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  1. it should be one of the first tiles on your homescreen
  2. Comcast own Sky these days. Peacock is Comcast’s streaming platform in the US, also built using Now TV’s platform and is apparently awful
  3. Same, I blasted around London for an hour and deleted it. Whoever decided that the 2nd thing you do in the Campaign is walk around a server room as a spider needs their head checking. 30fps and it feels a bit generic open world game, I’m out
  4. After seeing all the Rise talk I've just seen this is on Gamepass. How does it perform on the Xbox Series consoles? Never played any MH games
  5. Empty inventory into item box, fill out with Staminan Royale, change difficulty to Easy
  6. It gets better! I recently started Yakuza 0 and spent a good 45 hours on it, and probably could've easily spent much longer. I've just blasted my way through Kiwami (a much smaller game) and looking forward to ploughing through the rest on Gamepass!
  7. I’ve had near enough the same experience. I picked up a Switch with this and Mario Odyssey a couple of years ago, blasted straight through the Mario story, but always had issues coming back to BOTW because of weapons breaking and all the backtracking involved. I can see it’s a great game, but if I had a beast of a PC I’d be emulating it with weapon damage off
  8. I have a mechanical HDD hooked up to my Series S in energy saving mode, the disc access light stays lit when it’s powered off, but no issues with the TV switching. I have disabled HDMI CEC though
  9. I got a Series S a couple of weeks ago (only have a 1080p TV) with Gamepass and think it’s the best console I’ve ever had
  10. Thought oh I'll just quickly check this out... 2 hours later CRAP I HAVE TO WORK
  11. 50hz only in PAL-land too, what a let down
  12. @stoofle thanks getting ready to come over!
  13. Go through this thread, add recommendations to your list, watch them. Continue watching the ones you like. Watch the algorithm improve
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