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  1. Obviously no kids will be buying a DS with Nintendogs/Pokemon for £100....
  2. As far as I was aware ATi didn't make the Gamecubes chip either. It was more or less finished by another company that ATi then purchased...
  3. It's not the magic they've lost, it's all the people who made those great games.
  4. I've forgiven Rare for Dark Heartland and the other incredibly annoying level on Blast Corps. Purely because I eventually did them and got all plats.
  5. Downloadable games is just not going to happen this next generation, plain and simple. With the size of the average game being in excess of a gig at least, download times on your average 512 service will be in excess of 12 hours. I like the idea of the Revolution as a wireless hub, I can only assume that you could connect more than 1 DS too. Built in microphone would reduce the need for a stupid headset too. I don't want to look like I work in telesales. I've never read much about what was available on Nintendo's Randnet service with the 64DD, but their Satelliview service was quite interesting, from a service standpoint. I think it would be fairly easy for Nintendo to offer free online gaming. Surely a couple of online pokemon games every 12 months would fund the service for decades! Also extra downloadable content that has to be payed for...new cups for F-Zero/Mario Kart, new levels for a Mario platformer, another 20 levels for Wario Ware. All these would be fairly low cost to develop once the game was made and could easily be sold for £2.99 - £4.99 depending on what they are. High enough penetration for this type of content would easily cover the costs of an online service I expect. And for those who don't have broadband they could be made available on special magazines or through mail order. And game shops of course. A free Nintendo broadband service would be immense, but surely it can't be done for free. Although.......Uncapped 512 broadband currently costs £18 from AOL, so they must pay BT around £10 (just a guess, someone correct me if i'm wrong). Taking into account that broadband costs will certainly drop by the time Revolution is released here (it's already pretty cheap elsewhere), and they would be buying in bulk they could probably do it for less than a £100 a year. I have no idea how they would incorporate this cost, write it off or whatever, but i'm sure it could be absorbed somewhere.
  6. This is a funny one, because both the Revolution and X-box 360's CPU and GPU's are designed by the same people, IBM and ATI. I'd love to be a fly on the wall there thats for sure. I never believe the tech slur coming from Sony, they bend the truth to breaking point sometimes. Either way it looks like all 3 consoles will have quite different hardware, so directly comparing stats is pointless.
  7. I think the X-box could (assuming it is released this year) be a little too early, especially with the cube Zelda and the alike. Short of getting a shit hot game at release, which lets face it will have to be Halo 3, I think that very few non x-box owners will be tempted. I'm also slightly concerned about their constant pushing of HDTV, especially regards us here. There really aren't that many people who understand what this is, and still many who don't know it even exists. I can just picture the less tech-savvy saying "I hear the X-box 2 requires one of them big plasma thingys to play it, cos of HTVD or something...." I like Nintendo's approach on connectivity, which has simply been that you can use both a TV and Monitor. Simple yet very effective. Not sure what the connectivity on the PS3 will be. Also, someone mentioned the proliferation of LCD screens in homes (with PC's). This is true, but unfortunately they are usually the cheapest, shittest ones available, and anyone who has tried playing you're average fast-paced video game on one of these will testify to how painful an experience it can be. In terms of power I really don't care to be honest, like most people here I expect. As for the people on the street, now we are past the days of 8/16/32/64 bit bickering I really can't see them arguing over the benefits of Sony's Cell and MS's XNA. The most interesting thing for me in the next-gen will be Nintendo's online strategy, I really cannot wait to see what they have planned, especially including the DS. This is the only thing getting me excited at the moment (not including porn and UFC 52). Lets just pray Nintendo get it right! I'm with a few other people on the PS3, I really don't care. Sony's continued attempts at product convergence are frankly getting on my fucking nerves. Obviously I speak purely for myself on this one and I expect the average consumer will see it much differently. Someone mentioned Sony's manufacturing too, surely they won't bodge this up. Or will they? Just realised I haven't mentioned any games yet! On this front i'm Nintendo all the way, if they can continue to create quality first-party titles and continue the innovation from the DS they get all my money. This is mainly because I can't afford to buy all the consoles and gaming time is being further and further restricted.
  8. Super Monkey Ball 1 is better single player, Super Monkey Ball 2 is better multi player, end of story. If anyone recommends Mario Golf, don't get it. Tiger Woods is much better. Donkey Konga is great fun. There are alos a few older games which are pretty good and you should be able to get really cheap, Metal Arms and Sega Soccer Slam just to name a few.
  9. I actually quite like the menu, nice to have something different. If you have that much trouble with it then your analogue contol can't be that good... Also I really like the lack of save points, most games these days let you save so often that there is no risk involved in anything you do. It actually adds to the tension.
