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  1. It doesn;t have a dedicated dial, but you can switch the garmin touchscreen display on the right into a combined attitude/speed/alt display by pressing the "3D" button on the touchscreen (you'll prob need ot shift the camera right up to it, so don;t try if you're flying or not paused). Found that this morning...
  2. This would be an ideal thing for a smartglass (remeber that?) Solution. I'd love to have ATC and/or the Garmin nav running on my phone or ipad.
  3. Last Night's flight was from Land's End to Exeter, and it was interesting. The real weather was totally unflyable in the CTLS so switched live weather off (had to restart the flight). Once airborne for the second time, I had quite a few graphics gitches - trees in mid-air, a couple of islands off the coast with rainbow shorelines, some moments where the screen went totally black, but it held together till I landed and parked. One neat thing is that I've worked out how to use the little screen in the CTLS to change my desitnation mid-flight, if I want. It's quite easy to use. the same screen is in the Icon. Anyway, after landing and shutting the plane off, the game crashed so hard I had to power off the xbox totally. After that, as it was getting late I did a quick flight warping the icon to Qikiqtarjuaq to see if there were any polar bears (there aren't), and did my first water landing.
  4. Isn't this is the AI pilot assistant trying to fly rthe plane for you while you have the cursor up? I don;lt know why it;s always so keen to cut power, but it does. Haven;t had it cut to zero, but have had it drop the throttle pretty sharply.
  5. I don't know if there's anyone who'd want to do it, now, who isn't a fan or who hates it (or mostly likely both, based on the era under discussion). The show's been on for so loing and been such a cultural thing that I can't imagine anyone having any detachment from it. Unless, maybe, they choose somone young, who grew up during the 1990-2005 gap, and can actually be fresh. Maybe this is the first chance to do it - someone like that would be in their early 30s now.
  6. Oooh, Edgeley Opticas... I usually aim for under 100 feet/min if I'm flying casual. Personally if I need to be more precise than that for pronlonged periods I'll need an autopilot with an actial alt hold function. I think the C172 will have one but the 152 probably doesnt, and the CTSL which I;m currenly using defintely doesn't
  7. You're unblikely to ever manage to get it to fly absiolutly level hands-off. I'd always considered a very slow pitch down or very slow pith up to be trimmed. A plane is more like a boat than a car. It's not connected to anything solid, and is always moiving through a fluid, which is, itself, always moving. I think the progression is just - get better at flying on your own terms. Find the thing you like doing and do as much of it as you like. There's loads more things to turn on from the defaults to increase the challenge. My morning flight was a lovely trip from Pembrey, then south across the bristol channel and down the north devon coast down to Davidstow. Down to Lands' End next, then Exeter, then verious bimbles along the south coast calling in at Thruxton and Goodwood.
  8. why do you think it has to open? It's because of the invisible forcefield. everyone knows that.
  9. Yeah, but that would have been cheating... (I probably would have done it if Pembrey visibility was too bad to land)
  10. My lunchtime trip was Usk-Pembrey and I'd forgotten I'd put live weather on, so what I saw of the south wales scenery was mostly through grey cloud. Terrible Visbility on takeoff. Luckily it was OK for landing, which is fun at Pembrey as you go straight over a racing curcuit that's using a good chunk of the former RAF base, leaving half a runway to land on.
  11. I can understand it not doing a big download while its having to stream in scenery as you fly, but you'd think it could at least manage to do it while you're tootling around a small space doing the flight training.
  12. Oh, I did also do a flight out of Tenzing-Hillary (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenzing–Hillary_Airport) near everest but the little plane I used couldn't get up over the mountains to see anything.
  13. After all the downloading, got to flying last night and loving it. It's clear that the default terrain system looks at the 2d satellite imagery and takes a stab at what's there, but it's the first iteration of flight sim where it's been absolutely easy to fly with just looking ouit of the window and all the roads and rivers are right, and the genaral countours. IN terms of "making your own fun" what I;ve decided to do is start doing a tour of the UK in short hops, flying to and from places I;ve visited, using the Flight Design CTLS. So, last night, I flew from the tiny strip just outside Banbury (My nearest airfield) to RAF cosford (this meand flying over birmingham) , then this morning did a hop from Cosford to the Gliding Club in Usk (near where my in-laws live). And I think from there i'm going to have a look at Cardiff and then maybe head out to west wales and so on.
  14. The videogames industry is very similar with trying to keep salaries as a secret between employees, and it should get called out there, too.
  15. Good Grief. One hopes mercedes' submission will be just playng all the clips of Horner saying max's aggresive driving is fine and admirable.
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