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  1. Straight swords are apparently a bit broken in this one, not least because their phantom range means they have better reach than greatswords. I always start these games fully intent on trying different weapons but I always end up gravitating to Ultra Great Swords, I just find it easier to get my rhythm with them. Completely in love with the Astora Greatsword, particularly the weapon art, something really satisfying about it when you properly skewer the host and send them flying at the end. I've been using a lightning infused one for ages but I'm thinking of respeccing away from faith as I rarely seem to use the miracles outside of Tears of Denial. I could switch over to the Profaned Greatsword which I know has better damage and that cool self-buffing weapon art but... it just doesn't look as cool and I'll miss the charge too much.
  2. That's the one I meant! Still miles and you have to do that elevator thing every time. Anyway the power of a moan - just beat them. With literally 1 HP and 0 Estus - thank you tears of denial! The soapstone is going down for a while for these two.
  3. Can't beat the Princes for shit. No idea why, attacks are really telegraphed but half the time I go to dodge and I don't. Can't begin to explain it but it's driving my insane. Feels like the easiest boss in the game and I can't even get close to winning. That obnoxiously long walk up to them is doing my head in as well, with the trick elevator. They manage to get two bonfires on one screen and then nothing.
  4. CG is a right little bitch huh? Did him second attempt, currently battering him as a sunbro. Did CKO first attempt as well, though I've had a few jolly cooperation encounters that didn't go quite as smoothly. Now DSA... that took a while.
  5. 'as it stands' m8 Sunderland could walk off now and still win this game
  6. I saw a post on reddit describing DotD as hard.
  7. It's dead!
  8. You can stay away from the sides and still have the camera jiggling about all over the show. Several times I've come to within one hit of killing the fucking thing and ended up dead with the camera shoved up my, it or some detail in the far corner's arse.
  9. DotBV
  10. Aldrich Faithful is a jolly fun way to pass the time. Not quite the same scope for mischief as a Finger though, I don't think this will be a long term career.
  11. completely given up my duty now and just spend all day doing this
  12. I'm not seeing a great deal of signs either. Lvl 35 in the catacombs and scarcely a soul for jolly cooperation did have a thrilling duel on the rope bridge though
  13. yea apparently 'poise' is switched off at present. I've been having a largely abysmal time invading. The rare occasion I don't get disconnected or greeted with the 'critical battle entered' message I spend my time watching the host and his phantoms run in circles around a bonfire. Meanwhile on my end I've not been invaded once all game The only nice thing that happened was someone had dropped a set of armour on the floor for his host which I duly snaffled for myself. I'm level 35 and just done the Abyss Watchers. Is that massively over? I've only really levelled to access weapons and spells so far.
  14. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    Quietly seething at those misspellings of Eriksen upthread.
  15. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    really rubs off on the fans as well, I've been going a lot this season on a mate's season ticket. regrettably his seat is in the rather sleepy North Stand but today even the crusties round that way were in full voice. fantastic atmosphere and a brilliant win, really had to fight for it. not sure how compelling it would have been on TV but one of the best games I've seen in the flesh
  16. Fucked off Ighalo didn't I? See how Lukaku does tomorrow, it really comes down to how well my Arsenal players do as my rival played Aguero as captain so he's pipped me to first. Pellegrini is an idiot for subbing off Silva.
  17. keep watching it, genuinely not sure i know of a better goal. I watched the Rodriguez goal against Uruguay as the closest comparison but I think Alli's is better, he's under more pressure and actually beat's a man with his touch. £5m from MK dons lol
  18. now I'm awake and wondering if I should get Lukaku back in for Ighalo and sacrifice Wijnaldum and Johnson for Albrighton and Smith...
  19. gone mad and used my january wildcard. I've either secured the championship by getting ahead of the curve on the next template or totally ruined my team and will plummet over the next few weeks. let's see!
  20. 75 points and top I go! Yay. And there was me cursing my luck that 9 minutes from Kompany keeping Bellerin on the bench was going to cost me.
  21. Er yea, there's never any doubles before Christmas (barring something like a game being called off for bad weather). I suppose the Club World Championship would create a few doubles around this time but they'd be squeezed in later down the line. The League Cup final will be the first to cause a double week down the line and it's guaranteed because there's only premier league clubs left. The FA Cup draw is going to eliminate at least 5 premier league teams so there's a possibility there won't be as many double weeks as a consequence of the FA Cup, I'm still going to hold onto my chips though. Also don't forget you can only use one at a time.
  22. He's not in poor form, he's in typical form. Gomis is rubbish everyone needs to get on board with that, he's got something like three times as many offside calls against him as any other player. It's true a more experienced or better manager would have identified him as the obvious weak point in the half season they had without Bony and made sure the team recruited during the summer. Or at least would have experimented with a different approach, maybe try Ayew or Sigurdsson up top instead. It'd be totally unfair to compare him with Sherwood. Sherwood had no sense of professional conduct, he was embarrassing. If he'd kept his mouth shut he may have got a longer go at the job at Spurs. Also while you can criticise Monk for stubbornly standing by a style that used to work but doesn't anymore you have to say that's better than inventing new styles of play week to week that don't work and never will.
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