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  1. 1. Burnout 3 - I really hated this, I'm not a big racing game fan to begin with but everyone said this was fun. It really wasn't. Ea Tracks 2. Tricky, think I'll go with Twilight Princess, it was very good and I finished it, but I expect something greater from a Zelda game.
  2. Finished it today, 54 hours playtime. Massively gutted to find out the PAL release doesn't have the secret theatre, was really looking forward to seeing the game in it's original 'realistic guise' . Fantastic game, really enjoyed the end boss and credits.
  3. It was awful. The Laurel and Hardy doing Brokeback Mountain SOUNDS like it should be funny, and I think maybe it was. Unfortunately it was right at the end of half an hour of some of the worst comedy I've ever had the misfortune to witness. Thankfully Have I Got News for You was on right after followed by Peep Show to cleanse my mind.
  4. I've just finished re-reading Behold The Man; . I'm an atheist but I think it will be a good read to anyone. It's very, very well written and easily the most accesible of Moorcock's books (I'm a big fan so may be a bit biased). It's very good, basically it's a biography of a man who goes back in time and becomes Jesus Christ, but theres so much more to it than that. I'm frightened of spoiling it so it's best you just read it. And if you're already a Moorcock fan, Elric or Corum?
  5. New York would be perfect, if it's the whole state then you'd have huge amounts of open space and greenery.
  6. Frosty

    Oh no...

    Yea I went off Dr Pepper after having a similar (though not quite to that magnitude) addiction to it, used to have a couple of bottles a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Went off it after a while and replaced it with coke, the cherry coke, then sprite... you get the idea. Since then I've been trying to just stop drinking so many sugary drinks, now I just have one or two a week and they all taste lovely again. Hurrah.
  7. Yea that was awesome, I remember the level where you had to quickly go along tunnels and jump up onto a platform quickly before the water came and rushed you away. I liked how Mickey kept his jolly strolling pace despite the horrible death he'd easily avoid if he just ran.
  8. And his character... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzToNo7A-94
  9. Frosty

    Europe at War

    Certainly not true at my store, we've got an allocation of 45 but only have 35 pre-orders. Compared to 360 where we got 30 but had pre-orders of around 100, or Wii where we got over 100 and had around 200 pre-orders, we still have hundreds of customers waiting for a Wii, with more being added to the list everyday. We're not an inner-city store but the area is incredibly rich, if there was a place you'd expect PS3 to do well in it's here. But it hasn't. Yet. Ho hum.
  10. I'm 42 hours in now, just , I just want to check - are there stray beads in places you can't return too? Also can I go back to that place I just left? And finally . Just 'yes' or 'no' answers if you can, I want to avoid any spoilers if at all possible. I've just been trying to clear up everything I've missed so far, looking for beads, finishing the wanted lists e.t.c
  11. Frosty


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rODXNzZHu3w More exciting version of the same trick, requires 4* driving though.
  12. Frosty


    The SUV stays completely still. The guy holding the truck jumps up and aims to land (still holding the truck) with the truck's ramp hitting into the SUV's roof. Does that make sense? Maybe I should draw a diagram.
  13. Frosty


    Made an interesting discovery in this last night playing coop with DavidB, instantly got him 4 achievements as well. How to get Launched into Orbit. Dunno if anyone else has discovered this, couldn't be arsed to check.
  14. It's a terrible tracklist in terms of quality, but in my expirience the most fun songs in Singstar are the bright and breezy pop tunes, like McFly in whichever one it was, you know, they played golf. They're easy to sing, just simple harmonies and stuff, good on duet, have singing ALL THE WAY THROUGH and I feel much more comfortable butchering a song I won't listen to normally than I do singing an all time favourite knowing next time I hear it that I'll never manage a singstar rating in the song I really love...
  15. You have to shoot him loads, I think the CT and Hand Cannon are the only ways to get enough damage, apparently it does a cool Aliens style death with acid and stuff.
  16. Got my Wii on launch, finished Zelda. Not used it since. That said I only use my 360 for Gears Live now, spent most of my gaming time in the last year playing PS2 and wondering what possessed me to spend £400 on a pair of consoles I don't use as much as the £85 I already have.
  17. They do grow back, takes forever though. I only bother doing it with the ones at save points as they're easiest to find again. Might have some in game trigger - maybe every two colossi killed.
  18. As the cage drops, turn to the door and drop a grenade - it *should* take off the lock and kill a fair few of the chaps rushing into the room. Then it's an easy case of running out and killing the survivors and the now helpless Garrador.
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