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  1. Good to see that Lewis is racing, should be bloody exciting with him starting P10, I'm hoping for some spectacular overtaking from Mr. Hamilton today. Chances of a podium?
  2. Post pix pls! I'm assuming BlueBear is still a resident?
  3. A very belated congratulations, Sir. So how much are you worth today?
  4. I miss Pawton. And our rather short lived mystery gifts. I never did fire up Sin City again after returning from holiday at the end of last year, I was too scared to see what had become of my beautiful town! Actually that's bollocks, I just wouldn't have been able to bear it if Stitches had left, not that I'd ever admit to any sort of attachment to a computer bear, oh... Since then I sold one of my DSs and then, shortly afterwards, lost the other. I do still have my cart though. I'll have to try and borrow my Mum's at some point so you can all come and laugh at my weeds. Carly and Mr.Do, have you been playing non-stop since I left the fold? If so, I can only imagine what a paradise Carly's town is now and how big Mr.Do's wealth is!
  5. tek

    Xbox 360 Gamerscore

    A serious bout of insomnia has got me reading through bits of Rllmuk I haven't visited for a long time including this thread. I must admit to not having spared a single thought to my gamerscore for many months. In fact I think today may have been the first time I have turned my 360 on since a brief dalliance with GoW. I haven't played anything over Live in over a year! I actually attempted to buy a new game for my 360 today but just couldn't find anything that grabbed my fancy. Looking forward to GTA IV though. Glad to see Shadowmask still fighting the good battle, mighty impressive score, dude. What is your world ranking at present? I find myself agreeing with vashsan somewhat, the magic does kinda go after 10K, well it did for me. Of course this just may be sour grapes as it was just after that, that I lost my number one spot in the league. Anyway, glad to see this thread still going, even if it has slowed down rather, I had no idea it would last this long. Oh and Andy (hey fella, how are you?), the league is not working again!
  6. Agent L, love your Star Wars lego shot, mine was quite popular too, in fact my second highest ranking photo in Explore;
  7. My Flickr stats as of now; Photostream views: 208,352 Most favourited: 88 faves, 9,599 views, 19 comments (Art nude of a single breast) Most viewed: 21,714, 15 faves, 11 comments (Upskirt shot of the Kylie Minogue Waxwork at Mdm. Tussauds!) Most commented : 55 comments, 29 faves, 480 views (Close up of a cat) I have ten photos with over 50 faves, all in my top 50 have over 20 faves. I have or have had eleven of my photos feature in Explore. My highest ranking in Explore to date is No.6. All of this is due to the fact that most my recent photos tend to be glamour/nudes. I do post in quite a few groups. Yes, the little icons are rather naff, but not all groups have this by any means. It does also open your photos up to a much larger audience and I have met some wonderful contacts in this way.
  8. A couple of shots from a shoot yesterday in London. It was the second time I have shot this model and as far as I'm concerned she is very close to prefection. Great skin, good fun, flirty, amazing eyes and awesome boobies. More on Flickr if you add me as a friend. My Flickr
  9. Both shot this year on a Nikon d200.
  10. tek

    I'm scared..

    to turn my DS on. You see, the last time I did I was on a plane bound for Colombo, and that was almost a month ago. My flowers were looking great, I had at least two of every hybrid and hundreds of standard flowers too. Life was sweet in Sin City. The residents were happy and excited about the forthcoming festive season. Well, they were until I abandoned them for warmer climes and better times! What will be waiting for me? Will I have any residents left or will Sin City have turned into a ghost town? Merry christmas and a happy new year to everybody, hope to catch up with you all soon when I build up the confidence to turn on my DS again.
  11. From a studio shoot yesterday, shot on a Nikon D70 with large aperatures;
  12. Use the telephone in your bedroom.
  13. Hiya! I was winning most the day until Derwin pulled out a 46" red snapper which usurped my 38" sea bass. I countered with my secret weapon, a shark that happened to be 244"+ Yay!
  14. Thanks fella. I've been really busy with work recently, which is good. However, it does mean less time to play games. In fact, apart from a weekend and a bit of Dead Rising, 10 minutes a day, maybe 5 days a week is all I manage. It's meant a few animals have left that I would have preffered had not, but Stitches has stuck by me, after the gift of a Royal Crown and me letting him win the last bug-off, so all is good. I've just been concentrating on my gardening really. Gold rose today was wonderful after getting a blue one a couple of days ago. I'm looking forward to seeing Dorvan again, I can't wait to see what you have done with your riches. Anybody got a gold net, yet? I'm two bugs away now.
  15. Got my first GOLD rose today which completes my list of hybrids.
  16. tek

    New Residents

    I got an old, moved out, resident back today! Dora, a mouse, moved out about two months ago and went to my Mum's town. Now she has decided the grass wasn't greener after all and is back. Has this happened to anyone else? Can I get her picture a second time, now? To be honest, although I like her, I kinda wish I had gotten a new animal instead. C'est la vie.
  17. I don't believe they do effect things, if you leave them where they fell at least. I checked earlier with all the acorns on the ground and my town was still perfect.
  18. 51 here. And hello everybody!
  19. I think I spent about 800K today. I say think as I only managed 40 minutes sleep last night before work and was buying turnips while wandering around a car booty this morning. Thinking about it now, in my semi comatose state, it might not have been the most sensible of ideas as I'm out of the country until Wednesday, and then have a long old day at work on Thursday. Hopefully somebody will have a half decent price on Friday. I will be taking my DS abroad with me though, and with any luck I'll find a coffee shop in Amsterdam that has a hotspot. Apologies in advance for any gibberish I talk in the next few days (yes, yes, even more than usual). That is, if I can actually remember how my DS works after one of them, there, special cakes!
  20. I seem to have a bad case of insomnia tonight. So, as you do, I thought I would have a good old read of the TV folder and see if there was any info on series three of this most wonderful TV show. OMFG at the trailers, now I'll never get to sleep tonight! I can hardly wait, I'm buzzing right now. Guess I had better buy the series 2 DVD boxset for what will be the most wonderful recap ever. BSG is back soon, GET IN!
  21. Congratulations John, so much more space! I look forward to coming over soon and seeing what you do with it.
  22. No problem at all buddy, glad to be of help. Thank you for the tip and gift.
  23. Gates open for anybody who still needs to sell turnips. 520 bells. Edit: closed now. Post here if you want me to open again. I'll be out soon but should be back before 11pm.
  24. Sure thing. See you then.
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