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  1. Cool. I've just left Dorvan to cook something to eat though. Around 6.15 ish ok? I'll bring you some peaches and apples.
  2. Cool, thanks for the explanation. So you could, with 10 letters, take 25 items with you. Hmm, it would have to be rare items, pictures and maybe 200K to start you out with, I reckon. I assume you have to start your catalogue again?
  3. Okotta, if you open your gates in a bit I'll bring some fruit over. What is your native fruit? Any one item you would really like?
  4. tek

    Your animals

    Great answer, well done.
  5. tek

    Your animals

    I thought here we could talk about our love, hate or general apathy for our animal folk. We all know that Alex will never let Bluebear leave, ever, if he has even the slightest say in the matter. When Stitches packed up yesterday I was gutted. Then came denial, anger etc. Anyway I stopped him from leaving, for now. But it set me thinking, I'm actually attached to Stitches. I like seeing him every day, he makes me smile in the way a friend does. Now before you say I should get out more, I do live life. I run my own business, have a couple of on/off girlfriends, like to go to the cinema, gigs and restaurants, with real friends. None the less, at 35 years of age, I find myself rather addicted to a game character. Strange. I guess it goes to show what a truly superb piece of software Animal Crossing is. Anyway, I have decided it is time for a cull in Sin City, every animal is now free to go, except Stitches, and for now, Anabelle as she only just moved in. Thats means over the coming days the following will be moving out of Sin City, and possibly into your town; Pompom - A cute female duck, just lovely Tank - A steroid freak male rhino, very funny Derwin - My geek male duck from Pawton Mathilda - Snobby but cute female kangaroo from Luna Dora - Adorably cute mouse Chow - A pink bully panda.. meh In a way, I'll actually miss most of these guys when they do leave. But for the reasons I like them, everybody else should have them in there town too. If you want any of these animals for yourself, I suggest visiting, sending letters and gifts whenever my gates are open. I won't be forcing any of these to leave, except Chow, but I also won't stop them. So, how do you feel about your townfolk?
  6. I did read your thread, but didn't have any constructive help, sorry about that. Was it a simple procedure? There maybe others wanting to do the same thing at some point. Glad it worked out.
  7. Added you. Please, post your turnip prices in the Sow Jones thread if it ever goes above 200b per turnip. A guarnteed way to get you lots of new friends!
  8. tek

    Photo Gallery

    Oh wow, so we have triangular grass, circular grass and now square grass. Anybody got hex grass for true 1337ness?
  9. Did you send letters and gifts the first day his stuff was packed?
  10. I'm having an utter nightmare today. First up, I managed to spend another 300K today, I'm trying to be frugal, so this is not good. Secondly, Derwin told me in a letter he is leaving soon and included a goodbye gift. Thirdly and finally Stitches has packed his boxes. Stitches, my favourite animal, who has been in Sin City since day one. Stitches, who has never even hinted at leaving before, in fact I have gotten him every single T-shirt he has asked for recently. I send him at least five letters a week, mostly with gifts. Does he have no idea how good he has it? Now I've done everything I can today to stop him leaving but I need a longer term plan to keep him happy, I need a Bluebear that he can get jiggy with. Bluebears everywhere, I'm coming for yar!! I guess this is only fair after the superb week I had last week, high points including; Attaining the golden watering can. Winning my second Bug-off. Completing the fossil part of Sin City's musuem, thanks to Daley. Catching a scorpion, at last. Getting Dora's picture. 199K for my house from the HRA.
  11. Welcome home, Cerberus.
  12. tek

    Bug-Off Day

    Well done on the Banded Dragonfly, those things are mighty quick. I've still only caught one and it went straight to the musuem.
  13. tek

    Bug-Off Day

    Was that the one where I said to you, "Hey, to your left. Big moth, have you got your net? Get it!"
  14. 199,346 this week. So close to the two hundred thousand mark, but no cigar. I did get a new picture today though, Dora, which is worth a few more points for next week. If I manage it, over 200K, I think I'll change my Ranch and Lovely rooms into something new. Hmmm?
  15. tek

    Bug-Off Day

    251? That's HUGE! Well done, Sir.
  16. tek

    Bug-Off Day

    Come on guys and gals, EVERYBODY reading this topic and playing the game, should be telling us how they measure up. Even if it is under 100mm
  17. Sow Jones was selling for 110 in Sin City this morning. I spent just over 1 million bells for 9100 turnips!
  18. tek

    Bug-Off Day

    266mm Oak Silk Moth, caught today, around 5am!
  19. tek

    Fireworks display

    Or drop them on the floor in front of him.
  20. Hi Guys 'n' Gals! I wasn't exactly sure where to put this, it certainly doesn't warrant it's own thread, so I thought here would be ok, as it gets read quite a lot. I have one picture of Olivia, that I was lucky enough to dig up in Rsdio's Moonbeam trasure hunt. It is a nice picture, but I have decided the only pictures that I want in my house, are of animals who have given them to me and who have lived in my town. Olivia has done neither. With this in mind I am willing to trade this picture with only people who have had Olivia in there town and didn't get the picture for some reason. If that is you let me know, I'll trade for any item not already in my catalogue, however small. If I haven't had a reply in a few days I'll just take some easy money for it over at ACC. Thanks!
  21. I'm just about to re-enter it now. You are correct, I must have had one digit wrong all this time as you are still showing up as a orange / red triangle and not a lush green circle. EDit: I have just re-entered you two times over, you are still a triangle. Are your gates open now? Can you re-enter me too please? I'm waiting with table in pockets by my gate, just waiting to give it to you.
  22. I'm dropping off the exotic table you have been after for months, RIGHT NOW!
  23. Great answer . Please tell us more if this isn't too personal?
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