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  1. Hello! I am after a couple of high value items, namely a Royal Crown and a Throne. I have the bells to pay for both items (total 2 million, I believe?) so if either become available in your town and you are not going to buy, please let me know, so I can! Thanks!
  2. Great pictures, entertaining and funny. Good work fella, very good work. If anybody else wants a chance at the Mario Set at tea time today, they better get cracking with some work up to the above standard. COME ON! Everybody playing this game has funny stories, share it and you might win a prize!
  3. I had Stitches wearing my Stitches T-shirt for a couple of days before I gave hin an orange jump suit!
  4. Woohoo! Golden Slingshot, well done, Sir. No white turnips? None at all? Blimey! I got a rather good HRA score today, I quote, "Slik, your room gets 185,457 points! Stylish! Elegant! SASSY! No matter where you look, this is a PERFECT room!!! Happy Room Academy." I got a prize too.
  5. Happy bithday Alex! See you later.
  6. The gates of Sin City are open! If you are popping over and have flowers in your Nooks you are not buying, please bring them for me, ta.
  7. Depends on the amount(s) you donate, I think. If you donate enough to get the next two feathers, maybe you only get the higher one?
  8. tek

    hey guys.

    I'll add you! Details in my sig.
  9. I have a White feather and 5 mil in the bank
  10. tek

