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  1. They're not really new at all. But they're great and represent what hip-hop should be - FUN! Great turntable work, samples, lyrics, and humour. Can't wait to listen to this. If its anywhere near as good as Taste The Secret or Journey To Anywhere I'll be very happy.
  2. Well my decent stereo decided to break but I haven't replaced it. All my good CDs had already been ripped to iTunes at 128kbps AAC for iPod purposes so I've decided to get some decent speakers and use my PC more as an entertainment centre together with Bittorrent for TV shows. Works pretty well and I can easily see PCs/Macs as entertainment centres becoming the standard thing.
  3. Absolute WANK. Tried so hard to be Brass Eye or something satirical but the jokes weren't there and it all dragged for way too long. Maybe some of the sketches would have been fine as part of a longer, more general sketch show but not as a whole show off news piss-takes. RUBBISH
  4. Some albums I've enjoyed: Beck - Guero Clor Tom Vek - We Have Sound The Cribs - The New Fellas Death From Above 1979 - I'm a Woman, You're A Machine Gorillaz - Demon Days help she can't swim - fashionista super dance troupe MIA - Arular Pendulum - Hold Your Colour Lemon Jelly - '64 - '95 Bloc Party The Futureheads Magic Numbers Arcade Fire Herbaliser - Take London Doves - Some Cities DJ Format - If You Can't Beat 'Em...Join 'Em And the various Arctic Monkeys tracks knocking around on p2p networks which could easily be over an album's worth. Some of these are probably 2004 but I came across them all this year
  5. You can download all episodes here. Quality sucks though
  6. EA spew out the same crap every year. 'We've re-written 99.99% of the code', 'we've added shitty gimmicky moves to the analogue sticks that don't enhance the game' etc etc. The engine they've used for all FIFA games this generation is crap. There's always a ton of slowdown, the animation isn't fluid and the graphics shimmer horribly. Nothing beats WE6:FE yet
  7. Yeah was it the same singer as on the album? The first performance was piss poor but the second was a bit better though
  8. Sound a bit like a harder Ugly Duckling
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