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  1. Couple of things are starting to annoy me. One is the hitches that keep happening on the X, where it'll just stutter and it's enough for you to walk into a bullet. The other is some of the companions are fucking annoying and not being able to dismiss them means you lose hearts when you need then, like when the cat makes them moldy or when blue doctor steals them and then decides not to spawn a shield.
  2. So 'Doctor' Disrespect has done an interview with PC Gamer https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/interview-dr-disrespect-talks-about-his-twitch-ban-the-rumors-and-his-future/ Not read it yet, I doubt anything revelatory is in there.
  3. Until I noticed I was still paying for Ultimate and could piggy back off my OH's sub it was £10.99/month. Some of the functionality is lost when you do that, like you have to make an extra click through the store to install Game Pass games and I can't see Gold games in the Gold specific part of my library as it just wants me to resub to Gold again. And the Game Pass Quests for the sweet, sweet MS Reward points are inaccessible too. But it's not worth another £11 a month for convenience really.
  4. Oh, so you're stuck in the cut scene doldrums. They do stop eventually. For a bit.
  5. At any other point something like that would sound like ridiculous hyperbole but if Microsoft have shown anything in recent years it's that they're willing to alter course, and probably at great cost. I don't see how Ultimate can make them money with Live, Game Pass AND X Cloud. It's ridonkulous. I'm probably not in day one still but it's going to be very interesting to watch how the launches play out.
  6. That doesn't sound right. The frame rate isn't amazing but it's generally stable. The pause in the ship sounds like it could be data streaming hitching or summat*. *I literally know nothing but my default stance on these kind of hiccups is if it's on the external drive put it on the internal and vice versa .
  7. Which is fucking hilarious because you could do that anyway once upon a time. I'm sure you could.
  8. Oh the other Konami Collection, Arcade Classics is £3.99 too.
  9. Like I say there's a token hour or two of bullshit you have to get past but it's absolutely worth brute forcing that shit to get to the good freedom. IT could have changed since I last restarted but I don't think it has.
  10. YMMV but I'd say Steamworld Heist is an absolute steal at just shy of £4 https://www.dekudeals.com/ ^ have a rummage
  11. There hasn't been a turnaround like it. There aren't many games which tanked in price after launch and then climbed in value second hand a year after launch.
  12. You can ignore all that shit once you've got past the tutorials. You can just jump in a ship and hop about the universe if you want. You'll have to make the rudiments of a base, and get a freighter just to get rid of the annoying quest log but once you're past that you can fuck it all of and just warp around to your hearts content.
  13. Just seen that Contra and Castlevania collections are like £3.99 Be rude not to, really.
  14. I also kind of like that each update makes me want to start a new save.
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