    Town Tunes

    ^ Top man, I like your style. Mine is the whistling theme from Kill Bill.
  11. 5,042 points here. I think.
  12. Yes. I'll start saving my spares again.
  13. OK, if you want to do it properly, from another froum; Determine your Animal Crossing Wild World Status (ACWWS) by Blackwyn: 1. Catalog. You get 1 point for every thing that you have cataloged. For example: You have snowman carpet and t-rex head fossil in your catalog, then its 2 points. Furnitures Highest point possible: 562 Wallpaper Highest point possible: 63 Carpets Highest point possible: 63 Shirts Highest point possible: 256 Umbrellas Highest point possible: 32 Hats & Accessories Highest point possible: 130 Letters Highest point possible: 63 Gyroids Highest point possible: 127 Fossils Highest point possible: 52 Total max points possible: 1348 points 2. Upgrades & Points etc A. Your house. The points here stack up for every upgrade you have. For example: If you have the first upgrade and second too, then you get the points from the first and second upgrade. Starter house: 0 points First expansion: 10 points Second expansion: 30 points Third expansion: 50 points Fourth expansion: 80 points Fifth expansion: 120 points Last expansion (Mansion): 400 points Total max points: 690 points B. Tom Nooks store Same rules as for your house section. Nooks Cranny (lvl 1): 0 points Nook 'n' Go (lvl 2): 10 points Nookway (lvl 3): 30 points Nookingtons (final upgrade): 50 points Total max points: 90 points C. Tom Nooks PTM membership Same rules as the previous ones. If you dont know what it is then its the points you gather up for buying stuff at nooks. You can check your current status by clicking on the computer thing by the entrance. First rank 300 Store Points: 20 points Second rank 5,000 Store Points: 100 points Third rank 10,000 Store Points: 200 points Last rank (Platinum) 20,000 Store Points: 500 points Total max points: 820 points D. HRA Same rules as the previous ones. HRA Points 70,000+: 100 points HRA Points 100,000+: 150 points HRA Points 150,000+: 300 points Total max points: 550 points 3. Items & Rewards A. Golden items You get the points described only ONCE for each item you own, so if you have 100 golden axes you wont get the points multiplied by 100, you only get the points once. And the points next to it is only if you completed the whole quest by yourself to get it. So you wont get the plus points if you bought a golden axe from someone and you wont get extra points if for example you bought a scallop and then got the golden axe. You MUST have completed the WHOLE quest by yourself to get the extra points. Golden Fishing Rod: 300 + 1000 points Golden Bug Net: 300 + 1000 points Golden Slingshot: 300 + 300 points Golden Shovel: 50 + 10 points Golden Watering Can: 150 + 200 points Golden axe: 200 + 300 Max points by just having the items: 1300 points Max points by having the items + completed the quests by yourself: 4110 points B. Trophies Same rules. Only once per item, the plus points only if you won it by yourself. The Fish Trophy: 50 + 500 points The Bug Trophy: 50 + 500 points The Flower Trophy: 50 + 800 points Max points by just having the items: 150 points Max points by having the items + won the tournaments by yourself: 1950 points C. Feathers Same rules. Only once per item, the plus points only if you archieved it by yourself (by donating). Green Feather: 1 + 20 points Blue Feather: 5 + 40 points Yellow Feather: 10 + 100 points Red Feather: 20 + 200 points Purple Feather: 30 + 400 points White Feather: 50 + 800 points Rainbow Feather: 100 + 2000 points Max points by just having the items: 226 points Max points by having the items + archieved them by donating by yourself: 3786 points 4. Museum & Rares A. Museum You get the points for each section you have completed. Completed set of paintings: 500 points Completed set of fossils: 200 points Completed set of bugs: 4000 points Completed set of fishes: 4000 points Total max points possible: 8700 points points B. Special events You must have encountered them once and they wont stack up. So if you have seen the ufo 10 times then you wont get the points multiplied by 10. The bonus points is only if you succeeded to 'get' the event. Wishy the star: 5 + 10 points Ballons: 5 + 5 points Ufo: 5 + 20 points Resetti: 1 point K.K Slider: 2 points Sahara: 5 points Dr Shrunk: 5 points Wendell: 5 points Total max points by just 'seen' them: 33 points Total max points max points for seeing them and completed them: 68 points C. Rare items You will only get the points ONCE per item, so if you have 100 metroids it wont multiply the score by 100. Metroid: 50 points Triforce: 10 points Arwing: 10 points Master sword: 10 points Total max points: 80 points D. Amount of money These does not stack up. For example if you have 130k then you will only get points for the 50k+ one. 1000+ bells: 1 points 50,000+ bells: 10 points 500,000+ bells: 50 points 10,000,000+ bells: 200 points 100,000,000+ bells: 5000 points Total max points: 5000 points TOTAL Points archieveable without the 'extra' points: 18,987 TOTAL Points archieveable with the 'extra' points: 27,192 Rankings: 25,000 - 27,192= Ruler, you have archieved perfection in every aspect of the game, you are the game and the game is you, united as one. 15,000 - 25,000= Gentlemans club member, you pretty much can point at anything you wish for and its yours. The word failure does not exist for you. 12,000 - 15,000= Richkid, you are rich and got everything you want. 8,000 - 12,000= Citizen, You are well established in your town and have the most important stuff you wanted. 5,000 - 8000= Collector, you pretty much have all the basic stuff covered up and are ready to begin at the more serious stuff! 1,000 - 5,000= Beginner villager, you are on your way to success! 0 - 1,000= Newcomer, You just moved in and need to get started!
  14. It's not about that though is it? Really. Edit: Oh, you had better be ready, to bow down and kiss the ring, if Alex arrives.
  15. tek

    Photo Gallery

    Fireworks on Thursday in Gelding, woot! Roman Candles; Sparklers;
  16. I go Mathilda's picture today! Oh, I caught an arowana for the musuem too.
  17. I'm upto 4.5 million after my turnip sales and some generous tips. Glad everybody who came made a decent amount. Afternoon price in Sin City is 194 bells.
  18. Zuum you are not on my friends list, what is your friend code?
  19. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! 20 minutes to go!
  20. Gates are open No running please! I'll keep them open until midday.
  21. 613 bells in Sin City this morning!
  22. I'll drop something over for you.
  23. In the midst of glee of our hauls, let us spare a moment for the residents of Mooncoin. Sadly gone.
  24. Ok Stifler, I have a plan. We must both start downloading so much porn, right now, so as to make the whole internet lag. Then, just maybe, Rsdio's connection may drop everybody. Let's get to it!
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