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  1. Hi! Would somebody link me to a torrent for this? I missed and really want to view! Please, thank you!
  2. tek

    The Moon

    Hey! My first attempt at a shot of the moon. What do you think? Any advice? Cheers, Tek.
  3. Hey. Will be watching tonight, downloaded while working in a hotel today on their very quick pipe. Took just over two hours B) and was ready for me at 8.20 am. I am running a show until about 4pm though and then have to de-rig. It is, of course, absolute torture knowing it is waiting for me, but I can't watch it yet Can't wait to get home!
  4. A speedball type game does sound good. How I miss Brutal Deluxe at times. However is it good enough to buy two copies of? I shall google it shortly, thank you for the tip You knows it!
  5. Hey there! So, I finally did it and bought a second Xbox for system link goodness today. Of course a second copy of Halo 2 has been secured as well as Outrun 2, but what other dual screen fun is waiting for me and my friends? I'll probably pick up a 2nd hand copy of Moto GP 2 in the coming days. So that is the racing nicely taken care of for now. To be honest, I doubt any other shooters but Halo 2 will get a look in for a good long time, so genres apart from FPS and racers are required please. Many thanks in advance, tek.
  6. tek

    Hidden Skulls?

    Yep, No.5 is the one I have Half way down the waterfall now and I'm a little worried about sticking my head out! Currently taking cover behind a rock Try the Delta Halo level on Legendary for yourself, it's aces.
  7. tek

    Hidden Skulls?

    Hey there! I've just had my most fun so far playing through Delta Halo on Legendary today. I had been playing through the game on Normal which to be honest was very nice but just a bit meh. Delta Halo is without doubt my fave level so far and on Ledg. it is rock hard. And hard rocks at that. Anyway taking a break earlier today for a cuppa and a quick read here and I spotted the skull thread. Nice, I now have a stealth suit (yes, only five seconds, but none the less, cool) andhave just arrived at the waterfall. Keep getting my head taken off but I will make it down the bottom eventually if the wank guitar doesn't drive me crazy first! Stealth for the MC is teh cool.
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