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  1. By breaking up the series they get entered in to two years worth of Emmys.
  2. What? If they announced this show would never end I would be delighted.
  3. LOL. That's proper 6th form media studies stuff. Where one of the students has a once famous uncles they roped in to show them how it's done.
  4. I'm just in denial. There can't be just a handful of episodes left. When this wraps up they need to announce a new series, a reality TV 24-7 streaming of Saul going about his business.
  5. I always miss this stuff. Can you give some more detail?
  6. Yep, they ignored public opinion and acted like they knew best what people wanted. But, If the public wanted to get behind the regions they could still, but they won’t. The welsh game has been screwed since the 80’s though in truth.
  7. Calm down Boy Wonder, I was just being flippant. P.S. No, I definitely don’t want a list, even though it would be very short.
  8. I’m not sure what the right way forward is. In reality the regions just don’t work. Theoretically they should (other countries have managed it) but the public have just never supported them. They seem happier to watch rugby die than get behind them. There’s no money to support four teams and arguably there quality isn’t there either for more than 3 squads. But it’s all more fundamentally broken than that I think. They need to basically sack everyone on the WRU, total bunch of self-serving, out of touch idiots.
  9. Fucking Pivac… During the 6 nations he jettisoned Basham (screwing his confidence with it) to get Seb Davies in the team. Seb put in some strong performances and carried that momentum in to his regional game. Now he’s been cut from the South Africa squad. This is a player Pivac singled out previously for his excellent abrasive and athletic performances. Pivac selects squads and teams like he’s about to play a cup final. I really hope he’s got a plan because he’s further destabilising a player base that exists in a national game structure built on quicksand. The outlook for Wales rugby hasn’t looked this bad in over a decade.
  10. I’ve watched this film dozens of times but not in he last few years. I always think of it as Wes Anderson’s best, need to check it out again soon.
  11. The Cancel culture vs sequel debate
  12. Not as nice as the rear end of a Testarossa…
  13. I just popped in to say once again that I adore this show. It’s weird to think that when it was first announced I just shrugged it off. I thought it was going to be a one off series that would be a flippant, lighthearted detour away from the intensity of Breaking Bad. Instead it’s been a masterclass in script writing, character development, cinematography and just about everything else. It’s just incredible.
  14. Yes, you’re right. I thought it felt well above average really. But like I said before, lots of the success was the big surprises. It had enough of those and they really did a great job with a couple of them. But the slow never really had anywhere to go other than where it did.
  15. But what happened in the first seasons to make you think you were getting a classic?
  16. I reckon I just had lower expectations than everyone e else. I’m a bit disappointed by how it wrapped up but I can’t see how it would end any other way. Like I said before, it had a few moments which created sone real surprises and which gave it all the momentum but it’s been illogical and silly from day one. It’s never been especially well written or had strong character development. Better than the average TV show but no classic. Now back to Better Call Saul…
  17. @Loik V credern I don’t mean to sound dismissive but I think you’re confusing this for a show that’s some kind of masterpiece of writing or even concept. It isn’t. It’s always been average (fun but average) and got away with it through more and more ridiculous plots. Now we are toward the end it’s got nowhere to go and suddenly it appears bad. This show hasn’t had any great twists or shocks for ages. Shame though.
  18. Yes, some great music throughout. There are a few playlists on Spotify that are worth adding.
  19. I was being flippant. Why are you so determined not to give out any 5’s? It basically means you have to cram every film in to a four star system.
  20. Erm. I assume you are marking out of 3…
  21. Yep. I posted previously that I think the Cowboys missed their opportunity. I hope I'm wrong. I just think the team they had, and that stayed mostly fit, should have gone all the way to the Super bowl.
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