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  1. Will this be available digitally?
  2. Same with a fake Pro Controller. You can turn off Rumble in the N64 app settings
  3. Sorry for enjoying some old games
  4. Might not be the popular view but N64 on Switch has been great so far. Mario Tennis - so simple but what a game. Same with Starfox - maps ok as only uses 2 C buttons for most gameplay
  5. It's the exact same as Mario 64 on Allstars 3D EDIT: No it isn't.... WTF Nintendo!?
  6. The MK64 video looks like the guy has poor WiFi. Other videos on that Twitter thread look fine
  7. Art of Rally - the default camera view is so far away! EDIT - why can't Sega throw Sega Rally 2 up!? Just remove the branding from the cars!
  8. Anyone watching Solar Opposites on Disney+? Justin Roiland, same studio, really good
  9. It’s on All4 in HD phew
  10. One of few reasons I hold onto my 360
  11. I hear you - for the others I went all in, those were the 2 games that grabbed me the least
  12. I'm on this journey. 0-4 done, 5 in progress. WIth Kiwami and 3 I didn't do much outside of the main stories but they've all been worth playing. Have had to have a week without playing any though - can get a bit burnt out!
  13. You can do it through Tournament mode i.e. create cup, select Premier League. I don't think it has transfers or anything else though
  14. Yeah most are now I think, weird that Fifa isn’t. They’re both on Game Pass
  15. The Xbox One version and the Series X|S version as separate downloads
  16. Fifa points has to be on the Xbox One version
  17. That's a hell of a sequence though. But then the game completely switches and is no longer completely linear and scripted - weird
  18. Easy achievement for the Gears 5 reward: Create a map, play it and publish. 5 minutes max. Very simple. In the main menu choose Multiplayer, then Escape. Choose the third card: Map Sharing. With the right button go to my Maps. Create a new map. Just join a start tile and end tile. Play through it and publish it. Before publishing make a thumbnail.
  19. Looks like the Game Pass Quests are gone. On my console at least
  20. Anyone else start Dead Space intending to just bag the Points and get completely sucked in? Somehow missed this on the 360. It's great!
  21. I don't understand this question. Loads of achievements are deliberately obscure
  22. Series S + Game Pass here. Can be a pain, but I tend to keep about 2 or 3 'big' games that stay on the SSD until they're finished, and the rest I chop and change all the time. Faster broadband will make this a non-issue with time
  23. Sony should release all their games on Xbox but charge double and hobble the FPS to 30 to prove superiority
  24. I still have a free 2 week Game Pass code for new signups if anyone's keen
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