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  1. Will they definitely be able to be redeemed now though?
  2. g wings

    NFL 2021!

    Yes, really positive start and plenty to be excited about. The running game was a no-show but that’s not a big surprise against the Bucs. Surely Collins’ ban will be overturned. It’s unprecedented to ban a player for just missing tests (4% missed over 18 months apparently). Gallup out for a few weeks though which isn’t great.
  3. You have to be a subscriber to get that unfortunately.
  4. @Mortis those are simple one stage ones but they released two full mystery cases with multiple cards. They were initially given away as a promo apparently. Lots of available on eBay but with shipping to Oz the price of silly.
  5. We finally got delivery of MicroMacro crime city this week, it’s been delayed countless times here in Oz. The whole family loves it but we are racing through the cases. In the UK they released two extra crimes as a promo but they never made it here. Does anybody have them? I would love to get a photo of the cards if possible. I can buy them on eBay but it will be over $50 which is silly for two mysteries.
  6. My boy adores the Lego games and can't wait for this. The very long wait after endless delays better be worth it!
  7. g wings


    I’m living overseas and not on social media much so this has passed me by. Is there some supposed reason he’s being targeted or just people being cunts?
  8. I reckon you can overthink these films. Like I said earlier it exists just to tell a story in the same way that legends and fables do. They are basically a collection of Macguffins! Yep, some resumé!
  9. This is interesting and the same conversation I had with my wife after watching it. In lots of ways (not least that it’s based on poem) it’s a very straight translation of story to film. Myths, legends and fables often exist for no reason other than to tell a story; Bean stalks, dragon slayers, betrayal, honour, greed, blah blah. Much of the film dawdled and some elements were confusing and open to multiple interpretations but I loved it.
  10. Watched it last night. My viewing pleasure was tempered only by the fact I was watching it with my wife and I knew after about 15 minutes she was going to say it was “one of your weird films”. I loved it. It was beautiful to look at, had a great score and had a sense of weirdness and dread that felt authentic. I didn’t know about the mythology or the poem beforehand but read about it afterwards. Really Interesting. Oh, and I thought Dev Patel was excellent. I look forward to watching this again at some stage (by myself).
  11. Is this basically the BBC version of Banged up Abroad?
  12. Here we go, the team for the 3rd test: Jones, Owens, Furlong Itoje, AWJ Lawes, Curry, Conan Price, Biggar Aki, Henshaw Adams, Van Der Merwe, Williams Subs: Cowan Dickie, Vunipola, Sinckler, Beard, Simmonds, Murray, Russell, Daly Pretty good team overall (and close to my pick for the first test). I thought he might pick Faletau over Conan but he hasn't done much wrong and I'm surprised Watson loses out to Van Der Merwe but whatever, I can't wait and reckon we will see a much better performance.
  13. The problem is that while I have been criticising the back three and the misfiring center partnership the game stats are crazy: We carried 85 times for 105 metres, they carried 86 times and made 179 metres We conceded 16 turnovers, they conceded just 6 We conceded 15 penalties Biggar passed the ball 3 times (yes, three) The back three combined had three successful tackles and three missed tackles. If you aren't going to keep hold of the ball you've got to be better at tactical kicking and at competing for high balls.
  14. Just watched the highlights again. I know it’s part of the modern game but the endless kicking just drive me mad. Box kicks especially as teams barely get chasers up to contest them and you end up making 20-30 yards at best but give away possession. And if you are going to kick up and unders you need better chasing. Usually that’s one of Biggar’s strengths but he’s hanging back on this tour. Need more urgency and commitment at the breakdown too. We are too slow in support and under commiting in the rucks and getting turned over too easily. I’m being partisan I’m sure but I would bring Adams and Williams in to the back three. Not sure what we do about the centres though? Farrell at 12 maybe? We’ve never looked strong in that department even when the touring squad was announced, just no great pairings to conjure up. I guess North would have been their saving grace if he hadn’t got injured before the tour.
  15. Hmm, the kids really enjoyed it but it needed to be 30 minutes shorter. Some of the effects work was ropey too, some dodgy green screen and compositing.
  16. Too many box kicks and up and unders that we didn’t contest well. Half the time we just looked to tap it back. Once we were in to the second half I just thought we looked ragged and rudderless. Back three were poor but none of the units really worked. Not sure what we do about the front row power that killed us. Hard with no mid week game to test some potential options. Gatland is going to have to roll the dice. Still, all to play for next week.
  17. From their website: For any Xbox Game Pass players who previously purchased DLC for the game, but not the game itself, we have good news! You will receive a token for the game through the Xbox Message Center so that you can continue playing Forza Motorsport 7. Token distribution will be through August 2. However, if after that date you have not received your token, please contact Xbox Support here. (Unused tokens will expire on September 15, 2023.)
  18. That’s hilarious and this pretty much sums up my feelings:
  19. The Kid Detective Really enjoyed this. Starts all quirky and playful and almost sickly nostalgic but over the 90 minutes the comedy gives way to a darker mood. It packs a lot in, produces some genuine giggles and has some genuine twists and surprises too. Adam Broody is great as the lead. I’m not sure what he’s been doing since the OC but his career seems to mirror the narrative pretty well. It’s been criticised by some reviewers for trying to do too much but I reckon it gets away with it. Great directing debut by Evan Morgan. Thief (1981) Michael Mann’s debut, that somehow I’ve never watched until this week, and its really quite special. Set-up as the usual ‘one more job then I’m going straight’ schtick. But with Mann directing and James Caan in his prime supported by a great cast they pull off something special. Well realised characters, fast paced and full of tension. Great soundtrack too. I’m glad I finally got to watch it. I married a Witch (1942) I love this film. I rediscovered it when finally sorting through my film collection. The film follows Jennifer the Witch who is about to be burnt at the stake, but first puts a curse on future generations of her accuser. When she comes back a few hundred years later she decides to inflict more pain by making one of the descendants fall in love with her. Japes and high jinks follow Veronica Lake in the lead role is spellbinding (pun intended). The film is so of its time; a simple, funny, charming feel good movie. The effects are very impressive too. If you aren’t a fan of the era this film probably won’t convert you, but if you are it’s worth hunting down.
  20. Great to see that a third series has been agreed. This is just a lovely show and I find myself rewatching episodes when I can’t make a decision about what to see. Comfort TV with some great humour and performances.
  21. I’m with you, my way of framing it would be that perhaps your expectations are just too high. I watched it last night and was thinking about how I view it critically. As a film against all others I could spend days picking it apart but In the end all I could do was rate it among the other marvel movies, I see them almost as a genre in themselves now. As such it was fun enough I guess. It was overlong (like they almost all are) and some of the effects were ropey. It did a worse job than most of the other films in creating its own universe with a set of coherent (but obviously ridiculous) rules and the action sequences always make me laugh in these films; the hordes of baddies always form an orderly queue, allowing the hero to pick them off one by one. 3 marvels out of 5 marvels Patti Smith’s cover is worth checking out too.
  22. That was a bit nervy wasn’t it! I thought Lawes, Furlong and Itoje were all excellent. Some great impact off the bench too. Well done boys, the next one will be even tougher I’m sure and I reckon there will be some changes.
  23. Wyn Jones is out with an injury, Rory Sutherland is taking his place. Gutted for him especially after his immense scrummaging against South Africa-A team. Only leaves 2 Welshmen in the team, interesting given their 6 nations success.
  24. Adams and smith aren’t on the subs bench
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