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  1. I doubt it'll be shit because it's Pokémon. It's just not going to live up to its potential.
  2. "Day 4 of running with the Veyron pack. They do not suspect a thing."
  3. Does anyone know why Elements of Destruction would be playable as a full game on my 360 but shoes up as having to purchase it again on my Series X?
  4. The bosses all have a set pattern each. It's classic "watch and wait" kind of gameplay. 9 times out of 10 you get clobbered because if your own bloody stupid fault.
  5. On my black pad yeah. Not on my Forza pad.
  6. I said to my OH it's either the rona or cancer. His health hasn't been great for a while anyway.
  7. Don't buy anything, just go through game pass
  8. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/meat-loaf-remembers-jim-steinman-1160041/ This is quite a read, from when Jim Steinman died. This is heartbreaking.
  9. This game is hard as balls. The only thing it shares with DbD is that there's a team of 4 and a monster. If you play it like DbD you get utterly steamrollered, because the monster is as fragile as the teens so you have to play in an incredibly strategic way. Because the game is in closed beta there's no matchmaking, and there isn't going to be until early access at the earliest because all the beta is for is making sure the net code is solid, so chances are you're going to get match up with some veterans. I need to put some more time into it. I've not go into the double figures on hits, I've managed 1 kill in like 10 games or something. It's interesting that it plays so differently from DbD that you have to ditch 99% of the mentality of that game to be able to vaguely succeed.
  10. Still can't get an answer on whether Taiko uses the Rock Band drums
  11. When you press guide during the game if it says Quick Resume it supports it.
  12. I feel like there may be a lesson to be learned here.
  13. Do you mean if it craps out or if a game doesn't support it?
  14. Sorry, I looked on the Game Pass app and it just said Xbox and Cloud. You'd think it'd be bloody accurate. Apologies.
  15. If I'm honest I'd forgotten about them. They weren't the thing that stood out. Which probably says more about me than the game tbf.
  16. Well that's your own bloody stupid fault.
  17. See I was going to say this and maybe the first one is too overt in its sexualisation, but the second one does a better job of letting you know it's supposed to be an empowering thing than a objectification thing. Well as I saw it. The crotch shots in the first one were thoroughly unnecessary.
  18. Just cloud and console for Game Pass.
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