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  1. I'm assuming the able Sisters unlocks the sharing ability.
  2. I assumed the same about CJ with the fish so no worries man, it's all good.
  3. Yeah, lots of trial and error. It's not perfect but it's good for a first stab
  4. If I ever get the ability to share this shit I absolutely will do.
  5. Turns out she doesn't want my shit. She said something about coming to my island eventually
  6. God damn it, which dingdong at Nintendo decided to not allow you to hang your guitars from the wall
  7. Yes please! Got some Emperor Butterflies I've not sold yet Sahara has outdone herself today...
  8. @NexivRed's island shows mine up as an unimaginative shambles
  9. I've got a black one but I NEED that sweet green one!
  10. I can be in in a matter of seconds so ping in here and I'll log on. Also chuck us your friend code pls
  11. Gothic mirror. I need it in all the colours. Are your gates open? I don't think I've got you added yet.
  12. I am fucking GORGEOUS Aside: 2 days for the Able sisters to be built is clearly bullshit.
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