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  1. I’m hoping this will be steam deck verified (or close to it). I’m also hoping it’s good otherwise the first point doesn’t really matter.
  2. I’d be tempted for those B&O ones if they had one model that worked on both systems.
  3. It is indeed very pretty but also very dull and the visuals, as nice as they are, don’t carry it for long.
  4. Not sure about the Donkey Kong cro-mag new look.
  5. All of it looks pretty incredible bar having Chris Pratt voice Mario with zero enthusiasm. So phoned in.
  6. The 3DS is/was a magical device and whilst you could argue the 3D rarely impacted gameplay, it was still amazing. Mario 3D lane made excellent use of it and it was way easier to judge distances and jumps/gaps in 3D mode.
  7. I understand their games section is quite good but objectively, metro is otherwise trash.
  8. It’s a review for readers of the Evening Standard, I think some of you might need to lower their expectations of what to get from what they print.
  9. I don’t think Splatoon 3 was a flop but the online is busted. YMMV on the second part, it’s still fun but the tick rate/lag/ whatever it is that makes getting some kills a dice roll isn’t a) good enough to charge for and b) extremely frustrating if that sort of thing bothers you.
  10. Dunno I just want a proper new Mario. I suppose I see Nintendo in different terms, considering Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Splatoon as the first party stuff. I’m a bit odd.
  11. Do we call those second party? I’m not complaining about output.
  12. Both XB3 and Kirby aren’t Nintendo developed, right?
  13. It’s got a hefty Black Friday discount on Amazon right now, are you a fan? What’s the notch thing on the top right of the keyboard?
  14. Visually, it looks awful in comparison to the other versions and with (even) more pronounced pop in etc. If you can get past that you might have some fun.
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