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  1. Ooh boy, I;d forgotten quite how ugly the Pilatus was. One thing I haven;t seen mentioned is that the GOTY update is bringing a load more photgrammetry cities to the UK - Brighton, Derby, Eastbourne, Newcastle, and Nottingham. (so, just england, then.)
  2. The villian character in the 1997 Blade Runner game seems to have been pretty closely modelled on Liev schreiber.
  3. I found them a real pain- for a "basic mob" model that needs bulk painting, there's just too much detail you can;t really bang them out quickly. I need to get back to Cursed City after my little Titan holiday. Done the slkellies, the zombies, the rats, bats, graves, gallows, crows, Dagnai, and half-done the vyrkros triplets, so well past half-way, but it's been a bit of a slog.
  4. I honestly wondered if she'd just skip to cracking it without the key at all- SImple substituion cipher, some repeated words, you know it's a riddle, wouldn't have been that hard to brute force through it.
  5. 4 times the size., so about 2 feet tall, depending on the top weapons.
  6. Warlord Titan is done. Quite want to do a 40k scale one now. how much harder can it be? it's just the same kit but bigger, right ;)?
  7. The thing is I realised, towards the end, that what was irritatiing me was the total inability to read an emotional state. The fixed smile, the forced laugh, was absolutely constant throughout. I couldn't tell if anything was sincere or a brave face put on so I assumed she was always stressed out, which stressed me out.
  8. Congratulations. You absolutely called it, to the exact week.
  9. Been getting my Titans sorted out. Looking like a decent force now, though still need to get a Warlord built and painted.
  10. Boardman did it twice. In 1996, using the Lotus. This record was retroactively reclassified by the UCI as a "best human effort", not "hour record" in 1997. Then he did it again, on a traditional bike, in 2000. That's the end of the 28 years I was talking about.
  11. Some of the cans can be worth it for having a precise match to regular range paints (if you need to touch up over it) but for black priming, , It's halfords all the way.
  12. I have a hunch Martin might be gearing up to retire at the end of the year. He's taken more races than usual off this year (I think), and interestingly they've had a a few different people take his place at the ones he's missed (Nico, Karun, Paul DR have all had goes at it. Maybe Jenson as well?) so I;m wondering if they're doing auditions for the role. Of that, Nico was the best, I think, Karun Second and I don't think Paul was good last weekend at all.
  13. Digital foundry to a deep dive on it here: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2021-microsoft-flight-simulator-tech-review-a-brilliant-port-to-xbox-series-x-s Short answer is: Very well. on a Series S you won;rt be getting the higest resolution and detail but the frame rates are very imprssive, and more reliable than the prettier series X settings.
  14. As a literal change of pace, the Ju-52 (which was supposed to be out last month with the Germany Update) came out yesterday. for 13 quid, it's a very comprehensive package, with a 1939 version, a modern refit, skis, floats, etc. Only got a very short flight in with it last night (using the 1939 version) but it was lots of fun. The checklists to get the thing started are comprehensive and well done, and It's a proper event going through all the steps. Very sprightly takeoff, Lovely relaxed flying, though I didn;t manage to land it neatly. The only problem is a lack of proper 1930s style aerodromes to fly it from.
  15. Aaaah. Thought that had closed, for some reason.
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