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  1. The only thing I thought this morning was how they basically omitted
  2. I loved it. Got quite a few ET vibes from it with the fractured family angle.
  3. There's no thread for the Anacrusis. And that is a good thing, it's fucking dire. I know it's early access but I can't see why you'd want to put out a game in that state for people to play.
  4. I imagine that, using F Zero as an example, Nintendo haven’t given up on the idea of revisiting itself at some point. If they give it out to a proven developer they’ll still (I think) have to foot the development cost. If they hand it over to an indie team then they’d have to pay for that and also end up with a game that might ruin the franchise’s appeal and make making a proper follow up an even harder proposition because everyone remembers the last f zero as being shit. I can’t see the the market for a low budget f zero being that high.
  5. Doesn’t sound so baffling then
  6. I think Nintendo often say they don’t make sequels for the sake of it and don’t want to make a new game if they can’t do something new, so they might be of the opinion that they can’t take F Zero any further (and maybe experimented with some new mechanics that weren’t fun enough.). It didn’t really stop them with splatoon 2, though (not that I am complaining). They probably whip out the calculator and realise that they can make just as much money by re releasing the same game each generation. I mean, you and I and any other sane person would be happy with the same gameplay, updates graphics and new tracks - same deal as @kensei said with starfox. But Nintendo gonna Nintendo.
  7. That's a deal breaker. I guess if Sony intro an official one you would be able to remove it at will.
  8. Yep. I didn't know you could use it on other devices though, thanks @Sarlaccfood I also have the official charging dual sense, like Mike says it's nothing special but I think it looks pretty good. The only caveat is it needs a wall plug for power thanks to UK/EU voltage requirements even though you could get enough power from a single USB socket.
  9. I'd be keen but I reckon I'd make a hash of it. I had enough trouble replacing the bumpers on my xbox elite v 1. I hope Sony bring out an official attachment like the DS4 one.
  10. Fancy paddles on the back of your Dual Sense?
  11. My favourite videogame conspiracy theory is that Phil Harrison is a Nintendo sleeper agent.
  12. Nintendo getting Sony to make them a console add on before telling them to get stuffed and creating their biggest competitor. Up there with Obi Wan teaching Anakin how to use a lightsaber.
  13. I think they managed to use the cell in a lot of other things, like TVs.
  14. The TF2 debacle was bad. Business wise, the monetisation of Halo Infinite was a very good move. They were distributing the game on gamepass anyway meaning boxed sales or individual paid downloads were going to be relatively low so instead they went F2P on the unfinished multiplayer* and ScroogeMcDuckDivingIntotheMoneybin.jpeg on micro transactions. I’m not sure how much money it makes but I’d go dollars to doughnuts that they’re making significantly more if they hadn’t gone this route. I’m not saying I am happy with this approach but I wouldn’t call it baffling by a long shot. *I know you can’t really ever call an evolving multiplayer game ‘finished’ these days but you know what I mean.
  15. I remember when Nintendo, in the midst of the Wii U decline, started trying to charge streamers for streaming their games.
  16. It’s late and I might be tired but it looks like this latest trailer is even jankier than the one above. Not being able to run something like that at 30fps is…interesting. I read that up to and including Sword and Shield they were still using the same base engine as Let’s Go. This might be the same again because why would they bother spending the money.
  17. Just here to add that I also thought Jolly’s piece was very good and deserving of a column somewhere.
  18. Try clearing the cache https://www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/how-to-clear-game-cache-on-xbox-series-x-s-and-xbox-one/1100-6496577/
  19. Some great screenshots here https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/01/gallery-34-glorious-new-screenshots-of-kirby-and-the-forgotten-land
  20. Looks great. I reckon it’s using the Zelda engine, what with running at 30fps - Mario odyssey runs at 60. Or maybe the bowsers fury 3D world with a 30 cap on it for both docked and handheld (you’d assume if it could do 60 in docked they’d show it running in 60). What I’m saying is that I don’t actually know.
  21. Nice 3DS XL Dock. I had to get mine from eBay. Assuming that’s an official one they’re worth a few quid these days.
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