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  1. Typical. Nobody in the house and got all my work done early to have a few hours of uninterrupted gaming
  2. Yes, it's repetitive and my sense of direction is awful so we do tend to get lost a lot! As I posted previously my boy loves it. Slashing away at baddies and doing parkour all over the place!
  3. So many great games but Cinemaware were my gods. Defender of the Crown, Lords of the rising Sun, It came from the desert. Wings was probably my favourite though. I played it so much but never completed it. Played through again recently on Emu and still haven't seen the end! I also loved TV Sports Football. As a budding Grid Iron enthusiast the level of detail was unbelievable. So much love and craft went in to their games.
  4. Perfect for the inevitable 2022 lockdown
  5. Thanks Nintendo. I've been waiting to recreate the epic battles of the Salt Iron war for years. Edit... Is the voiceover an actual human being?
  6. Write to them. The same happened to me and they gave me a digital download code. My puppy also got my mini switch
  7. I got this a while back but it sat in the unplayed pile like everything else. My son (7 years old) is now playing through and I'm helping him here and there. Lots of fun and great to look at. I'm not sure it feels very much like Star Wars but we are enjoying it all the same.
  8. Not really. It will build confidence which is what this team desperately needs. Until Pivac isn’t the coach we’ve got to hope the team starts to improve. Not sure who else would do a better job right now.
  9. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    Yes, Hill doesn't feel like a full time QB option and as said above they gain some and lose some dynamism when he's in at regular QB. But Brees has seen his best days a while ago. I think he might have retired earlier but there was no viable back-up so he hung in there. You won't find many players as hugely idolised by fans as him. He's given everything he's got. I will be willing on the Bills to go all the way, but don't feel it's likely. I'm a Cowboys fan I've so have watched the Bills have their dreams crushed a few times back in the day but they are my 'second' team. Many years
  10. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    The Saints Bucs was a nail biter. Some great special teams by the Saints and an amazing 'trick' play but Drew Brees literally threw away their chances of winning. I don't get him at all, he so often. seems to miss the safe pass which killed them today. Would have loved to have seen the Saints take on Green Bay.
  11. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    Great playoff games all round, some brilliant match-ups. Loving watching the Bills in this game, especially the 3rd quarter!
  12. g wings

    NFL 2020!

    Glad they got through but they looked less and less convincing as the game went on. Rams looking good though, their D is so good
  13. Finally got round to watching this and was worth the wait. Loved every minute of it and it was beautifully shot. My wife was less convinced and thought it could have been one episode of a 60 minutes show. There’s a clear nod to that at the start though.
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