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  1. What are you playing that's stopping you use using the Deck. Or are you just not gaming at the moment?
  2. Ah cool. That (game pass) was going to be the next thing I looked in to. Will try and get my head around that tomorrow.
  3. Great! Thank you Dumb question I’m sure but what are the main reasons for wanting to install Windows?
  4. @Siri yes, I did check out World but resisted due to price. Will probably buckle at some point this evening
  5. Bloody hell this machine is brilliant. Been messing with the emu stuff mainly and it’s so user friendly compared to the last time I really tried retro gaming. The only downside is having to use CHD files for Dreamcast. Can’t get fire pro wrestling anywhere
  6. Well that escalated quickly… only had an hour with it as it was hand delivered late this evening but it’s a lovely bit of kit isn’t it.
  7. Yep! Most sellers don’t even have them in hand. You pay the money and then one of their mates in the US or Europe sends it along. So you wait a month and pay twice the actual retail price! Luckily I got mine through a mate so the price was discounted but I’m still paying over the odds. I should have just got one of my family back home to get me one but I’m an impatient idiot!
  8. I purchased one from a guy locally. It’s costing me an arm and a leg and it’s a totally illogical purchase given I mainly want to play games that aren’t even validated as being deck compatible but that’s life
  9. So, all logic has failed me and I’m about to get a Steam Deck. Fine. Except I live in Oz which has two implications:: 1. It’s going to cost me. REALLY cost me. 2. No idea if I’m going to come up against a lot of registration issues etc. I’m guessing nobody here is going to help with issue 1 but what about issue 2? Has anyone picked one up from overseas and had any issues with set-up etc? Thanks!
  10. I’m a fan but how on earth do the Cowboys keep winning? Just 75 yards passing late in Q4 and bar two decent runs even the run game was a bust. But the Defence was great again and special teams made a real difference again just like a few games last season. 4-1 with their starting QB still out? I will take that!
  11. It's still happening according to both sides. Now they just need to work out how. Some board of Control somewhere will authorise it.
  12. @PadaxesI keep meaning to go back to it as it gets some positive reviews but I just found the second episode didn’t even follow its own logic.
  13. This Dallas squad is a real mess. The O-line has evaporated over the off-season and watching Prescott earn so much and deliver so little is so frustrating. Obviously a long long way to go but the initial signs aren't encouraging. Thank god for Micah Parsons. Without him the Buccs might be out of sight already. edit: An awful performance. I think we had more penalty yards against us than passing yards for us. A terrible off season is biting us on the star already. Oh, and Prescott damaged his hand and he’s out for a few weeks.
  14. Don't hold your breath. Traditional animation is far more expensive than CG/3D.
  15. This Steelers v Bengals game is insane. I’m not a fan of either team but you can’t look away!
  16. Yes but I’m not sure they would stick with it. It’s quite talky and slow moving.
  17. It's got black comedy elements for sure. Also worth noting that while Horgan is getting all the praise this is essentially a remake of a Belgian (yes, Belgian) show called Out-laws which was shown on CH4 some years ago and was very watchable.
  18. Yep. We all stuck with it but regretted it. There was no pay off whatsoever. Also, none of us understood the central premise that you need good AND bad luck. Why? 1/5 (0 out of 5 would imply it doesn't exist. Unfortunately it does)
  19. First you give us your insane film rating system and now this? Did you take a knock to the head?
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