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  1. Dalek was, simply put, the best revisit to my childhood ever.
  2. Couple of my fave pics over the last few days.
  3. Agrees with Soong, they are just a bit too big! You can post from flickr if you have a Pro account. All my recent images posted here are hosted on flickr. You get a seperate URL for each size of each photo. Soong I just wanted to say thanks for pointing to me to flickr. One of the very best places on the internet and very inspiring. Thank you.
  4. Atar Wars Lego is the new bestest thing evar! Spent two hours of bliss yesterday. Now I want more.
  5. Yes. Vemsie is blatently correct.
  6. Plane is still there. The tripod is 30 metres away or so. Played pool there a few times too. Small world etc. I'm managing the newsagent 30 seconds away for the next month or so. 4am starts each morning.. Btw you have gotten me addicted to flickr you swine!
  7. Can see this from my lounge window. Not quite this close though. Levels adjusted in photoshop for this one.. No adjustment in this one, no idea where the sky went?
  8. Why grey? I have never used anything but white card when white balancing a DVcam. Does grey work better for an SLR and if so why? <---confused
  9. tek

    The Moon

    Hi Calum. This was taken with a Nikon D70 body and a cheapo 70 - 300mm lens. 300mm of course. Handheld RAW originally ISO 200 f/5.6 Spot metering Cropped and unsharp mask in Photoshop CS Good point Zeroborta, I will do in future.
  10. tek

    The Moon

    Great shot! Do you have this on flickr? I'm sure I saw this a day or so back, I thought I had faved it but can't find it now!
  11. tek


    Superb shot Rantin' James. Do you have any others online?
  12. tek

    Editing Photographs

    I know what soong is getting at and have pondered the same thing receently. I came to the same conclusion as fragglerock with a little bit of onion mixed in for good measure!
  13. Redheads are 500W video lights. Blondes are 1KW if I remember correctly. I know far too well having to work to a virtually zero budget too. Sometimes improvisation can give the best results anyhow.
  14. Damn good effort then, hard to hold still for almost a second. Did you hold your breathe? In fact here is a question for all you Photo peeps, do you usually hold your breathe when taking a shot or just breathe evenly and shallow?
  15. rundll, just checked out your flickr thingy. Some amazing shots there dude. I feel quite inspired.
  16. I like the fairground ride, you used a tripod I assume? What was the shutter speed and exposure? I like road too but think it would be much better with less DoF. Maybe with the foreground softer. Not sure what is going on in pier?
  17. Thanks for the replies. I am indeed surprised that Soong didn't post first! Sean I was looking at the ones in a studio in London rather than abroad. Saying that a holiday in a nice location shooting nekkid chicks does sound rather good. Mr Pogo thank you very much for your reply, I'm not too worried about the professionlism of myself too much I'm quite used to filming models in their underwear (although I don't get to do this nearly enough) from having done some backstage stuff at shows. I too am far more intent on good footage rather than a crafty perv. I can do that afterwards Although having said that I knew exactly what I was doing and was in charge of where I went and what I did / shot. This time I'm not going to have the luxury of that or indeed knowing my way around a dSLR as well as I do a DVCam. For photography at home it is really worth you picking up some redheads, much easier than desklamps although I have done this before too. Cheers!
  18. Thank you but no. Btw, I love your bat photo. Was that IR?
  19. Just getting the hang of my new D70.. I'd welcome any advice
  20. Hey! I was just wondering if anybody has done any of this except of their own girlfriend / boyfriend / same sex partner etc? You see I have always enjoyed this with exes but really fancy trying it for real, you know, with somebody who already knows how to pose and doesn't decide the whole idea is a bad 'un when you tell them to do that that pose. I was looking in the back of Practical Photography today and see there is a whole load of courses and clubs you can join where you get to shoot various models with a load of other people and get some tuition at the same time. Sounds a little seedy to me the club bit but probably a good idea to get your feet wet so to speak. Anybody have any experience of this? Ta, Julian.
  21. tek

    Creative Drought

    Good weather and good sex are the fountains of creativity for me.
  22. Hi. Most of the time I use Photoshop CS for no other reason than it is what I am used to now. I was given an early version years back by somebody who upgraded and have slowly found my way around it. Plus of course, as already mentioned, it is the industry standard which can make things a lot easier at times when sending files to arty types. My final reason is the spiffingly good RAW support. For archiving and very basic cropping / editing I use iPhoto which is rather cool. This also now supports RAW.
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