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  1. Classic management by spreadsheet decision. I always pinned D&D One as a marketing exercise rather than a product one, but it's also clear that this was a driver behind it as well. It also seems a bit daft with so many really professional alternatives available - while i'm running a D&D campaign (and still want to play another), we're currently playing Mork Borg (and Pirate Borg) and are planning Cthulhu, Symbaroum and Alien games. Who knows if it will backfire, I imagine that it will probably come down to Critical Roll though. If they jumped ship, and it's not like the style of the show isn't suited to a lighter rules system anyway, then you could see WoTC do something.
  2. The arse has fallen out of the freight market recently, if only temporarily, so there might be some opportunity at the moment.
  3. Tactics Ogre Reborn, Pentiment, Divjnity OS 2 and the Xmas Donkey Kong arcade hack.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/64069729 World rugby implementing shot clocks and getting rid of fannying around time before line outs. Oh, and no water carriers on until a try is scored. Thank fucking god.
  5. Good shout, I forgot there were a few exceptions. I imagine there will be an exodus of English players anyway, a few have already announced moves to France and you can imagine a few more that won't make it to another world cup will probably do the same.
  6. No idea how Bath are going to come in under the salary cap next year considering a lot of the recent acquisitions. Interesting though, i've heard a few interviews with other Scottish players in the west country (Hogg, Hastings) who seemed really happy so maybe that had an influence. Like you say though, great to have him in the premiership and based on the way most games are being played it should be right up his street too,
  7. Just bought Huntdown and it’s fucking great, perfectly pitched difficulty as well.
  8. Wingspan - When I watched some youtube reviews/how to plays for this it just seemed to put me off, but having actually played it I really enjoyed it. Nice theme, great mechanics, will pick this up at some point. Decorum - Effectively a coop logic puzzle where you don't know each players goals but you have to work your way to the intersection where all players goals are achieved. It comes with a series of scenarios and for each one, each player gets a card with a set of goals - 'no lamps in the left hand rooms', 'all rooms different colours', that sort of thing (although they do get more complex quickly). I enjoyed playing it with my partner as we've gone through all the passive aggressive comments in real life so it felt quite fun repeating it but with no consequences! My only criticism is that you can sometimes fluke your way to completing a scenario early on as you're trying to work out what each others goals were. It's a little bit unsatisfying when that happens, but I suspect it would only happen a few times. I'm not sure we'd ever play this 4 player, and replayability might be a bit of an issue, but it was enjoyable enough. Horrified - Played this last night with 5 players and really loved it. It's got a slight old school vibe, but in a really positive way. Rules are simple, the variety in the monsters is really clever and the resource management works really well. It's a game that can suffer a bit if you have any players who like to ultra-optimise everybody's turns, especially early and mid game, think Pandemic or Forbidden Desert. If you can get over that (or in our case just ignore that player), then i'd recommend it to virtually anyone.
  9. Here is the album for the machine I designed and built - https://imgur.com/a/1liQLz8 Id go for a CRT where possible, although a decent plasma is better than an LCD still and pretty cheap if space is tighter. This is under 50 cm deep and goes up to around the equivalent of a 27" 4:3 depending on orientation (it contains a 42" screen rotated vertically).
  10. As jonnyalpha says, that is pretty much it. I like it as a good downtime game where you can just chat shit while you're playing. I've only pleayed the game with adults and really rate it, it does need 5+ players though to give it more of an edge using both spots in Tokyo.
  11. The only OSR game i've played is Mork Borg, which i've absolutely loved. It does fall into the rules light Black Hack style though so it depends what sort of system you want.
  12. Typically used on pocket hole fixings (which that looks like). You need something like this - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kreg-DDS-3-Inch-Square-Systems/dp/B000BKBYWW. I can't be 100% sure on the size but you need the length as you can't always fit a driver or screwdriver at the right angle to remove it.
  13. ‘I’m mostly a birthday performer’
  14. Played another round* of Spyfall last week and the only time i've laughed harder in the past 5 years** was playing it again the week before. Absolutely in love with it and everyone is already starting to develop their own little strategies. * entire evening ** Men at Work came close though
  15. I forgot that you can download a free edition of Mork Borg that includes only the text and none of the design or images here - https://morkborg.com/content/ (the bare bones edition). It gives you an idea of the rules if nothing else. It really thrives on the random tables, the game i'm running at the moment i'm sort of doing as a spiral campaign but with a lot of elements randomly generated.
