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  1. Just did the survey, when does it give you the points? It didn't give me them straight away

    How long will it take for Rewards activity to show up as Pending Points?

    . Once you perform a Rewards activity, the points will display as pending within 36 hours. Occasionally, it may take up to 96 hours for activity to show up in your Pending Points so don't worry if you don't see the pending activity right away.


  2. I've heard of people doing it in Firefight Matchmaking to get the 'complete a game without dying' Daily Challenge whenever it rolls around (which is bad enough), but doing it in Multiplayer Matchmaking? Wankers.

    I imagine I'll be on for the night from about 1900. Hopefully a couple I guys I play with regularly will be on anyway, but who here's up for some games?

    I've been playng quite a bit of firefight matchmaking recently and there seems to be a huge amount of people who are just idling for the game complete bonuses. If I get a game with two or three others more often than not one of them will just be sitting in the spawn point for the whole game. I usually lead some covenant into where they are to make sure they die a few times. :twisted:

    I played three games earlier and each time I got matched with just one other person. That in itself is not too much of a problem except every bloody time, the other person was AFKing and then quit after a few minutes. Why? I really like the credit system but the way it is making others play is really ruining firefight matchmaking right now.

  3. What happens if you've already linked up your account? Play a game, get the credits? I'd be surprised if it was anything different, but I would like it confirmed.

    Yes, in fact it gave me the points as soon as I started searching.

  4. I occasionally see people on Reach with a rifle icon or the Halo 2 logo next to their name on the roster. What does it mean?

    The rifle means you have a Bugie PRO account, the Halo 2 logo means you have played Halo 2 online.

  5. In Tomb Raider 2 what was Lara able to do to her butler?

    1 Lock him in the pantry

    2 Drown him in the toilet

    3 Make him go clubbing in a dress

    4 Eat a prize-winning racehorse

    Anyone know the answer, please?

    1 Lock him in the pantry. I remember doing it.

    It is such a shame that it wasn't 2 though.


    I was actually shaking when running to the destination with my ten skulls. Fucking delighted! :D

    Congrats fella. I was mere inches away from doing the same yesterday. Talk about DENIED.

    The only slight consolation was that my forward momentum carried most of the skulls into the zone denying them to anybody else. Not much of a consolation though.

  7. Hello all

    Just a quick note to say that the new xbox.com design has broken the program I use to generate the weekly stats. Stats WILL re-appear at some point, I'm just not sure when. kthxbye.

    Sorry to hear this, good luck with getting it sorted out. It would seem TA is having the same problem which must be a major pain in the arse after the recent issues.

  8. Well done tek :) You've just overtaken me in the True Achievements rankings so I'm no longer top amongst my friends on there! Your achievements keep popping up like no tomorrow!

    I've only got a completion rate of a tad over 50% :(

    Thank you and sorry about that, please feel free to remove me if required! With regard to your completion rate, complete some of those old games, Sir. It steadily climbes when you start doing that.

    As much as I love achievements, I keep finding that I just can't be bothered with them at the moment. I'd rather play MW2. This time last year I was happily smashing through Fable and Terminator.

    Perhaps I need to bash through Avatar or Lost to get the urge back ;)

    I've just been lent Night at the Museum 2, which is more than likely a stellar title! It features the voice and likeness of Ben Stiller! SO MUCH WIN. :facepalm:

    Supposedly you can complete it in an evening. I'm still waiting for my copy of Alan Wake to arrive so I may give it a bash until then. It is worth less points on TA than King Kong though, so my ratio would take a dive.

    Yup, nice work, but ... when are you gonna finish Guitar Hero 3?


    Pick your answer;

    1. When you come over and show me how it's done.

    2. A month of Sundays after you complete DOA4.

    3. Never.


  9. Anyone managed the 5 lives achievement then? I got up to the bit with the blade and the two boxes you have to release from the claws flawlessly, died twice, and it was downhill from there.

    PS this is my first post since the forum changed. I don't like it!

    I managed to complete it with three deaths. That was my fourth run through, previous one ended with six deaths, was a little annoyed!

  10. Woohoo, highest score this week! :-)

    Shame I bought After Burner Climax last week as it is now reduced to 400 MSP, the only thing that makes me feel better about it is that I don't have a gold membership right now so wouldn't have got the 50% off anyway.

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