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  1. I wonder if that’s because it’s multiplatform in unity - that’s the switch version, remember. Suspect the ps and xb versions look a bit shinier.
  2. Same. It’s in their t&c’s that they can cancel though. Let’s see!
  3. I doubt it. I’m sure an email is imminent.
  4. Wonder if they’ll honour mine considering I’ve already paid.
  5. They may well have put a stop to it. I was charged £26.99 and that’s on my receipt.
  6. I was always going to buy it so it’s basically FREE MONEY as far as I’m concerned.
  7. From the official help account, this suggests it isn’t an error.
  8. Currently £26.99 from curry’s pc world. They take the money up front but, still! Just preordered from there. Let’s hope they don’t backtrack on it. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/console-gaming/games/nintendo-switch-metroid-dread-10230630-pdt.html
  9. There isn’t one planned currently, though they may do one if it sells well. Which seems a bit late if everyone’s already bought it but hey ho.
  10. The video sounds very positive - they say it’s ace - and as I haven’t played monkey ball since the GC original I’m sure I won’t notice the minor differences. It all sounds great to me! Stop moaning.
  11. My suggestion was that if attached joycons weren’t using Bluetooth then bandwidth would be freed up for microphone on Bluetooth headphones.
  12. Monkey Ball banana mania metroid dread far cry 6 battlefield 2042* Hell let loose PS5 Kena Bridge of Spirits are all on my radar, and that’s just October. Then there’s Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite and Advance Wars November and December. And there’s also Steamdeck (though mine is slated for Q1 next year at this stage) Honourable mentions to riders republic, death stranding directors cut and the new CoD, none of which are must buys for me but I can see myself picking up down the line. *looking like a delay though
  13. Ah. I presume the Joycons still use Bluetooth even when attached, then?
  14. Think so. It’s a budget release and can be completed in a weekend, the developers say. I reckon 8-15 hours tops.
  15. It looks to be structured like, say, Rime. Linear progress, environmental puzzles but with enemies to batter and optional discoveries/unlockables.
  16. It’s out next Tuesday and the previews have been pretty positive. No physical release on the cards currently, unfortunately. It is looking pretty good though, alongside Zelda and Pikmin I’m seeing Uncharted style climbing and a bit of soulsy boss fights.
  17. It takes a while for the invasion to unlock so give it a few hours and you’ll likely find it a lot busier.
  18. Once you get past the first hour or two the dlc stuff (and pvp) becomes available. There is a brief text tutorial (easily missed though) that pops up at some point that tells you it will be available once you’ve got to a certain point. Perhaps needless to say, you’re not missing out on much currently.
  19. I reckon they just sent a whole new client/replacement download rather than an update. Developers tend to do it once in a while, they did it with Overwatch a couple of years back.
  20. Turns out ‘Eventually’ means as far as Sunday after release.
  21. Took a while to find a game to invade and got booted within a couple of minutes by disconnect. Imagine the servers will be busier from Tuesday/Wednesday (you have to play for an hour or two before you can start online). There’s a fair bit of progression for the invasions stuff.
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