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  1. Monster Hunter Wise Rather than living in the close vicinity to hoards of brutal murdering monsters, the hero just moves somewhere safer instead.
  2. I think hating bosses is dark souls canon so I’m gonna do it.
  3. I’m tempted but after doing 1 and 3 back to back I need to take a week or two off first I think!
  4. I’ve certainly clicked with this a lot more once I went into handheld mode and used buttons. Not sure if my joycon gyros aren’t that good (I don’t see why they wouldn’t be) or more likely I’m just crack handed and don’t like the waggle.
  5. Completed it, mate. Loved most of it with a fair amount of hating as well. My personal standout was, when getting to the chamber location in Lonor Ando that, in Dark Souls 1, had someone waiting for you someone had left a message which made me lol:
  6. I think this must only work if the game hasn’t been closed, trying to jump in with an activity card for training still gave me the communicating with server wait.
  7. “electronics” sure that’s what’s going to Ibiza.
  8. The fuck is up with the communicating with the server 5 min wait at the start? You have to sit through that even if you plan on playing offline.
  9. Picked this up today. Have no idea what’s going on but managed to launch a pink whale into someone’s chops just after smashing him over the head with a huge anchor so I guess it has to be good by those metrics.
  10. I preordered one on that basis - it’s better to have a preorder and not want it than the opposite. I watched the gamespot breakdown video which got me way more hyped that the IGN video of that poor guy interviewing the Vulcan, the smug one and the one who didn’t really say anything. That was pretty excruciating. I am excited and Q1 2022 is far too Lomb to wait as it is! https://www.gamespot.com/videos/steam-deck-everything-we-know/2300-6455835/
  11. I know but that would make it significantly less portable.
  12. What sorcery were people using to be able to get the preorder in that early when I kept getting no response
  13. Yep. Steamdeck is never going to have Nintendo games on it. Well, officially. Also, I’m assuming no rumble on the steam deck either?
  14. I’ve realised the best bit of this for me will be when multiformat games come out and I end up buying the hamstrung switch version because I want to play it in handheld even though it looks shit compared to the others. Well, no more!
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