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  1. I start single player story and campaign modes on games and invariably end up playing fifa and modern warfare 2 online
  2. All games to allow FULL customization of the controls. I don't want preset schemes, I want to be able to map a control to any button. Also no in game FMV that looks better than the game. Its essentially false advertising
  3. Alan Wake. Its like an epidsode of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Red Dead Redemption. Just started this. Fifa 11. Great online despite a few niggles. Read as great but bad when you lose to a cheap goal. SSIV/Blazblue. Decided I needed a 2d fighter to get into. Overwhelmed by both
  4. any reason for no new episode this week?
  5. xtremeboat

    FIFA 11

    I'm playing on Xbox. You can install any game by pressing Y on the dashboard when the game in the drive is highlighted. Helps load times and stops the DVD drive being used
  6. xtremeboat

    FIFA 11

    I installed it to get rid of the constant reading of the game disc. A few issues online with lag but generally its fine. My issue is the predetermined nature of some matches
  7. I don't get how my monitor has 5ms lag and my tv has 30ms. Both Samsung lcd
  8. Picked this up at the weekend, pretty late to the party but loving so far
  9. MW2 has music on multiplayer - only a few bars here and there. I think it signifies how far into the match you are
  10. Trying to get into the NFL this year but still undecided on which team to adopt. What are the best games on TV? The ones picked for Sunday and Monday night? Watched a few borefests on Sky Sports
  11. http://www.myp2p.eu/broadcast.php?matchid=95190∂=sports
  12. I may be the only Leicester fan here but how do other Championship supporting members think we'll do this year? I agree the Sousa sacking was handled badly and was probably a month or so premature but we are where we are, new owners, Mandaric on his way out, and bankrolled by Thailand's finest hard earned. I think Sven's lucked out with Yuki Abe, and TBH the majority of the squad who may not be amazing but on the whole work hard. I'm hoping playoff contenders but how close the league is right now, better isn't impossible
  13. glad I streamed that, utter bollocks. the promoters must take the public for mugs. saying that, the pacman margarito fight is definitely worth a look if you're awake
  14. Show starts at 8 but there's bound to be an undercard for a couple of hours. Anyone able to link a stream? No way am I paying for this on top of what I already fork out for Sky
  15. Best rain - Metal Gear Solid 2 on the ship when you're starting out as Snake. I'd say this is my favourite game of all time. I know most people don't even think of it as the best MGS game but I've always loved it
  16. The helicopter based killstreak rewards don't make sense any more. With Modern Warfare 2 you were always using the laptop so being vunerable on the ground made sense, but in Black Ops it looks like you're in the helicopter and on the ground. Is that right? Or is it implied that you're controlling them remotely?
  17. I'll stick to black ops but thanks for the concern
  18. Any half decent PC can emulate the original goldeneye perfectly. Why would anyone want a messed about with remake
  19. Its disgusting someone other than the original devs have been allowed to muck around with this game. Shameful cashing in on the name
  20. Its a bunch of menus that are flat and bright instead of overlapping 3D and not bright. Thats it. I don't get why people are annoyed at this. Disc in, play game. Who is spending so much time at the dashboard you have to complain?
  21. Sky Player is much better. PQ looks better on live TV, there's adaptive streaming (still no HD) and you can review stuff
  22. Lets not forget amidst all the hype this could still turn out to be just another shitty Treyarch developed COD
  23. HD Sky Player would be nice with adaptive streaming like the Zune player.
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