another that moved to the mighty 55" CX OLED. Previous TV was a 720P 42" plasma that had served me well for many years, all the way through PS3, PS4 and early PS5 days. I'm still impressed how good it looks. Horizon FW, even in performance mode is just jaw droppingly good.
  22. Not a chance. FSOL are pretty prolific, I can't think of many other artists who release as much quality stuff as they do.
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