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  1. that's quite good. are there any other fixtures you could get the same effect?
  2. Ended up being boring and going with Pelle in for Aguero, taking the -4 hit. He'll play the 90 and Leicester haven't kept a clean sheet all season, all he needs is an assist to have been 'worth it' with all my other subs likely to be called in to action. More than anything I don't want to have to delay shuffling out other injured players with this week's transfers. I see Sturridge is already injured. Hate to say I told you so stigweard...
  3. Really, really not a fan of taking point hits for transfers. Aguero is going to need to be transferred out, fortunately I got him at 13.0 so I've got a little bit of room to let him drop in value before I risk losing profit on him. In form forwards wise you've got Lukaku, Pelle and Vardy. I'd ideally like the former but he's got two tricky games coming up and I'm wondering if he'll get the goal I need him to this weekend for the transfer to be worthwhile. At least I got Gomez out so I've got a bench capable of filling in for the maybes.
  4. yea, him and Harmon have been friends for years. he's in a bunch of Channel 101 stuff too. like Cautionary Tales of Swords
  5. it's the same idea as this episode of House of Cosby's he did ten years ago https://youtu.be/WCkEg8ulq4s?t=2m14s Harmontown has riffs that are similar most weeks as well, you definitely get a feel for his approach from listening to it.
  6. i'm not that convinced. posted it earlier in the thread - Kane, Aguero and Sanchez weren't scoring but were putting in the performances (and the stats) that suggested it was just a matter of time before they did. Hazard isn't, even this week the assist came from being fouled for the free kick, not very promising. his team aren't clicking either, they aren't creating chances and aren't getting into positions where Hazard can make them. Chelsea will improve but it'd need to be a miracle compared to the little bit of fortune it took for Aguero and Sanchez.
  7. up to second! if only i'd captained Aguero. oh well. still got a few players to play tomorrow, might be able to top the league by the end of the week. more importantly i've reclaimed the number one spot in my smaller leagues. my friend is begging me to remove her from the league. but i won't. it makes me look better her down there propping up the table.
  8. Darn, went with Payet this week expecting Sunderland to be a total disaster. which it seems like they are working hard to become in this second half but not enough for him to get more than a goal. i'm sure he'll pick up some bonus points though. a quarter million people transferred Aguero out of their team this week. McCarthy has been dropped for the last couple of games so that wasn't a great choice. Also Zabaleta was always going to come back at some point, that point being today so Sagna isn't going to get a look in for the rest of the season. And Redmond has been starting most games on the bench, though he's done well coming off it. And Sturridge is really expensive for a player with porcelain knees. Why would you drop Lukaku the same week he finds form and scores a couple? He's done well in Merseyside derbies before too. Other than that great team!
  9. i was busy yesterday so i'm a day behind on countdown but on Thursday he hammered some poor student, scored over 100 again and even managed to get the word 'NUTMEGS' phenomenal stuff
  10. matt le tissier absolutely smashed it on countdown earlier made that IT manager from guildford look like massimo taibi
  11. wee up to 6th 57 points, getting an average of 50 a week since I wildcarded away my disastrous choices in week 2 probably could have waited until tomorrow but I swapped Wilson out for Ighalo tonight anyway, just in case there was any price shenanigans over night. just McCarthy left to play, cleansheet and a few saves not out of the question against Watford so might nudge me up to 60 odd. although I know Speroni is back from injury now so maybe he'll lose his place in which case Lloris can come in with his handy 5 points. next couple of weeks will be spent trading out Gomez and possibly Ayew if he doesn't get form back in that time.
  12. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    we have been very solid at the back, even from week one. daft errors against Leicester and Stoke aside the general approach has been much improved. it's all come from Dier being so brilliant as the anchor man in midfield. he's comfortable dropping in anywhere along the backline if a hole is exposed and his tackling and interceptions in midfield are the best we've had since Sandro. it's no coincidence that Dier's new role has seen the return of Vertonghen's surging runs from the back either. he's also happy to have a dig off the ball and get in an opponent's face.
  13. graham dunn due in this thread soon "chelsea were definitely the better team, incompetent officials gifted the result to Newcastle"
  14. value .3 down but I never lost my faith. Harry Sanchez finally pulling his finger out too still sold Alderweireld though didn't i? mug.
  15. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    goals wonderful goals 1-1 Dier https://streamable.com/t3rc 2-1 Alderweireld https://streamable.com/b7uj 3-1 HARRY KANE https://streamable.com/tlm2 4-1 Lamela! https://streamable.com/6yrr
  16. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: :omg: 17-6! the comeback is on! fucking loved it. totally outplayed them. going 1-0 down from a narrowly offside goal after they countered from a Kyle Walker mistake after a short corner. it was all shaping up to be classic Spurs. but it wasn't. Dier or Lamela stand out as MOTM candidates but the whole team was excellent. and Kane finally got his goal! he really started to menace after that too.
  17. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    at least he still definitely fucked a pig
  18. not exactly a tap in https://streamable.com/1mk1
  19. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    my housemate's dad can't go on wednesday so we're going instead i learn this on the day the world discovered david cameron fucked a pig i'm going to wake up soon aren't i?
  20. hm i did my transfer last week while four sheets to the wind and without considering the golden rule of bringing in someone who is playing Sunderland next week. not a good strategy. Gomez may have reached the end. though after watching Yoshida at rightback I don't think Koeman will ever make that mistake again and Cedric should be back in for good. was really hoping for one more increase in value on Gomez... but if he misses next week he's got to go. fortunately Gomez getting dropped means Payet has come in rendering all my bellyaching over the decision null and void. 50 points, solid but i know a lot of people who did a lot better.
  21. Frosty

    The Spurs Thread

    Played really well against an in form Palace that are good away from home. dominated the play and was creating lots of windows but just couldn't finish the moves off. ended up scoring (a very well taken goal) from a counter. they all count but just scoring once from a conventional attack could make the going so much easier and open the game up for more counter opportunities. still though, Son, what a player. really gives the dimension we needed.
  22. me too azrael you only cost me 3 points in the end. any more though and i would hook you in the gabber 27 points from 5 players and captain yet to play. it isn't a disaster.
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