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  1. Bellerin will be alright after the break won't he? I hate losing monies but no one really stands out as a Payet replacement for me. Coutinho possibly but Liverpool have City after the break. Might just suck it up, hope he only loses .1-.2 and do it after the gameweek.
  2. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    Terrible news for my fantasy team but good news for Spurs is Payet is going to be out for a while with an injury. I think Ozil exposed a vulnerability to crosses, the relief being that only very few players have his delivery, Payet being one of them.
  3. oh bollocks http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/nov/09/west-ham-dimitri-payet-ankle-injury argh this is a real nightmare. I did look into how bad his injury was and the word was that he was ok. Now I've got to face two weeks of people dropping him and his value plummeting or gamble on a -4 hit.
  4. Arsenal have a pretty easy run their next few games. West Brom, Norwich, Sunderland and Villa. I'd hold onto your gooners for now. Three of those are away but tbh Arsenal have had their biggest wins away this season and I think they could do without the pressure after this week. I ended up replacing Redmond with Ozil which will allow me to move Ayew to the bench (the week after they play Bournemouth of course). I thought about getting Aguero back in but I'll persist with Pelle, Ighalo and Kane for now. Still want to get rid of Cedric and McCarthy and eventually replace Ayew too. Eyeing Van Dijk and Gomes or Butland but will have to see how values change over the weeks.
  5. 49! Back down to third and the top two are pulling away but that's a relief after the disaster that was yesterday. Going to have to be ballsy with my next transfer I think.
  6. Dann and Kane pulling it out of the bag for me, should finish on around 45 if I'm guessing the bonus points correctly. I set par at 50 but whatever, it's better than 8
  7. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    Yea. I really enjoyed that game, Cech had to pull out some brilliant saves. On the balance of play by far the superior team. I'm happy.
  8. This week is turning into a real horror show for me The two players I was expecting a decent return off (Payet and Pelle) managed 1 point a piece and the rest did nothing of note. Cedric didn't even feature! Six players due today, hope they can spare me any further embarrassment. Think that top spot will have to wait for a few weeks. Lot of knocks and niggles keeping players out at least I have the international break for them to recover in.
  9. i love pedantry so i'm pretty sure you only use 'posthumously' when someone has died. in this context post hoc makes most sense if you want to get all fancy and latin. unless you were making a clever allusion to the death of competitive scottish football.
  10. It used to be market value but they changed it a few seasons back. Can't remember exactly why but it was a balance fix, I think there was a way to exploit it unfairly.
  11. 3 points off the top with Lloris and Dier in my team. Clean sheet would have sent me well clear In second due to team value. Actually won a league last year on that technicality. went a bit mad and got Bellerin in for Cresswell, I wanted him at some point and better to get him before his value went up any higher but I'm wondering if a move for Butland would have been wiser seeing as McCarthy isn't playing and Lloris is against Arsenal next week... I need to get rid of Redmond at some point too. And Cedric though not till after Southampton finish this easy run.
  12. a Spurs clean sheet and an assist for Kane could send me top this evening. 3 nil to Villa.
  13. Back up to 3rd thanks to Kane. I kept the faith. Kompany is back and so are the clean sheets for City so I've got him in over the dropped Darmian for next week's game against Norwich who look rather helpless. Keeping Pelle in for Bournemouth as he should fill his boots there but after that I might have to join in on the Vardy scene.
  14. QPR and Fulham are both in the same borough or don't they count for some reason? And while it isn't huge they do have a traditional fan base, unfortunately it's populated exclusively by cunts. Much like the club's ownership, management and playing staff. I think that's why no one likes them.
  15. Liverpool just need a game against a shit team who won't resist them to be able to find their groove and figure themselves out. Fortunately they have Chelsea next week.
  16. Yea, Bournemouth are a different proposition to Villa or Sunderland, team's that have suspect attitudes or subjects of woeful mismanagement. They just aren't anywhere near as good as a Premier League team needs to be and the tiny handful of players they have of that calibre are all crocked . Federici should get a game now at least. Apparently with a minute to go the Stadium Announcer accidentally left his PA on and said "It's men against boys. Fucking unbelievable." Matt Richie is decent though, he'll be playing in the Premier League next season regardless.
  17. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    "Are you Chelsea in disguise?" poor Bournemouth, feel for them but we needed this.
  18. 97.7 with 5.9 (thanks Aguero) in the bank. 103.6 total. Already made this week's transfer bringing Dier in for Kolarov. Thinking De Bruyne for Redmond or Ayew, see who does best. Or maybe Gomes on for McCarthy before he gets too expensive. I want a full squad. If Kane doesn't score against Bournemouth I'll cry.
  19. I'm fully prepared to watch this again and love it, but my first viewing I have to say I was disappointed. And I've liked everything he's done before. Even Mimic. It's just so slow and indulgent. I was amazed to discover it was only two hours, it felt an awful lot longer. Ironically for a movie that owes something to Roger Corman it really would have benefited from having a third of its running time cut. The entire first act in New York and all of its characters could have been dispensed with and any relevance it had to the story handled with a quick expository narration. That sounds inelegant but considering it exploits that trope anyway they might as well have spared us half an hour of tedium. The Fall of the House of Usher begins with him just rocking up to the house, wee story underway! Rebecca is another obvious influence, the movie has almost identical structure. I do remember finding Rebecca a little slow too but that movie keeps the first act more straightforward, Peak throws all its elements in right from the start. In which case maybe it would have worked better to have nothing more than Hiddles and Wasikowska making doe eyes at each for half an hour and save all the murder and mystery for when we get to Crimson Peak itself.
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