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  1. The JoyCons on the artwork make with think this is going to be wagglelicious, or is that more of an indicator of the two player stuff?
  2. Yeah online games being Quick Resume compatible is a bit daft. The only game I've played so far where it works as intended is Dead Island.
  3. It sounds like an entirely Nintendo thing to do.
  4. Yeah it's been 30 quid if you can grab it, it tends not to last long at that price though. As for the quality I don't know, I haven't got round to buying it as I was waiting for it to be 33 quid
  5. I was surprised when they said it would be out this year because, visually, it didn't look like it should be.
  6. https://www.dekudeals.com/eshop-sales?sort=recent_drop&page=1 That's sorted by newest added so may not be of any use but it's how I like to browse.
  7. I was quite looking forward to it. Real life is a fucking cunt sometimes.
  8. God I love Kamiya. He's such a belligerent cunt.
  9. RE: Downloading. The two games I tried to download that shit themselves I cancelled and then restarted from the front screen and the download began no problem. Dunno if this works for patches.
  10. And I'm out. We might be moving in 2 weeks so I've got to start packing up the jumble sale that is my house. This means packing the painting stuff up so I can take the desk down to make space to store boxes
  11. It looks like a hero shooter in that each character has different abilities, that's where the Overwatch/Valorant comparison comes from I think.
  12. It's fine, Yakuza is a game that triggers people when you say you don't like it. I want to like it but there's so much flab in the games, even Zero, that it's exhausting to play. As I understand it LaD doesn't really do much to change that but the Persona like combat system might make up for it? I dunno. It's 'free' so I'll try it
  13. No they didn't, I'm gonna hazard it's somewhere between Overwatch and Left 4 Dead and I am here for it.
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