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    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    One race in single player career mode will earn you 20 points Sir.
  2. Yes, we had some superb races last night. Started off with about eight of us and then after my 360 froze and I had to reboot four of us did a bit of a world tour taking in all the cities for some laid back racing and chat. I know it has been said many times before but the friends list is really what makes Live so special. The conversation between the four of us last night was as good as the racing itself and turns a fun session into a truly fantastic one. Adding dr_manhattan^ and cubeadvance right about now. Get yourselves some headsets ASAP
  3. tek

    Moto Gp 2006

    Really looking forward to this. I skipped 2 pretty much but really enjoyed 3 although it has now been left sad and lonely on the shelf since i got my 360. This really cannot be released soon enough for me. I read a preview about it in the official 360 mag yesterday and it seemed to infer that we will get 250s this time too.
  4. My Nas CDs were not released this year.
  5. I'm fairly sure you'll find this is coming from the CDs, not Live.
  6. Yes! Although some of my CDs seem to have it encoded onto them! Nas for one and strangely my Stone Roses CDR that I copied from my Brother.
  7. You will all be very relieved to hear that the stickyness has now been removed from my HDD chrome bit. It was a fraught afternoon I can tell you. In other news, I decided to give Microsoft a call about my console freezing every now and then during PGR3 and PD0. After obtaining my serial number and telling me my console was not registered (it was) he took my details and serial number again, paused and then told me the console was already registered. To me! Right glad to see he was on the ball there. He then went on to ask if it was overheating or if I had dropped it recently (!) before telling me to take all my software back and get it exchanged as it was probably that. Even the games that weren't freezing. Even Condemned that I haven't played yet. Game were super pleased about that I can tell you. He said that if that didn't help to wipe my hard drive (24hrs on PGR.... [vader] Nooooooo..[/vader] and three missions on PD0) as I had probably got some malicious code from somewhere. "From Microsoft you mean?" He declined to answer that one. If neither of these things help he gave me a reference number to call back with at which point they would arrange for a courier to exchange it. He did tell me not to worry about my Live Arcade games as I could just re-download these as many times as I wanted. Does this mean I can download them onto my friends HDD / memory card too I wonder? Oh yes, at one point he asked me to start playing PGR and tell him when it froze, of course it didn't for the twenty minutes or so I played with him asking every few seconds if it had. Didn't seem impressed with my 11K+ kudos score on the half F1 ring either! Nice fella though.
  8. Barry is awesome as are your accents. No problem understanding them here and I'm a southerner through and through. Congrats on the email from DD.
  9. Just picked up Ikaruga for the 'Cube today preowned in Game for £4.97. Not quite sure what it has to do with this thread exactly but I am super happy win win!
  10. Well I, for one, am looking forward to this with unadulterated glee. Why? Because I don't have a PC (Mac user) and never had my Playstation 2 online. It will be my first ever MMORPG. Hmmm, I have a rather addictive personality, is my life about to dissapear?
  11. It has a piece around the chrome effect outside as well, although when you remove it it leaves a whole load of sticky stuff on it!
  12. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    805 neemo 730 U-1 615 slik 360 twohe (togad) 300 Casserole 265 Yawdib 265 Dork Knight 260 JonnyAlpha 205 geldra 185 Hean Dog 175 Polygon Monkey 95 anewman 80 CassidyUK 70 Oh Mutants 50 Meerman 20 Simms [cheerleaders] Go anewman, go anewman!! [/cheerleaders]
  13. I'll be honest here, the first season of Consolvania never quite hit the mark for me. I appreciate the amount of time and effort involved in such a project (I do quite a bit of corporate camerawork and editing) and the ideas but it didn't generally float my boat. Having said that the review of Cabella was superb and the one for Resi 4 made me go out and buy a Gamecube and a copy of the game the same day. For that I am thankful as it is one of the very best games I have ever played. Your enthusiam was plain for all to see and that is so very important. Moving onto VG though is a totally different kettle of fish. You guys rock! Or r0xx0rz if you prefer. It is quite honestly my second favourite BBC show this year after Doctor Who. I have been pimping the BBC feeds onto everybody I know. I never would have done that for another video games show. Everything is perfect and there are far too many genuine LOL moments for me to list here. Legend is a legend, I love him to bits. Last week I was genuinely pissed off that I couldn't see episode 5 for a few days. The reviews are simply superb and I hope that as well as a second series that you guys get some magazine work too. Having enjoyed VG so much I downloaded Consolvania 2.1 and 2.2 last night and something strange happened, I enjoyed every single second. Maybe it just took me a while to come around to your sense of humour? Maybe I was a bit jealous before? Maybe, shmaybe who gives a flying fuck anymore because now it's all good baby. I genuinely wish the cast and crew the very best for the future and hope that in years to come that Biglime and Dotterel become household names known across the country for their honest and funny videogame reviews. Now to write to the BBC.
  14. Best PS2 Game 1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2. Gran Turismo 4 3. - Best PSP Game 1. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 2. Ridge Racer 3. Virtua Tennis Best Xbox360 Game 1. Perfect Dark 0 2. Project Gotham Racing 3 3. Call Of Duty 3 Best Xbox Game 1. Farenheit 2. Moto GP 3 3. Dead Or Alive Ultimate Best GC Game 1. Resident Evil 4 2. - 3. - Best NDS Game 1. - 2. - 3. - Best GBA Game 1. - 2. - 3. - Best PC/MAC Game 1. - 2. - 3. - Best Online Game - Moto GP 3 Best Developer - Capcom Best Publisher - Hall of Shame 1. Need For Speed:Most Wanted (Xbox 360) 2. - 3. - Most Wanted Game Of 2006 - Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) Indie Game of the Year - Game of the Year Overall - Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube)
  15. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    805 neemo 730 U-1 615 slik 360 twohe (togad) 300 Casserole 265 Yawdib 265 Dork Knight 260 JonnyAlpha 205 geldra 185 Hean Dog 175 Polygon Monkey 80 CassidyUK 70 Oh Mutants 60 anewman 50 Meerman 20 Simms Great idea YaWdiB. Not selling your 360, adding the links I mean.
  16. tek

    Pgr 3 Update

    Please excuse my igonorance but is the full Nurburgring circuit that was in PGR2 in this version? Is it the Nordschleife long?
  17. It was nice of you to throw in the watch, blank media and monitor.
  18. My 360 didn't crash at all until I purchased the WiFi adaptor. Since then if I press the RoL button when a game is doing any loading it locks up about 50 percent of the time and has to be powered down. I now don't touch the menus if something is loading which is a shame as it was a great time for music changes in PGR3.
  19. Sweet! I downloaded the Kameo one on the 2nd but didn't realise there were any others. Downloading NBA Live 06 right now to see that realistic looking sweat! Cheers. NFS is shit. Possibly because it is shit. IMO of course.
  20. Playable demo? Is that new? Think I'll download that right now, thanks for the heads up.
  21. I couldn't love my 360 more, well I could but it would get sticky. Edit: It is a shame they decided not to put a hard drive in every one though.
  22. SUPERB! Best game trailer ever!
  23. More great games last night although I don't seem to be getting much better at this yet, maybe it is just time to concede that I suck at online FPS! Infection is a right hoot though. Played a co-op mission with Oh Mutants last and it is highly recommended. Have never played through a co-op on any other games on Live before and it was just fantastic fun. We did seem to be steaming a bit too much at times but what a buzz. More creepy, creepy next time I think. Anybody else that fancies some co-op fun n the future please add me. Sorry lilman, can't do today.
  24. Does anybody know how to play the gadget minigames mentioned in the manual?
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