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  1. Woohoo! drewthmsn, I'll get your table to you later. PM me.
  2. Me, I have your exotic table all ready and waiting. I did PM you about it a day or so back. I'll be over with it some time after 6.30pm. Not a fantastic price no, but certainly good enough to bow out to on a Friday night. You will most certainly still get a tip from me, it might not be quite as big as usual but you will still get a decent amount. After all, you are nice enought to open your gates and let us sell.
  3. Carly, may I sell in Pawton? I won't make much but it's better than losing loads. Yes, maybe somebody will get a high price tomorrow, I'm not too bothered. My original stake plus a few extra thousands will go nicely towards next weeks big gamble, one million bells worth of turnips. Edit: Although, I'd rather leave it until later, just in case somebody posts a good price today still. Just ordering your first catalogue item, I trust it is upto date?
  4. tek

    Perfect Town

    Next week I may just hit the Turnips big, I'm thinking an ice cold 1 million bells.
  5. Only 56 bells in Sin City this morning, let's all keep our fingers crossed that somebody has a better price this afternoon. Edit: Gah! 54 this afternoon. :-(
  6. tek

    Perfect Town

    Wooo! I did it! 16 days straight of a perfect Sin City. I got a ... Yay!
  7. There are a number of exclusive Gracie Shirts, I would especially like to purchase. I will pay around the 100K - 125K mark, they are; Having said that, I will buy any Gracie shirt. Some of the Gracie Shirts I will keep, the others I will sell here for the exact price I paid for them. That's right folks, you will be able to buy and sell Gracie Exclusives right here. Don't like your new Gracie? Sell it on and release the capital, wait until the shirt of your dreams is available! If you really want to be the coolest hip cat around town though, you know have to be wearing Gracie! Bluebear thinking of leaving again? Not if you give her a Gracie exclusive. I already have a small supply of Gracie Shirts and will be selling them one at a time, once a week. The first one will be available at a special low price when the Fashionista Emporium opens. All orderable, standard shirts will be available at my Nook price. No mark up, ever!
  8. Hiya and welcome! It might be a wise idea to either post in here, or ideally, PM the people you have added so they can add you back. If you have already done this, please ignore me. Cheers.
  9. I have the end table for certain, Carly, if Daley doesn't after all.
  10. 58 bells in Sin City this afternoon! Eek. Come on Rllmuk forum, don't let me down!
  11. Thank you to those who visited, I hope you enjoy the freebies!
  12. As a special promotion to Slik's Fashionista Emprorium imminent opening, we have tonight, a very special offer. Visit Sin City, tonight before 10.30pm and get upto five free shirts from a selection of almost 60. There are some good ones in there including the Big Brother Shirt, a Witches Shirt and many out of season, spring ones. Slik's Fashionista Emprorium will be opening it's doors to all the people of Rllmuk shortly. We have a full catalogue of all orderable shirts. Residents, hassling you for a shirt that you don't have catalogued? Come to the FE for a quick and speedy, quality service! During tonight's promotion please do not run or fight with others over the shirts. Tear gas is on standby. GATES OPEN..
  13. The key to a high HRA score seems to rest on a number of things; Complete sets and series, but also styles Feng Shui Lucky items* BTW: I am certain it counts all rooms. I changed one thing in my main room from last week, I had a 66K improvement in score! Complete sets are, as Daley mentions, simple enough, get a whole set for extra points. If you are going to have more than a complete set in one room, I believe the idea is to have the same style. I'm not too sure on this though. Feng Shui, well I have no idea on this at all, not the foggiest. I should read up on it though. Lucky Items, this is where the big guns are, in spoilers I will put a list of the 'lucky items' and their HRA value. Don't look if you don't want to see! For a complete guide to HRA points, I would recommend the excellent guide on animalxing.com, that I have been dipping into recently. Again, don't look if you don't want spoilers, direct link HERE.
  14. tek

    Town Tunes

    B_A_BBA_ A_G_AAG_ Notes are the yellow ones. _ = Zzz in the game.
  15. Wonderful! Thanks for the great photo. I'm so glad to see you already had a green pipe and fire flower. But, the cannon is blocked! How can you fire it? Although I do like the way the ? block is right in front. I'm glad it all went to a good home, not like some of those other dodgy town entries we had!
  16. I have a spring shirt for you Mr Do!
  17. No problem at all. Gates are open now.
  18. Great stuff, I'll open at 5.30? Just got to drop some bits of to DAB first.
  19. Yes, I do, any other exotic stuff you are after?
  20. Woohoo! Actually, I would really like to buy this item myself, if at all possible?
  21. I've decided the first thing I want to complete is my shirt catalogue. These woes will then be a thing of the past. Slik's Fashionista Emporium. Yep, like that!
  22. WINNER: DAB Woo! You win the grand prize! Woo! A veritable Mario Musuem awaits delivery directly to your town RUNNER UP: taiAtari Well done you are the runner up and accordingly win a Starman. DocNI gets a honourable mention and wins a Lucky Cat for his efforts. Congratulations to all!
  23. Ok, competition is now CLOSED. Votes are being counted.
  24. I have neither in my catalogue I'm afraid to say. Sorry.
  25. I have Kaitlin, third flippin' time, with her kitten lost in Leonardo. Stifler, bring the brat here! Please?
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