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  1. I really like it when people do white plague dickheads.
  2. When Mr Hart is choking on his food in Episode 1, Mrs Hart starts saying "Stop it" at him, like Also in Ep 2 the
  3. I copped shit for saying it wasn't great in one of the Resident Evil threads last year. I never went back to reacquaint myself with it so I prolly will when it drops just to see if I'm right.
  4. Yeah I know, was being facetious like it was a personal attack on me. I'm not THAT egotistical
  5. I didn't specifically reference the comic. You'd have to know what comic it's from to know what I'm talking about. I haven't read a mainline X-men comic since some time in the 90s but I know what the inspiration for this show is and the salient points. But sure, if we're getting into that minutiae I'll spoiler in the spoiler.
  6. Label them in the spoilers? Can you spoiler in a spoiler? I mean House of M is 16 years old, is there a statute of limitations? I'm assuming that's what you're talking about, I'm a bit confused.
  7. Season 2 of Punisher is worth watching all the way through, it's brutal as fuck. Bernthal is so good in it. I really hope he comes back in the MCU.
  8. Theory (I've not read the rest of the thread, so sorry if we've covered this). I'm loving it. It's brisk and snappy and entertaining. More pls.
  9. I find Vallejo's go on better than Scale 75s in general.
  10. It's reviewed on MHG https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/bezier-second-edition/ /Shameless plug
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