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  1. Entirely. Not that it matters as it's oos now.
  2. Ten pound fucking delivery?! Fuck off.
  3. No, the Series S only runs the One S version of Xbox One games because it generally doesn't need the One X 4k textures and all that jazz.
  4. That's on a Series X using the One X's performance mode. One S version is 30 frames only.
  5. I've not bumped up against the framerate. I'll have to go and check.
  6. I've really fallen out with this game recently but the Halloween cosmetics are fucking ace. I might have to buy the proton pack regardless.
  7. Yeah, it's twee as fuck too. I really, really did not like it. Dippy being proper fucking Welsh didn't alleviate any of that, which was a shame.
  8. Who the fuck puts crouch on left thumb stick?! AND doesn't put a toggle option in?! I've literally only played it for seven minutes but my brain is shutting down and I need bed. It seems fun.
  9. Also it's not like the prices will stay that high. They'll be in sale at some point. There's no point in spitting the fucking dummy out, just be patient.
  10. They'll do what they can. They're making all the right moves getting people that can sway on board. They're never going to get the short attention spanned dickheads that take headlines at face value and decide off that alone. Just see Brexit for how that plays out.
  11. Yeah I've got one more to do for the ship. This season's title is tantalisingly within grasp but for some reason it think I've done one less location for the eyes than I have so now I have to go back round them all except titan and see which I've "missed". Knowing me it'll be just enough on each location to need to go through the guide again. I also need the crysta version of the weekly mission and oh dear fucking god there's a reason I've only done that twice.
  12. Yeah I'm not sure how they misconstrued that.
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