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  1. Hmm, your poem needs some work.
  2. It plays MUCH better than it looks.
  3. g wings

    NFL 2019!

    It makes sense I guess but also feels like a "fuck you, here's a generic name now give us back our sponsorship money"
  4. You've lost it. He's amazing, the modern renaissance man. He could sound like the horrible love child of Cilla Black and Barry Manilow and I will still love him.
  5. I love it when new posts appear in this thread, three years after release. I don't think I look back on my time in any game as fondly as this one.
  6. g wings

    NFL 2019!

    Great news for him but it means I’ve got a decade of playing cheesy idiots in Madden.
  7. g wings

    Xbox Game Pass

    The DLC stuff is in multiple parts. There are car packs and two new maps. I’ve been playing the core game for months and still have so much to do that the DLC is a way off for me yet. And of course the core game has so many different race modes, and with each weather season bringing big change it’s hard not to find plenty you will enjoy.
  8. it really is. gutted WinCE not supported though. If I could play Sega Rally my life would just about be complete.
  9. I've just been playing Power stone, F355 and Virtua Striker on my mac with an xbox controller thanks to Redream. I know 2020 is shit but playing these games feels like i'm in a utopia!
  10. Totally agree. I’ve really enjoyed it so far but as with lots of TV I’ve had that constant concern they could stretch it out for years and fizzle to an ending. Looking forward to seeing how they wrap it up.
  11. I don't remember it being better but I will now have to buy it to check (if it gets released)...
  12. The original turf masters is already on switch and is brilliant.
  13. @StumpyJohn @ilpostino thanks so much both of you. My daughter will be over the moon! rllmuk delivers!
  14. I’m so sorry I still haven’t been to visit. Between the time difference and craziness at work it’s just not worked out. I will try over the weekend but also please feel free to offer them to others.
  15. Me and the kids have been moaning how dingy and brown everything is in winter (southern hemisphere). But today we switched on and found a heavy blanket of snow on everything. Very pretty and there’s some new activities available...
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