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    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    That is one of the most beautifully geeky things I have ever seen. Wonderful program you have written, Sir. +1 for doing this weekly, please.
  2. This interested me and so I went looking for it on NTSC-UK and found the following; 1. Load up the game you want deleted 2. Exit game once it has loaded up (make sure it shows as your most recent game). 3. Load up any game that you have 0g for. 4. Exit that game (once again make sure that game now shows as your most recent game). On your recent games it should now read 0g Game first and the game you want deleted should be beneath that. 5. Now, go to delete the 0g game history. If you notice that as you press "Yes" at the bottom of the screen it still says "Delete Game History". As you press "Yes", quickly press DOWN, X, UP, X. If done correctly, you should have on your screen something like "Are you sure you want to delete your games history?". Select "Yes". 6. All achievement for the game you want deleted should now be removed from your gamerscore. (Credit to Spatial101 for posting it there) I just tried it on my GF's profile and I couldn't get it to work fully. All went according to instructions and it did remove the history of the game on our 360 but it did not take away the gs. If anybody else can get it to work properly please let me know. Of course this may have been patched with today's update.
  3. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    W00t, finally hit 20k. First 10k took me a little over 4 months, the next 10k took 35 months! Currently at about 62% game completion, hoping to get this up to 70%.
  4. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    I saw Avatar for a fiver in my local Blockbuster recently, maybe check out your local? King Kong isn't in the same league anyhow as you actually have to play through the game. I believe you can get all 1000 points for Avatar in a couple of minutes?
  5. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    ...runs off to buy Avatar and Lost! Just kidding, I think having King Kong and NBA Live 06 on my completed list is more than enough easy games for now. I can at least say I somewhat enjoyed KK though, easy as it was, NBA... that was point whoring and nothing else. It did help get me to 10K before anybody else on Rllmuk though. I had noticed that you had completed Guitar Hero 3, congratulations on that, no easy feat. I'm still struggling with three fingers! The completion ratio has actually got me revisiting some old games, I'm finally playing through Halo 3 and might have another go at GoW as it must be rather cheap by now. Must replay through the original Condemned too, it really irks me not having all the points on that and I really enjoyed it at the time. Probably give Bioshock another play through too as that is really rather spiffing. Right, I'm babbling about nothing here, time to do some house work - lucky me.
  6. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    Oh my, this thread still has legs, I can hardly believe it now has over a thousand replies. I've added a link to the TrueAchievements Rllmuk league on the first page and joined up. I'm somewhere just outside the top 20, it's taking me a LOT longer to get my second 10K! I really like the way TrueAchievements works and seems to address a lot of the issues we discussed a long time ago in this thread with regard to some games being so much easier to get points in. I'm also rather keen on the completion ratio it gives you, I see peeveen, has a ratio of over 80%, very impressive. I'm at 57% presently and would really like to get it up to 66%. Unfortunately I have a number of games letting me down, Halo, GoW, Geometry Wars Evolved and Mutant Storm Reloaded, I'm looking at you. I spent over an hour trying to get Pacifism for Geometry Wars yesterday and still can't get it, I truly am terrible at this sort of game. Oh well. On the plus side, I completed Fable 2 today, yay!
  7. Nice photo ^ I'm not an expert on HDR by any means and I have not tried it myself, yet. Would it be possible to link to the original or post it here so we can see the difference the process has made?
  8. I did a very different style of shoot a couple of days ago with some incredibly fun to work with models, I'd like to post a few in here but as they imply violence I think it best I don't. This one is ok though I hope..
  9. I adore rundll's photo, you nailed the exposure spot on, wonderful framing too.
  10. Thanks everyone for all the comments and for keeping spoilers in check, most appreciated. Darren, thank you especially for your post, I think I shall be watching the all the films over the next week, including the documentary. I've borrowed the "monkey head" box set from my brother which seems to be the real deal. Not only does it include all the films, but the entire TV series and animated series too. Simian overload! The DVDs come in this..
  11. You don't like going fast and really having to commit to a corner then? I'm guessing you have ridden and been pillion on many different bikes to form this opinion, yes? Unlike those whose grasp of grammar is rather shaky? Big Anyway, at least we can agree that today's race was, as you said rather well, edge of your seat stuff.
  12. I watched this for, I think, the first time last night and really, really enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting too much but was rather pleasantly surprised. I thought the direction and cinematography were both pretty damned good and Mr. Heston was damn cool in the lead role as Taylor. The various bits of dialog about humans being worth very little, if anything, in comparison to the simians was a great reflection of ourselves too. I say I think it was the first time as I know I have seen PotA stuff before, but I'm fairly certain it was the TV series they did in the late 70s. Anyway, after enjoying the simian high jinks last night I am thirsting for more. Are any of the sequels worth watching or indeed the recent remake? I'd have a look on imdb, but if I am going to watch them I'd like to avoid any spoilers. Without giving anything away, if possible, do the sequels carry on from the end of the original following Taylor and his future "Eve"? I did do a search for a thread on this and there doesn't seem to be one, except for the remake which answers one of my questions. Does anybody else remember the TV series in the 70s? Was that good as well or utter crapola? I seem to remember it being fantastic but then I would have been six or seven at the time and thought "The Six Million Dollar Man" was great too. I'm guessing neither of these stand up too well today?
  13. The wrongest thing I've read on this forum in a very long time. Please do expand.
  14. Thanks for a good reply and explanation. I must admit I lost interest for a number of years too and I even used to work at McLaren! This year has really grabbed me again though, probably largely due to Mr. Hamilton. I was lucky enough to sit opposite him on the same table at lunch in the McLaren hospitality at Catalunya earlier this year on the Thursday. Seems like a very nice fella. I have wireless on the laptop so can type, watch and have the live timing all at once. I'm a biker, although I haven't had one for a few years since my bandit 12, so like you, the bike racing will always be foremost in my heart too. There really is no comparison between F1 and MotoGP if you want knife-edge, balls to the line racing.
  15. You know what to expect then, so if it such a yawn fest why bother watching at all? I'm not intending to have a go at you but it has been like this for years. Anyway, MotoGP ftw.
  16. Great stuff here between Massa and Alonso.
  17. Rain predicted before the end of the race! Could make for a very exciting finish.
  18. Totally. Anybody who wants more exciting racing should be watching MotoGP. The lasers do sound cool though.
  19. Surely they are suggesting he is the old master?
  20. You've not been watching F1 for too long then?
  21. Go Lewis! Big gamble with the dry tyres.
  22. Winklehock to lead round on the restart. He must have the biggest shit-eating grin imaginable at the moment.
  23. Kimi misses ther pit lane! Amazing scenes.
  24. Jenson, the eighties called, they want there sunnies back!
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