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  1. More like 49.99 like Tennis Aces.
  2. This really isn't how it works anymore. If nothing else it'll be embargoed to fuck till shortly before release.
  3. This game does not like same connections joining up in game. Me and my OH are trying to do expeditions and it just locks her game up. We had some bother last week when trying to get into each others games which I put down to teething troubles but it doesn't seem so. Utter fucking garbage. I notice logging in first time doesn't work any more too. KInd of edit: I left this post open as we managed to sync up after she cleared a load of in game notifications. Got to the end of the first expedition and it fucking quit me to dash so neither of us got the rewards as I was hosting. Fuck th
  4. Aye it were working earlier. Ah well.
  5. As long as it's more Turtles In Time or Hyperstone Heist rather than the coin munching arcade.
  6. Do they give it away in game or on Twitter or other?
  7. Indie sale on https://www.dekudeals.com/eshop-sales Hotline Miami collection for £5.6something, Bastion and Transistor for a few quid, complete This War Of Mine 7 quid and many many more.
  8. HotD remake looks fine. None of us will buy it at full whack anyway.
  9. Yeah that's my fear. You never know, it might get shadow dropped today...
  10. Still waiting on the Sega one I'm still on S4 and haven't finished colour Picross on that so it'll be a while till I get round to this one.
  11. Most Exotic guns have a catalyst that drops at random (or sometimes from a special activity) that enhances their stats and adds other effcts. These can have many steps to "unlock" it once it's dropped, usually culminating in shooting many, many baddies. Sunshot requires you to get kills from the explosion you create from shooting (precision killing?) Enemies for example. Edit: if that's what you're asking, sorry if you know this already.
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