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  1. Sure thing. See you then.
  2. Question: How many new bugs and fish are around today? Answer: Loads! Today in less than 30 minutes I caught; Go me, I am now just three bugs away from a Golden Net!
  3. For Mortis and anybody else who still needs to sell, Sin City is buying for 520 bells this afternoon.
  4. Don't use text speak or abbreviations. The game will penalise you for it.
  5. Utterly brilliant post. I shall read this again tomorrow when I am more awake. I think it is wonderful the way people on rllmuk have found little niches to help out the rest of the forum. It might be a good idea to give this it's own thread? Or just a general research thread as I believe I have figured out how, to a certain degree, animal movement is determined. We could also talk about the best way to attain hybrids etc. Spoiler ahoy, of course.
  6. Yeah, you probably just threw lots of 99K bags of bells at it!
  7. Yep, I'm in agreement with Lucas on this one. If you do see one you are going to have to RUN after it. Forget about the flowers, just for those few moments, that bug is everything! I lost a couple of blooms getting mine, one a hybrid too, I seem to remember.
  8. I got a portrait today as I had Katy in Sin City, with Kaitlin being in my Mum's town. This happened on Monday too! How lucky am I? Although that time I did get a lovely phone for the second time. Let's hope the luck extends to the Stalk Index and we all get a massive price this week.
  9. Dear Tank, You are one big rhino. I really enjoyed looking at your shark. Thanks very much. From Exidor. He seems to really like this letter as he has shown it to me about 5 or 6 times now over the last week or so. However, he does on on to say each time, "So many HUGE words! What am I am word nerd? I have no idea what this says... Is this how city people speak, danger?" I love the, you are one big rhino, line!
  10. I think Carly probably sends the best letters to her past animals. They're always so lovely.
  11. The only time I have seen him before, he gave me an anchor. Guess it was just luck.
  12. Pascal visited today for what seems the first time in ages, I was lucky enough to get his picture , yay, and to be imparted with the following bit of wisdom, " I know this octopus named Nessie...OH! I mean, monster. Never mind man. Right on."
  13. I'll pop in with your Aqua Polka shirt shortly.
  14. tek

    My Wedding Cake

    Oh no! Well if she does (or you) buy another, I'm sure many people here will help her get going again.
  15. tek

    My Wedding Cake

    A bit late to the party but, CONGRATUALTIONS! Utterly superb cake, who chose it though, your or your wife?
  16. What a superb day, first off Jay moved in, he's not spilling the beans as to where he came form so I'm not sure if he is the one that moved out of Pawton recently. My hybrids seem to be doing arther well too, got three today! Apart from that, I managed to further my T shirt collection with some online trading and got a few Gracie designs that I really wanted. Oh yeah, one other thing, Anabelle gave me her picture!
  17. I have the TV safely for you. If you're around at all tomorrow, I would love to visit and drop the set off.
  18. Thanks to everybody who visited tonight. It was nice to see so many in my town in one night. Thanks again to those who left tips. :-)
  19. Gates open. Lucas, I've added you.
  20. Ok, re opening now. I'm not going to be around much but will save evry now and then. Ask me to save and I will. Please mind the flowers, apart from that, sell, visit, buy etc..
  21. Has everybody sold now? If you still need to sell, post in here and I will open the gates.
  22. Gates are opening in 5.
  23. Gates are open in Sin City too from now. I should be open all evening, although I won't be there the whole time obviously. Of course it makes sense to go to Smackie's if he is open. But if he is not, Sin City welcomes you, I have marked a path from the gate to Nooks for those who have not visited before.
  24. 474 bells per turnip no good for you then? My gates are open for the next hour or so, I'll open again tonight around 6 -7pm and post here. Oh btw, there is a spotlight product of a White Queend in Nooks if anybody is interested and a Flowery Painting in Redds.
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