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  1. ded

    Reading and Leeds 2007

    For anyone that uses these new fangled 'Macintosh' computers and also uses iCal, I've put together some calendars of the Reading running order for each of the stages: Reading Festival iCals Hope someone finds them useful!
  2. Hey, I went - they were really good Sound was a little bit rubbish though - I think just having a distorted bass + drums is probably a bit of a challenge for the sound engineers, as the support acts (both of which were pretty good) sounded ok. All in all, v.good. They're also playing Koko in Camden tonight, btw.
  3. Of course - if you start off aiming for 2 platforms it wouldn't take anything like as long. It's exactly the same as ps2/xbox/gc releases, the differences between the platforms are easy to design around in the early stages of a project.
  4. I used to work for a mac game porting company, and how difficult it is to port a game really does depend on the specific tech, and how it was written in the first place. Direct X isn't too much of a problem, as we had libraries that dealt with all that (and iirc their are companies that will sell you a direct x -> mac/open gl library), but it's things like little endian/big endian, compiler differences etc that really get you and take the time. However, that being said, it only really takes 1 programmer 6-9 months to convert a pc game -> mac, assuming no external problems (like the origi
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