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  1. 3 hours ago, Protocol Penguin said:

    At last I tried the N64 games on the NSO, and they all made the controller I was using (an 8bitdo SN30 Pro) vibrate constantly. As in during every second of play. Will have to see if it affects the Pro Controller the same way once that’s finished recharging…


    (Mario Kart 64 is laggy with messed-up sound. Disappointing.)

    Same with a fake Pro Controller. You can turn off Rumble in the N64 app settings 

  2. Might not be the popular view but N64 on Switch has been great so far. Mario Tennis - so simple but what a game. Same with Starfox - maps ok as only uses 2 C buttons for most gameplay 

  3. 3 hours ago, Stanley said:

    Every game deserves, at the very least, the treatment they gave Mario 64 in the Allstars 3D Collection, just ever so slightly touched up graphics, very low input lag, smooth frame rate and accurate sound. 


    It's the exact same as Mario 64 on Allstars 3D


    EDIT: No it isn't.... WTF Nintendo!?

  4. 34 minutes ago, Uncle Nasty said:

    I’m going to play them all, it’s happening. Thanks for the pointers. 


    I'm on this journey. 0-4 done, 5 in progress. WIth Kiwami and 3 I didn't do much outside of the main stories but they've all been worth playing. Have had to have a week without playing any though - can get a bit burnt out!

  5. Just now, Stanley said:

    Ah ok, I just have the one on the Gamepass app, i thought it was all smart delivery with Xbox now. 

    Yeah most are now I think, weird that Fifa isn’t. They’re both on Game Pass

  6. 17 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    Seems like none of the monthly quests are working for me, not registering goals scored in FIFA either - any tips to get it working? Everything else working fine. 

    Fifa points has to be on the Xbox One version

  7. 49 minutes ago, Sabreman said:

    Similar with MGS V, which I think is an excellent game, but that hospital section... jeez


    That's a hell of a sequence though. But then the game completely switches and is no longer completely linear and scripted - weird

  8. Easy achievement for the Gears 5 reward:


    Create a map, play it and publish. 5 minutes max. Very simple. In the main menu choose Multiplayer, then Escape. Choose the third card: Map Sharing. With the right button go to my Maps. Create a new map. Just join a start tile and end tile. Play through it and publish it. Before publishing make a thumbnail. 

  9. On 26/05/2021 at 10:29, ScouserInExile said:

    Weirdly, the two game related weekly quests are both just "start the game" this week. 


    Anyone else start Dead Space intending to just bag the Points and get completely sucked in? Somehow missed this on the 360. It's great!

  10. 15 minutes ago, rgraves said:

    Okey dokey - ta.


    Just out of interest, how on earth are you ever supposed to know to do that in 'normal' play?


    I don't understand this question. Loads of achievements are deliberately obscure 

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