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  1. I was one who bought the very first batch of Wavebirds from North America (I don't know if this has anything to do with my bad experience) and I got the occasional problem of the batteries coming slightly loose during play and thus temporarily losing control of the game. I've solved this by simply putting a bit of card with Blue Tack underneath it under the batteries to hold them in place. Perhaps I'm a rare exception to the rule and there have been no similar problems since with other controlers?
  2. No indications yet as to wether or not it'll be a good game, but Stargate: The Alliance is looking very tasty, at least.
  3. After having felt so let down by the Gamecube over its lifespan, and given how much everyone has been raving about RE4 (including Edge), the game has very much become a last chance for the machine and me. I've rented the game and it's probably fair to say that I'm definately keeping my Gamecube now.
  4. Go on, give us an initial score out of 10.
  5. Yeah. It so is all about the cashflow these days. Give me enough cash and I'd probably end up like this!
  6. An interesting article. Not overly long or boring and the author comes to the point quickly enough. On the subject of Edge, I feel the author, like so many people, misunderstands Edge's review and scoring system. At the end of the day if Edge's review and scoring system wasn't as accurate and so in tune with the informed gamer as it is, nobody would give a toss or talk about the magazine the amount they (including the author of the article) do.
  7. Err, agreed just slightly with the two above. The game's a technical and artistic work of art.
  8. Given that all government rescources would be made more freely available to the project, perhaps such an individual could be made to "dissapear" very quietly?
  9. Perhaps I launched my topic with slight lack of total seriousness. But we did have the 48K Spectrum once, which was very successfull. Perhaps we could go one further somehow?
  10. What if the Government, in partnership with the right British devco's, publishers, business, and general genius people, launched a console? It would, of course, be the best f***ing console ever made by man. Totally open source. A cinch to program for. Stunning aesthetic external, yet configerable design. Affordable (£99.99 launch price includes 2 games + 1 remote + 1 extra joypad). Just and fair deals given to developers (OK, I'm pushing it a bit!) thus promoting an explosion of new creative energy. British publishers and retailers brought to heel by new laws and ways of thinking by the Government. A machine so advanced and future proofed that one is garaunteed at least 10 years before a replacement is launched! Of course, it would be a stunning success in this country. But how about the rest of the world? Do you think we could take on the big boys? Could we shove geeky Bill Gates' head down the loo and give him a bogwosh? Could we push Mario and his silly friends back up those stupid green pipes they came out of? And most importantly, could we take on those responsible for making the most annoyingly anti-social device know to man (the Walkman)? What do you think?
  11. Played the demo, and whilst thinking it was quite fun I still felt it lacked the spark of a really great game. Which disapoints me in particular with the Timesplitters series as I always hoped that the supposed core team behind Goldeneye and the first half of Perfect Dark could somehow match their previous efforts.
  12. I'm told by those who have one, that the Tesco Clubcard gives a really good deal compared to other reward cards.
  13. I get the feeling that sid, like me and many others, are simply standing back in awe slightly at the current pace of acceleration in human technology. Sure, we can argue the toss about slightly varying levels of graphic torque. But there's no doubting that we are moving so fast.
  14. Fair enough. But I'm interested to know, what is your opinion of Halo?
  15. With the rapid increase in cheaper online game sales of late, I think the situation is starting to change. Play.com are now big enough to advertise on TV. With others like Amazon, Simplygames and Gameplay.co.uk chomping away at retail game vendors, surely they are going to have to consider their pricing policy for games more carefully from now on?
  16. Quite right. One of the reasons I launched this topic is because I feel that with the current generation of consoles there really is bugger all difference between the three as far as I'm concerned when it comes to graphics. But with the next generation there really does seem to be the potential for there to be a markedly noticable difference in visual power between the three. Enough for the mass market to notice. Once they all get into their stride, will it make a difference? I suppose you could argue that the N64 v Playstation visual difference proves not.
  17. I think you answered your own question there. They are Microsoft. Who have so far proved that they will do absolutely anything in order gain ground. And to be fair, they haven't done badly.
  18. Total guess, but maybe the High definition stuff will be handled by some seperate chip or processor or whatever, and other graphical stuff will be dealt with seperately? A bit like whatever it is inside the very latest high definition DVD players that makes the high definition is seperate and different to the stuff in it that deals with other picture enhancements.
  19. You there, slave! Get back to your workstation, now. Lashes whip.
  20. Yes, I did. Thank you very much. Topic title fixed.
  21. As long as they included the robot that turned into a twin cassette stereo I'd be interested!
  22. So, let's start off on the reasonable current assumption that Xbox2 will launch roughly one year before the PS3. At some point in the near future there will have to come a point where MS have to say "Okay, we can't fiddle with this thing anymore if we want to launch on time." The internal specifications with regards to visual ooomph are set and no more can be done. Now Sony, very close to finishing off their own little toy will be probably be intelligent enough to know roughly where this point is and sooner or later they will know that MS have reached the cut off point that they have yet to reach. Let's assume that the PS3's grahpics cut off point is exactly one year behind Xbox2's. I suppose my first question to anybody in the know would be roughly just how close to a machines launch is this point? Secondly, with Xbox2 set and finalised Sony now have the option of doing a bit of an "upgrade" with their gear. That's just my uninformed laymans theory, anyway. Obviously PS3 would still be very close to launch and I would've thought that to fiddle about at such at late stage might cost them an arm and a leg or be highly unpractical at a corporate and business level (developers, publishers, deals, etc.)? But, I just can't help but feel that with Xbox2 coming in so early the temptation for Sony to shell out and bung aload of visual heat all over their PS3 after it's way too late for MS to do anything, and then say "Whooohoo, look how big our ****s are now, baby!!!" could prove too irresistable for them. What do you say?
  23. Really, not having a decent online mode for the Xbox version is beyond silly in my view. Owning the Gamecube version gives me no incentive to buy the game again when I might well have done if they had screwed their foolish heads on properly when they decided to convert it.
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