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  1. Bit fucking bored of spawning into forges just as it's completed in failure. They need to sort that out.
  2. This made me wonder in the beta. It's a massive oversight for them to not allow you to filter out M+K/PC from the list.
  3. How many of those do you already own? You bought DK today yeah? First off, vouchers taking up slots is bullshit. Secondly I own all of the other things. Still, it's not like I could afford anything new atm anyway, which surprises me. I know people will be going "Tin foil hat!!" but there's definitely a certain amount of fuckery with getting people to fork out for pipe pulls and the like, but that's not surprising. Nay mind, only got to wait till tomorrow for more rubies.
  4. Is the shop personally tailored or is it the same for everyone? Noticing a lot of things I've already got.
  5. What the living fucking piss? That's bonkers. Who are they placating by doing that shit?
  6. Maybe that's telling in and of itself. Maybe Google can't take a cut of in game purchases or some shit.
  7. I think @bradigor has. Paging Brad the thread please.
  8. ...because they don't have the console the games are on?
  9. I'll stick a fiver on before 3pm
  10. Better to err on the side of caution, it's all good
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