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  1. I thought the nastiness was the best thing about it tbh, makes the threat all that much worse when it’s literally the worst things that you can imagine a person doing to another, but obv get that it will not be for everyone. I think the worst part was the actual story about the main couple. Recentish watches We’re All Going to the World’s Fair - 3.5/5 Not a scary or particularly disturbing horror but I found the central premise really took me back to being very online when I was younger, how drawn into stuff you’d get when being online was the main thing that you were doing and the weird friendships that’d develop around that. Cool debut. Virus:32 - 2/5 Pretty dull and predictable zombie/infection film that really wastes the opportunity afforded them by the location. You Won’t Be Alone - 4/5 Loved this, a folkloric story about a witch experiencing the lives of a handful of different villagers that she assumes the identity of, probably more a dark fantasy than horror strictly speaking. If you liked November or Hagazussa I feel like it’d be right up your street.
  2. A few recent ish watches You are not my Mother - 2/5 Similar to Hole in the Ground, this is a contemporary take on Irish folklore and like that film this is pretty uninspiring for the most part, some nice moments here and there but not enough. The Sadness - 3/5 I enjoyed this, mainly for the general vibe and one particularly well done sequence on a train. The plot relating to the two main characters was dull as fuck though and the more it leant into that the less I was into it. As with Train to Busan this is best when it’s concerned with the moment to moment survival horror of the overall premise and not the fairly cliched character stuff. I have to say I did like how mean it was too, and the willingness to go full on with its “zombies”. Censor - 2/5 Didn’t really buy the main character at all in this and felt it went exactly where I thought it was going to. It was pretty watchable, and looked nice in places, enjoyed the 80s setting but as far as the video nasties stuff went it felt pretty inauthentic and trite. Hiruko the Goblin - 3/5 Not a new release but a film that was recently rereleased. The second film by Shinya Tsukamoto, this is like a bizarre glimpse at what he might have done if he’d gone in a completely different direction with his work. This is Sam Raimi meets Amblin Entertainment, very silly, maybe a little too silly for my tastes, but very fun too.
  3. Ahh excellent. I… didn’t think very much of it, but I wasn’t a fan of Relic either so ymmv.
  4. Was it set in the uk? It’s not quite what you describe, but it could be Amulet if you’ve remembered a few bits wrong.
  5. Loved this, had avoided that kind of quirky american indie film since the regrettable shit I watched in the 2000s but this was lovely!
  6. The best of 2021 (think it was only Anderson’s new one that I didn’t catch of the ‘big’ releases) Dune Shiva Baby Licorice Pizza Dinner in America The Matrix Resurrections The Scary of the Sixty-first Titane The Card Counter Annette The Last Duel The best first time watches of 2021 Blackhat (2015) Penda’s Fen (1974) The World is Full of Secrets (2018) Singapore Sling (1990) Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (1981) In the Dark (2000) Arrebato (1979) Mona Lisa (1986) Jackass Number Two (2006) Shatter Dead (1994)
  7. Yep was worried this was going to be Trueblood: Down Under or Anne Rice in Australia or something but nope it seems decent and looks to have a cool backstory etc. Hoping it might tap into a similar vibe to John Carpenter’s Vampires, which while not great has a lovely atmosphere and general aesthetic (that the rest of the film sort of wasted).
  8. Yeah, I thought it had some nice moments and was quite pretty but ultimately everything they added to the short story made it worse, particularly in relation to the cultural appropriation...
  9. I ended up watching the rest of this and whilst I still hate the creatures I did enjoy it for the most part. I think it’s pretty good at building tension, particularly when the tension is cult/members of the public related and not about the generic smasher-uppers. I do really like the whole approach of examining what a society would be like in this context too, but I don’t know if I missed something but does South Korea not have a government, because at times it feels like there’s just the police and the media and the cult and nothing else?
  10. I started it but really hate the look of the creatures, just awful superhero-film-looking cgi, is it worth continuing with/is there a lot more of that?
  11. Absolutely, Candyman (2021) was one of the films I was thinking of, felt similarly about Relic as well (although obv I know a lot like it), whereas something like Get Out, or His House manage it.
  12. Oh god if I had that affliction I would have probably a thousand extra films watched, all I seem to be doing lately is watching the first half hour of films and then jettisoning them.. Did you watch His House from last year? Not mind blowing or anything but I thought it was decent and handled the subject matter in an intelligent way whilst still working as a good horror film - something I think a lot of recentish ‘horror’ films fail to do.
  13. Notable stuff from the last 20 years that I can think of (and roughly in order of how much I like them): Noroi: The Curse (2005) Kotoko (2011) Pulse (2001 NOT the remake) The Wailing (2016) The Witch (2015) Lake Mungo (2008) It Follows (2014) Raw (2016) November (2017) Lords of Salem (2012) Terrified (2017) Host (2020) His House (2020) Saint Maud (2019) Although I should maybe say to take them with a pinch of salt as I don't really like Ari Aster or Panos Cosmatos' stuff.
  14. At the moment I think it’s piracy-only unless you’re in the US. I swung between hating this and thinking it was pretty fun in a Drag Me To Hell kind of way, but overall I think it’s just mediocre. At times it feels like a tv pilot, has a really artificial look to it and the kind of acting that seems like it’d be more at home in a cw series. Something that bothered me was
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