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  1. Personally I'm looking forward to whatever Amiibos they announce because I need that plastic crack fix.
  2. At the risk of kicking off a tiresome argument have they said anything about weapon degradation?
  3. No, surely not. I know time has no meaning any more but that's ridiculous!
  4. Do seasons normally last this long? I thought it'd be over by now but not even the extra gubbins are unlocked. Still I've got all the Doomguy stuff after leaving it for like 40 days, so I'm happy.
  5. I got one off eBay a couple of years ago, it works fine. I backed up the folders on the sd card and then just left the things I want to play on there.
  6. I had a ding dong with someone on a discord yesterday. He kept saying "she's committed no actual crimes". I left him ranting about the Saudis because life is way too short to try and argue against that. Knowing my luck he's in this thread.
  7. I bought the Hot Wheels Unleashed GOTY edition about 2 weeks ago so you're welcome, I guess.
  8. There's a kind of lock on. There's a setting under camera called Camera Style and you need to change it to Focus Camera and it let's you toggle a reticle. I'd you flick the right stick it targets different body parts. Not sure it actually locks your character on but it locks the camera.
  9. I really like them. I saw you beating yourself up on Instagram and I'm here to tell you to stop it. Anyway I still haven't finished anything but wanted to share part of the reason I haven't: it's because I'm an idiot. I wanted to do a Cult Of The Lamb thing and these are where my brain goes. Unfortunately these things are not sketches a few minutes or hours apart but weeks. Because I'm an idiot and change my mind frequently. I usually get to AT LEAST inking them in before I do a handbrake turn and start over. This is where I am currently because I hated the tentacles and needed to figure out how you actually draw them. And it's changed again since I saved this jpeg.
  10. I wish I could like it twice, once for the art and another for the title "Mullet Hell".
  11. It sounds like a good way to burn out and make yourself miserable for sure. I tend to only watch Dead By Daylight streamers, so I've no idea if what I've gleaned from following some of them for a while tracks across Twitch as a whole, but it seems that if that you're 'lucky' enough to make your living from streaming you have to be 'on' all the time. You need a regular schedule for a good few hours a day (up to 8?) seemingly at least five days a week. Then you have to interact with your viewers which, given they're people and people are awful, sounds exhausting, also maintain a constant online presence but also without disclosing your real name or specifics of your home life for fear thar you'll get those unsavory types that will try to exploit them for nefarious reasons. Then if you're big enough you need mods to manage your chat, someone to do your sub emojis, and someone else to edit YouTube videos, TikToks and all that garbage because if you did it all yourself I have no idea when you'd eat or sleep and seems to be highly important to growth of your channel. It'd be interesting to hear how close that is to the truth from someone who does make a living as a streamer.
  12. Short answer: yes. Slightly longer answer: oh good god fuck yes. Which weapon(s) did you try?
  13. Not abandoned owt yet. Not finished owt either. Genuinely don't know how people stick with one game long enough to see it through, it's been a very long time since I did that.
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