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  1. @stoofle thanks getting ready to come over!
  2. Go through this thread, add recommendations to your list, watch them. Continue watching the ones you like. Watch the algorithm improve
  3. Star Fox 64, 1080 and Ocarina and Majora then we're golden This is interesting. How long were the Wii and WiiU supported online after their demise? It's a shame you can't buy the SNES `app` including the games for a nominal fee. Even £20 to guarantee future access
  4. It's a game changer! I would love this to be standard across all games
  5. Accidentally played Yoshi’s Island for 3 hours. Never had a SNES growing up. What a game
  6. Switch Mini reveal? Please be F-Zero and Metroid
  7. Im also really enjoying this. The little tune-ups make it so much more accessible. I think the only way I made progress in the past was cheating using an emulator. Any chance we'll ever see Outrun Coast 2 Coast? It's one of the few reasons I've kept hold of my Xbox 360.
  8. On a normal episode there's no audience. The applause is all fake. You never see a wide studio shot. Only on the Celebrity specials
  9. Now that Sega have started releasing standalone classic games, any chance we'll see Dreamcast and Gamecube era stuff? The Switch would be perfect for Super Monkey Ball (optional gyro controls!), and classics like Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Daytonaaa! Surely there's no rights issues? Would conversions from this era take much effort?
  10. I cancelled straight away. You can do it from the eshop
  11. Just saw this and really enjoyed it. I thought the pile of newspapers was a bit strange though. Surely printing presses are very noisy and these would have been ripped to pieces
  12. I bought this for an iPad Mini and it works great with the Switch. Playing Rocket League horizontally is life changing
  13. Did anyone save this back in the day? I'm sure I had it on a hard drive somewhere!
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