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  1. Not for me. I've had the lines thing occasionally someone else mentioned but other than that it's been fine.
  2. Just had my possibly second successful PMC extraction (out of like 20 raids) despite quite losing my shit when a player scav popped up and I wasted a shitload of pistol ammo unloading into him because I couldn't head shot him for love nor money. I also forgot reloading with no space in your rig means you lose your magazines. Still, got out with a paracord, teapot and a green gunpowder among other dreck, so quids in.
  3. No, you just need to know where to look. There's a tonne of caches around Customs, that map I linked a page ago has the locations. I think less loot spawns on offline as well, it's more for learning the map.
  4. I panic. I suck in high pressure situations which means I might start getting better at them when I hit triple figure played time...
  5. You can't really. That's the thing. You do learn that ai moves in a different way to a player but sometimes by the time you've figured that out they've shot you in the face.
  6. As a Scav other Scavs won't attack you unless you attack first. Bear in mind Scavs can be other players and will probably shoot you first. The other thing I should have mentioned is that there's an offline mode where you can learn the maps. Go to PMC and click next until you see a check box that says something like "play offline". Just checking that will spawn you into a map with noone else, not even Scavs unless you check the PvE box.
  7. I should have been more expansive, sorry. Basically do what you think, but unless you bought the Edge of Darkness edition you'll run out of stash space fast. Also you'll most likely lose those guns on a pmc run. Use them on runs, I more meant you'll get guns which are absolute garbage or that you can't work with. Tbh the only way to really learn in this game is by doing and figuring out what works for you. A lot of people say the Mosin is the best budget gun, and the AKs are pretty good. Use my help as guidelines than hard and fast rules, especially as I'm a noob myself.
  8. Oh fuck yeah. Frustrating as it is you soon learn to not be salty about it. There's no point because it happens so frequently. My frustration is when you get blatantly thermal'd out of nowhere, but even then there's nothing you can do about it so you just pick yourself up and try again.
  9. *sighs* Welcome to Hell. Helpful links. Shit I feel I should add: mouse wheel controls your walk speed and therefore sound ALWAYS use your scav cool down Before level 5 just sell your shit. Sell everything that isn't a gun or ammo, and even then sell shit guns and ammo. Disassemble said guns before selling them because you get more for the individual bits. Some armour is worthless. It's paper. It does nothing. LEARN THE AMMO. LEARN IT. You are going to die so much you'll want to put your PC through a wall. Have fun!
  10. Yeah, seen chatter and watched some videos that say guns are abundant but other loot like attachments is lacking.
  11. Bloodborne remaster confirmed for PS5 launch.
  12. It's the internet. It's like jumping in a swimming pool and being surprised that you got wet.
  13. Did a search and couldn't find owt. Looking forward to the gnashing of teeth and wailing that it's nothing like Discworld and the showrunners should be strung up by their variables. Again. Personally I look at shit like this as the various HHGTTG incarnations; leave preconceptions of what you know at the door and chances are you'll enjoy it for what it is rather than hate it for what it isn't
  14. For all it's po-faced nonsense I really enjoy playing Division 2. It's a shame summer DC isn't as evocative as winter New York, though.
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