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  1. It would only be weird if you didn’t name yourself Link.
  2. Strafe

    Disco Elysium

    Presumably the publishers don’t have the cash/will to front a physical sale (and switch carts are going to be pricier than printing a disc) and are waiting to see how well the game does before committing. I imagine there might also be logistic issues relating to manufacture right now - components, shipping, mad currency fluctuations etc. Also, it could be some other reason that I don’t know/understand.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, I did try the lava and see if I could get anywhere without the suit but it was obvious within a few seconds it wasn’t going to work.
  4. Maybe I’m massively conditioned by Metroid games of the past but I don’t think needing something for the lava needed telling, what with lava being lava and everything.
  5. Super Metroid was a great game, it had me hooked. But I don’t think it will hold up after playing Dread.
  6. End of day or if you die before end of day (which starts the next day)
  7. Strafe

    Disco Elysium

    Standard Switch physical coming early next year, as well as the $250 collectors edition which is on sale now (though I don't think it's shipped yet) I'm waiting for the switch physical.
  8. Sent my Animal Crossing joycons back to Nintendo last Wednesday, just got them back. Well, they’ve replaced them with brand new ones anyway. Over a year old! Animal Crossing Switch going up in the trading folder shortly. Now, I have some grey joycons with my launch switch I bought in 2017 that are ruined. Do we reckon they’ll take those?
  9. Lashana Lynch’s character was inept.
  10. I still haven’t finished this. I sort of turned off once I finished the second area and went off to the third expecting I’ll get it done, though.
  11. Can’t say it looks as involved as flinging 20 filing cabinets and a projector at people to my eye. I think this is going to be a 7/10 and I’ll end up getting it and not really enjoy it.
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