  16. While I cancelled my Geforce Now subscription over the summer i'll definitely be getting back on there when winter hits. £20 seems a lot per month (for the 3080 tier) but even buying a 3080 is equivalent to something like a 2-3 year subscription. I imagine most people will be getting a refund big enough to buy a Shield TV (also the best smart app box available) and get a few months subscription. Added bonus is you buy the games via a normal storefront so not locked into the platform. One huge caveat is that game support is still limited, although there is still a lot of choice. More choice than Stadia still, but you're not getting full access to everything on Steam etc.
  17. Played a couple of new games last week - Spyfall - A bit lttp on this but fuck me it was hilarious. Haven't laughed so hard in a while, it's been dubbed the 'awkward date simulator' as that is what every conversation sounds like. Celeste - A reasonably straightforward push your luck game where the captain of the ship changes each (very short) round which adds quite a lot of depth to the tactics which could otherwise be a bit dull. Only played once though so needs to get a few more games in, seems decent though.
  18. https://morkborg.com/ Released in 2020, I imagine anyone who keeps tabs on TTRPG's has heard of this. I bought the book last year but only just started running a few sessions (and got my Kickstarter copy of CY BORG this week). Initially it can look a bit style over substance, being very rules light, but I find the style really helps cement the world in your brain, making it much easier to fill in the gaps when you actually run it. It definitely helped running something crunchier like D&D first, as i'm not sure how i'd really approach this if i'd never played another TTRPG first. It uses a D20 system so should be familiar to anyone who has played D&D. It's brilliant fun - the random tables, whether it be character creation or whatever are just full of great stuff and if you play it with a real gallows humour it can really shine, especially with a group that are into horror comedy. I'm not sure you'd get a long campaign out of it, character development (from a mechanical perspective) is minimal so it feels more suited to short campaigns and characters are very squishy. CY BORG adds some new mechanics, and a completely different setting (although the world as you know it is still ending). It's going to take a bit of work to take it all in I think, but it's a stunning book to just flick through so no problem with that....
  19. If your group is big enough (5+) then Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space is a sort of multiplayer battleships that does a great job of replicating 'the hunt' in a pretty neat and simple format.
  20. Felt much sadder about this than other current affairs. One of the best commentators across sport in general, televised games will genuinely be worse without his commentary.
  21. Played a few new games at the Chances & Counters in Cardiff last night - 1) Cubitos - this was ok, but the mechanics are a bit too close to the much better Quacks of Quedlinburg. 2) Flamme Rouge - absolutely loved this. Incredibly simple rules, didn't even have to reference them again after the first race. The slipstream and exhaustion mechanics are so simple yet give the gameplay a real tactical depth. Going to get this ordered as we only played with two and it looks like it would be absolute chaos with more. 3) Century : Spice Road - decent enough, not sure i'd go out of my way to play it again though.
  22. Yeah fine, because you can adjust the handling for each character you can sort of offset the difference in the pro/n64 analogue sticks (not a perfect solution of course, but it's better than the virtually unplayable F-Zero X)
  23. The way the music faded out the higher you jump in Excite Truck. Such a small feature but massively amplified the feeling of distance from the track.
  24. He's got form for doing stupid shit like that as well, fuck knows what he thought he was doing though. I was watching it with Australian commentary though, which was hilarious, someone even seemed to suggest that Hill's punishment should match that of the player who reacted. Bonkers. Only watched the England game and fuck me it was another tough watch. They are rapidly running out of time for their tactics to click before the world cup, especially as there are no signs it currently will. It seemed like Farrell played 10 the entire game, rather than the much more fluid relationship he had with Ford. I get how you might use Smith to try and find space on the outside but it took away his ability to keep the defence from drifting (or exploiting it when there are gaps). I kind of get most of the selection decisions (even if the players aren't performing), except for Lawes at 6. He's a top class second row and much better than Hill, and England currently have decent strength in depth at 6/7 (albeit lacking in caps). One positive to take from that is Arundell though, yes the game was already won but there is absolutely no way he should score that try. It looks like a poor tackle by the two Australian players that collide but it's the acceleration that catches them out, and then he Jason Robinson's the last defender, just accelerating past them on a curving run. For those that haven't watched is highlight reel it is absolutely worth it, make sure you check his try against Toulon too (ideally with the French commentary). It's far too early to know whether he'll make it, and all the usual boring caution with young players, but his potential is off the charts at the moment.
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