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  1. 19th and retained my mini-league with friends so I'm happy with that, largely thanks to triple captaining Kane in the final double game week - being a Spurs fan finally pays off!


    I had a disastrous start and a few weeks falling victim to stupid errors like forgetting to hit save team.  I think in general I wasted too many transfers on moving around cheap players trying to latch onto those that would boost in value.  Looking at it though there were only three 'cheap' players that really increased a meaningful amount - Josh King, Tom Heaton and Gareth McAuley.  All the others with big increases in value are at the more expensive end of the scale.


    Next season I'm going to focus on big players and just not losing value with my cheaper options, wait for a real breakout like King instead of wasting transfers on the Negredos and Capoues.

  2. So er, no one else had their machine go wrong since 4.50?  No problems then the console seemed to crash during the update.  Took a while to get it back (safe mode, re-did the update, rebuild the database etc).  Now the disc drive is knackered, won't read and the only way to stop it making that awful kerchunk noise every 5 seconds is to stuff a disc in it while it's off so it can spit it out on power up.  And for some reason now my monitor can't detect its input unless its the only thing plugged in to it.


    Seems like it was a really common fault a couple of years ago but hasn't affected anyone else this update.  Could just be a coincidence I suppose - I'm in warranty still (just) any experiences with getting it replaced?

  3. On 05/02/2017 at 17:12, Liamness said:

    It's certainly hard to pick between the sides at the bottom. Swansea and Hull seem to have come into some form (with the latter having spent a lot in January) so you'd think they'll climb out of trouble before long, and even Sunderland seem less terrible, whereas Palace, Bournemouth and Leicester all seem to have relegation form right now. I've got literally no idea how it will turn out.


    Did they? 


    Hull spent ~£10m on two new players, made one loan permanent and got a couple players in on quite modestly valued loans.  They funded all of this and then some with £20m in player sales.


    Swansea spent ~£10m on three new players with no sales.


    Boro ~£10m


    Leicester ~£15m


    Palace ~£30m.


    Seems weird to pick out Hull as spending a lot when they, er, didn't really.  Just replaced what they lost and got some loans in.

  4. I'm frightened of spoilers so forgive me if it's been covered already.


    This is on sale on Playstation Store at.


    Game + DLC = £22.98

    GOTY Edition = £24.99


    Does the GOTY have anything extra to justify that £2.01 or is it smarter to buy the two separately?

  5. Finished this the other day.


    Lovely game.  Looks gorgeous, sounds great, full of character and personality.


    Turned into quite an emotional ride as well with a tone I wasn't expecting at the outset.  Lots of secrets too with a focus on them offering character development scenes as opposed to power-ups which I found interesting.  Your heart metre gets fuller instead of your character's.


    It's got a couple flaws - including a glitch that has made getting all the collectibles impossible but it really is an impressive piece of work overall.  Likewise surprised by the relative lack of attention, hopefully when it gets a console release it will get what it deserves.

  6. Anyone still going with this?


    the special was more of the same weird long musical segments interspersed with an another orgy and occasional action sequence that actually uses the shows premise for something worthwhile.  it's basically the first season in micro.  nothing significant happens at all really, it's amazing.  2 hours long as well.


    oh and they've recast Capheus

  7. I would like to give this another try at some point during the updates.


    One thing, have they or will they improve the progression with ships and multitools?


    One of the biggest disappointments was realising that they just got more slots as you went along and that the only unique thing about them (really) was their appearance.

  8. It's easy to wax lyrical about the superiority and importance of playmakers over a great striker, especially when it seems England are desperate for their great striker to keep playing as a mediocre playmaker.  But I think it's just falling into the same trap as England managers keep falling into.  Comparing players can be fun, but it is a team game and it is down to how players in their teams fill their roles and with so much variation you can always devise a new means to compete.


    Jonathan Wilson wrote this great article


    on how if English football had had the courage of its convictions it would have developed the pressing style that is proving successful now.


    Hearing talk of Modric, Alonso and Iniesta put me in mind of the 2013 Champions League when Madrid and Barcelona were destroyed by Dortmund's outstanding centreforward and Bayern's ruthless and direct wingplay.  It doesn't prove that a playmaker is inherently inferior to a centreforward or a winger any more than it proves them superior.  It shows that with a clear strategy of how to play with what you have - provided what you have is very very good - you can, and probably will, win.


    Besides.  Ledley King is the greatest player of all time.

  9. CSKA, Leverkusen and Monaco.


    Quite a nice draw really.  I'm going to the games so I had sort of hoped for a true giant like Juventus or Bayern with a pushover team in the 4th slot.  Instead we've got three decent teams that, with the possible exception of Leverkusen, we should have the beating of (at 'Home' anyway).


    Should be fun!

  10. It's definitely the game's strength - even though it can get old for a lot of people quite fast.


    It's baffling then that they couldn't see that and decided to incorporate a ton of awful gameplay mechanics that seem to exist purely to slow you down on the journey to see the next thing.  The whole design philosophy is muddled and confused.


    It's a fascinating failure though, I don't really understand why some are getting upset that others want to pick the game apart and figure out what went wrong.

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