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  1. You can get two versions of the TTR games, the full fat ones or the mini ones (London, New York, Amsterdam). I really like the mini ones as you get almost identical gameplay but in something you can whip through in under 30mins.
  2. Yep, agreed, not aiming for anything too complicated. I did think about Heroquest but the D&D adventure game @Sardan mentioned looks like a reasonable half way house (albeit for the older one, not the younger, the formers birthday is in April so might save it for then!). I'd expect their parents to be DM-ing the kids, to start with at least, so that helps somewhat.
  3. Has anyone got any recommendations for a ttrpg suitable for kids? Ages 8 and 5 (ish, i'm a terrible friend), although gaming tends to be targeted towards the younger one in terms of themes, they are smart. I have Goblin Quest, and could see how that could work, but i'm thinking of something maybe a touch easier to 'DM' for their parents. I've seen Hero Kids recommended online but wondering if anyone here has any experience?
  4. How long does a game of Memoir '44 normally take?
  5. I vaguely remember enjoying Soleil, although that was more arpg than jrpg I think.
  6. That Ireland performance was incredible, if i'm honest I didn't think a Farrell coached team (as head coach) would have it in them. England's big test is next week, which is an odd thing to say after beating Australia but it's become a bit routine now (I saw it was 8 wins in a row now?). Not really sure what to make of the team so far, it feels like Jones knows he needs to mix the team up before the WC but isn't willing to go too far with it. As merman mentioned Freddie Steward has probably been the outstanding player so far, reminds me of Rob Kearney, which is no bad thing.
  7. Here's the manufacturers page, find the right size and then just google the code - should be able to get it from rs, farnell or rapidonline I expect; https://www.hammfg.com/electronics/small-case/general-purpose/1456cww
  8. Been looking at cases for the Mister and can't find anything I really like and isn't going to cost the earth. Found some nice ITX cases, but either too expensive or too big. I wasn't going to go for a vintage look but I think i've fallen for this beauty (£57 from Farnell) - Just look at that beige. Real walnut too! I need to check it's big enough for the few extra bits I want to add but there are longer/taller variants.
  9. Dune - Won't repeat what others have said as I agree with most of it, my main problem is that I couldn't watch all of the desert stuff without thinking about how i'd rather be watching Fury Road. Especially with the sandstorm scene which is astounding in Fury Road (especially on the black & chrome version) and just felt a bit weak here. 4/5
  10. Office Killer : A sort of slasher movie, where the lead character (brilliantly portrayed by Carol Kane) goes a bit loopy after being forced to work form home in her journalism job. Some decent special effects, if you liked Voices it feels like this may have had some influence (or whatever influenced this film did). It's shot really well, and moves at a decent pace. Main criticism would be that it doesn't really build any tension. 3.5/5
  11. I think Channel 4 were showing some PPV's on domestic TV at the time (they definitely were in 2020) so that would have increased the exposure of it.
  12. It's a bit of an elastic relationship, not just about ease and price of purchasing legally, but ease and price of pirating as well. There is definitely an issue with how we value digital products too, although that is as much a consumer issue as a supplier issue.
  13. I bought a few D&D alternatives and read through this after Dungeon World (which is based on the same system). It looked good but I fancy a crack at Goblin Quest and Mork Borg first.
  14. I watched that trailer with the sound off and this comment still made complete sense.
  15. I'm assuming a lot of games don't have actual UI designers because a lot of them have that overly hierarchical feel that a programmer feels is very structured, but in real life is fussy and unintuitive. I quite like the Divinity OS interface, radial menus followed by tabbed. Tried playing Desperados 3 with a joypad the other day and that was really hard work, although not solely down to the UI.
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