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  1. This should help you out. http://www.collectors-club-of-great-britain.co.uk/Store/Tabletop-Gaming--First-Issue/_prod3381
  2. I would be interested to hear how you get on with it. I have looked at the 'States of Siege' games from VP before but not taken the plunge.
  3. This is the version I have on order which still is available. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Zenith-Grant-Morrison/dp/1781083207/ref=oosr
  4. Manged to get a couple of missions played of Imperial Assault, I'll give an update on the first one for now. After the Rebels scored a victory in the opening mission 'Aftermath' they felt pretty confident and embarked on a side mission called 'Friends of Old'. This was brought about after Gideon Argus, a founding member of Sabre Team was contacted by his old commander asking for help. Gideon had left Sabre Squad after a botched operation which was suspected to be sabotaged by a traitor in the ranks. The suspicion of a traitor was proven when the rebels are attacked by Imperial fighters as they approach the planet, but their skilled pilot evades them and manages to land near to the rendezvous point. The rebels start their search for Gideon's former comrades. Initially, the rebels encountered light forces, an Imperial Officer with 3 Stormtroopers providing an easy encounter. But after some success, the Rebels got to the first possible location of a Rebel Trooper, unfortunately it was the traitor, revealed to be a high-ranking Imperial Officer who immediately attacked. One of the Rebel team was wounded in the fight and suffered a loss of some skills. More reinforcements arrived in the shape of a couple of Probe Droids and a squad of 3 Stormtroopers. The newly arrived Stromtroopers were very accurate in their shooting as they wounded another Rebel. The Rebels then raced towards another possible captive and found one. They managed to give him covering fire as he made it back to the Rebel ship to score a success. The Rebels needed to find at least one more captive to complete the mission so they pushed on. The Imperials had reinforced with an elite Stromtrooper squad and Probe Droid, these had gathered near to a prisoner site. The Rebel elected to go for the other site as the mission was becoming a desperate race against time. They did make it to the site but suffered another wounded hero, one more wounded hero would leave them unable to continue the mission. The Imperials then went after the Rebels and wounded an already wounded hero, causing him to leave for the ship, unable to continue the fight. The rebels then tried to help the Rebel Trooper back to the ship, but the Imperials tracked him down and killed him. Now with one Rebel Trooper left to rescue, it was going to be tough to free him with three heroes left, two already wounded. They pushed on but after an exchange of fire, another hero took a second wound and had to leave the battlefield. Desperately, one Rebel Hero ran towards the Rebel Prisoner and freed him, but took a wound in the process. This was his first so he could return fire on his attackers, killing a couple of Stormtroopers. The other Rebel was surrounded by Stormtroopers and mercilessly gunned down, barely managing to escape back to the ship to lick their wounds. The situation was now hopeless for the Rebels, the remaining Hero tried to give covering fire to the escaping rebel prisoner, but the Prisoner was cut down under a hail of Imperial laser bolts. Victory for the Empire!
  5. Should have my next games in a couple weeks. Will report back on how they went.
  6. The game scales with the number of players. There are activation tokens for 4 players and cards that buff the heroes if there are fewer than 4. A two-player game works by having one controlling the Imperials and the other controlling two heroes with a legendary card attached. This gives the heroes extra health and both heroes an extra activation per round. Descent scales down the Overlord's resources, this maintains them for any number of heroes. I have only played a game earlier this week, but it does feel different to Descent. Alternating activations between heroes and Imperials gives it a more tactical feel, the Imperials are much tougher to defeat than the Descent and the dynamic events during missions keeps the heroes on their toes. I haven't played the skirmish game yet, but reading the rules, it seems to be a bit more than just an afterthought.
  7. That would be great if you still have it.
  8. There is a demo for the game, ignore the limited edition one and go for the one without a price.
  9. I have the same issue on both my PS3 and Vita.
  10. Even Borini can score today, how bad are Newcastle?
  11. Let them give fans a minute to let the world know how they felt about her, it would be a welcome change to all this gushing bullshit media praise at the moment.
  12. Cantona had already been sent off before his kung-fu kick.
  13. He might have more than a red card to worry about after kicking a child.
  14. Niners win!!! That goes towards making up for last seasons heartbreak.
  15. ITV4 have Mali v Niger on right now. Eurosport are also showing this which saves you enduring ITV.
  16. It was fully deserved. Defoe's dive, which was worse, mistakenly went unpunished.
  17. Still, it gives the birds a target to shit on.
  18. It was a lovely surprise, along with the villains' names
  19. Next year's Wembley game has been announced and the Jaguars will host the 49'ers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/american-football/19908019 Not the most competitive match-up, but good news for Niners fans.
  20. Anyone who says 'Cheats never prosper' needs shooting.
  21. You don't need to play well when you are getting help like that from a referee.
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