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  1. £30 seems about right I guess, £20 is just disgraceful. I think I like your shop better than sandman's, although only slightly.
  2. How much were Game offering for the 360 games then? I've noticed all the Pre-owned in my local store are a huge £5 saving from the brand spankers - Woo!
  3. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    Ok, EVERYBODY is now updated. I agree, unfortunatly this person would not be me as I have no mad coding skills! If anybody has any ideas to make this easier / better please do let me know.
  4. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    Hey guys, I will do the updates in the next few minutes. I'm afraid I won't be able to do them quite as often now as I'm back to work and rather busy over the next few weeks although I will make sure they are done twice a week or so.
  5. Grandstand "Invader From Space" - From my Mum's Freemans catalogue! Spectrum 48K - A friend of my Brother's used to bring this over every Wednesday after school and we whiled away many hours on Jetpac and Jet Set Willy. I seem to remember waiting on an island for some reason for hours on end? Commodore 64 - My best mate's machine although he used to lend it to me. He had around a hundred games for this on cassette and I like to think of this as my golden age of gaming. Boulderdash, Impossible Mission, Iridium, Way of the Exploding Fist and so many others. Happy days of discovering girls and amazing graphics! Megadrive - My first console that used to go around so many different houses after the pub for massive Streetfighter 2 sessions with a bit of Mortal Kombat for light relief. I loved Flashback and Another World with a passion. Playstation - Bought for FF7 after playing it for two hours at a friends. Tomb Raider almost made me buy one many months before but hadn't quite swayed me. This was of course played as well as MGS (still the only one I have played), Soulblade and Gran Turismo. Gameboy - Bought for playing on set of a film I worked on for seven months. Really can't remember what games I had, maybe Asteroids and Killer Instinct? Xbox - After not having played any games for many years I happened to be working at Microsoft for a few days just after launch. Since the Xbox I've picked up all the recent consoles and a fair few older ones.
  6. Finally managed to get the 100K achievement after trying for about a month! Then managed a high score of just over 200K on my very next go, I came so close to getting the survived 100K, a few hundred short. Can't do the Pacifism thing though. I really do not have a talent for this sort of a game at all, still damn addictive though.
  7. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    Everyone upto here now added. Maybe we need a Who Clan?
  8. tek

    Resident Evil 4

    He does have a good point although somewhat poorly executed in this circumstance. Or something?
  9. What difficulty did you complete it on? I'm assuming you haven't been on Live for a while as it doesn't show on your profile. Here's a question, if you do a number of achievements offline and then connect to Live does it upload your achievements?
  10. Nice idea for a thread. I'm surprised there are no announcements on the dashboard that lets you know there is new content when you log in. Think I'll download the Quake trailer now so thanks for the heads up. The demos are free.
  11. tek

    Pong The Movie

    This whole Pong: The Movie thing is having serious effects on the universe as we know it. It has already started with the forum, look at the times of the quotes! Time is folding in on itself. We are teh doomed!
  12. tek

    Pong The Movie

    That's beautiful man.
  13. Well done to Tekunikaru who is 21st on the leaderboard with 2,820,165!!
  14. I'm loving the single player missions. Just got to the second English one. I'm liking the gun I have now. Edit: Although the above mentioned missions were far too easy and quickly over.
  15. The day they start doing that is the day I stop working with 3 phase!
  16. Mine crashes on PGR when using the guide all too often when playing on Live or offline. It has done it a couple of times in PD0 too but only in offline. It's not especially loud, is on it's side and has been left on for over 24 hours with no overheating issues. Oh, I lost 5 hours play in Kameo although that was down to the software I guess and not a console problem.
  17. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    Oops, sorry about that fella, must have gone to update you and forgot to put you back in. Fixed now.
  18. tek


    ^ tbh I think that would make it even more disturbing and twisted.
  19. I finally started playing this properly today. It's brutal, especially as it's my first ever WW2 FPS and the last game I played was Kameo. I'm playing through on Veteran as suggested and I don't think I have ever felt so vunerable in a game before. I keep having to have a break and smoke a cigarette or two with a nice cuppa. I managed to do the first mission without too much fuss but the second is another story. I'm stuck at the beginning of the second objective at present but will persevere. Which level do I get a plasma rifle, I'm guessing it should be an easy ride from there!?
  20. I think they're a bit of fun at the moment, nothing more. You really feel like you're earning your salt of CoD2 though.
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