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  1. To be fair this song's a triumph of all kinds.
  2. ... it's all been for nothing.
  3. No! You'll never be as manly as 80s metal. Real men.
  4. Well of course it is. Duh!
  5. I think that team sports are good for homo-erotica and nothing else because I simply don't believe that it's interesting to watch people try to put something inside something else. Or through it. Or on it. Whatever.
  6. I've got nothing against tits or cock being shown on TV but GoT kicks the arse right out of nudity imo.
  7. xibxang

    Alice In Chains

    Weird. I've just started listening to Alice in Chains again, starting with Alice in Chains (aka Three-legged Dog) and I'm having a right old good time with them. Have to agree with what's been said so far, and I'd like to offer that another facet that set them apart from the other bands was/is Jerry Cantrell's backing vocals. His harmonies are perfect for Staley's voice. Shamefully, I've never delved into their work with DuVall. The stuff I've heard - like Check My Brain - are excellent but I could never see past Stayley. From Man In The Box to I'll Stay Away, his enormous voice was amazing. If you guys haven't already, read up on Stayley's final years. It's a really sad story. He was dead for days before anyone knew.
  8. I won't make it tonight guys, sorry. Work's been mental and tonight's the first evening I've had to myself all week. I'm pooped! I just want to log in, do my garrison chores and log off.
  9. Thanks to everyone for showing me the ropes last night. It'll probably take a another few goes at it to memorise everything but I had a blast in between panic attacks.
  10. Is it walled city tonight, guys? I want to do my research before making a complete fool of myself! Also, I'm xibxang on Skype if anyone would like to add me for some raid chat.
  11. Awesome! I'll be quiet as a mouse though; too much to learn to be chatting!
  12. Will there be raiding tonight? I'm going to try to come along. Work's still crazy for me but all work and no play, as they say.
  13. Thanks for the advice, guys. Now that I have my Warrior specialised in Arms, I'm finding it much easier. This gives me something to tinker with when I'm not raiding/tradeskilling/garrisoning with my Warlock. I'm hoping you guys can help me find my feet as a tank once I hit 100.
  14. Is it not?! What's the best build for solo levelling 90-100 and which is best for tanking in dungeons? Please do treat me like the idiot I am.
  15. A couple of fairly in-depth questions for you guys, if you don't mind answering. I've reached iLevel 635 with my Warlock and I'm doing fairly decent DPS in groups, depending on the situation. HC dungeons now seem to be fairly trivial for me, as my gear is at least ilvl630. Should I keep doing them for the chance for random rare/epic items to drop? I'm chugging away at LFR although apart from a great start, the gear drop hasn't been in my favour. Dungeons aside, what should my MO be now at this level? Should I be focusing purely on guild raids? I'm quite happy to keep tinkering away on my Garrison and trade skills but I do enjoy a bit of "action". Bear in mind that I've spent years in the levelling game and I'm still very much brand new to being max level, so I'm quite embarrassed to say that I have next to no knowledge of what happens at the end game. I wouldn't even know where to start reading up on it all. Any advice would be great. I've rolled myself a Tauren Fury Warrior alt and boosted him to 90 since I don't have any patience. I've been playing mainly DPS for over ten years now and I've become terribly out of touch with tank classes. I'm using the Icy Veins guide to teach myself the class but so far I'm still pretty rubbish. 1-v-1 fights, and sometimes 2-v-1 are fine. It's when it gets to three normal mobs and me, I always end up dying. Granted, I'm still familiarising myself with the rotation and such but I worry that I might be doing something fundamentally wrong. Should I be dying to three normal mobs? Is the solo levelling rotation the same as the group/dungeon one? Are there any tanks who can help?
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