  10. It's this lack of innovation that is not fucking on. The videogame business thrives (or at least it used too....) on innovation, just doing things the 'same' in an effort to gain market share is a dangerous game in the long-term. Just as an aside, one of the main reasons I have an unhealthy dislike for the PS2 is because they used the same joypad twice, and don't try and pass of those crappy analogue face buttons as anything useful. I also fully expect them to keep the same pad for the PS3, despite it being far from perfect (has anyone ever used a worse first-party d-pad?), whereas I expect Nintendo to come up with something that I can just play games with, comfortably, and with whatever they see fit for use with next-gen software.
  11. You seem to have also missed out Funk and Soul, despite there immense influence on Hip-Hop and Dance music. The influence of artists like James Brown and Curtis Mayfield (not mentioning Funkadelic/Parliament) cannot be underestimated. I would have to say that Hip-Hop was the most culturally significant genre in the 80's (OK, so the first hip-Hop releases were in 79'). Groups like Run DMC, Public Enemy and NWA, did far more than the likes of The Smiths. I personally would say that the most influential artist/group in the 70's was Grandmaster Flash (although he didn't release anything until the 80's). if you read about the history of Hip-Hop and the influence he had, along with thinfluence of Hip-Hop over almost every other genre you'll probably see why. As for Nirvana, i'm dubious over their importance. We all know that a good portion of their fame is because Kurt shot himself.
  12. I thnk that review scores are generally a good idea as they give you a quick guide to what the reviewer thinks of the game. I personally think that the x/5 scores used on digi were the best.
  13. Did it say anything about rare games in the thread title?
  14. Comix Zone is only rare in its Japanese form I believe. Various Virtual Boy games are rare and quite expensive, despite being shit.
  15. I think that violence is more or less just an easy way of creating a game. You can utilize numerous genres and no matter how 'samey' it is people wil play it. The problem is that its very, very difficult to differentiate between different types of violence. Someone mentioned Sonic, and yes that does appropriate to violence, the same with most mario games. The difference between these and combat simulators/GTA etc. is that your are carrying out said violence on your fellow humans rather than a deformed sprite. Personally my biggest issue with violence is that its now a lazy concept, I really can't imagine there are many more ways video game creators can find to actually kill people. The irony is that violence could be the death of the industry.
  16. Conkers BFD - The scouse bugs, the abusive cog, the signing turd.....the list goes on.
  17. I think some people here think that we live in one great big suburban empire of parental intelligence. Have you ever been to a town centre? Have you even been near a school in the last 5 years? An awful lot of kids these days are uneducated ignorant shits, and their parents are even worse. It seems that the people who really do need to be protected are in an environment where nobody gives a shit what they do, and the ones that are able to differentiate between the subject matter and real life suffer. The main problem is that a lot of people just can't think for themselves, on anything. All these kids you see dressed in burberry didn't just think "ooohh, i'll like nice in that overpriced tat', they want to be like the rest of the chavs. No kid suddenly just thinks 'ooohh, I think i'll start stealing cars' or the alike, there is ALWAYS an influence. And when the parents aren't able to offer this it comes from anywhere.
  18. Probably my N64 collection.. Minty Mint versions of Mario 64, Mario Kart, Conker, Mario Party 2 (Ok, so it's not 3) and numerous other N64 games. For the cube its got to be the Jap versions of Ikauga, Shikigami no Shiro and Mr Driller Land, my 2 black cubes (one PAL, one US/Jap), with matching GB Players and my Panasonic Q (no GB Player ). Did I mention the modded RGB & VGA leads too? And also my copy of Pacman Vs which actually has the CD-sized cardboard case, not the gay free version that come with the Namco games.
  19. phresh

    Lost Games

    That Seta (NOT Sega) developed racer for the N64 looked superb, but never surfaced.
  20. This would be the best possible game to launch a Nintendo online service. This will possibly (hopefully) be when they release the revolution. The DS is online capable, and quite easily too, and now the Nintendo iQue has been given online play. Rememeber a seriously big MMORPG will take in excess of 2 years to develop and set up the infrastructure.
  21. Yeah my bad, it was AKI. I just had the nightmares of using AKI man in the WCW games on the N64 return to me. Never seen anythin as gay in my life.
  22. They were only responsible for the greatest wrestling engine ever created!! If you've never played No Mercy on the N64 then you really are missing out, graphics have obviously fallen by the wayside a bit but the gameplay is top draw.
  23. Asmik also made Ultimate Muscle, which despite not having the depth of any other games featuring their engine its quite a good laugh. Worth it purely for the extremely over the top 2 vs 2 moves.
  24. I think we should start a fund to get Asmik the WWE license if THQ and Jakks get dropped.
  25. Why do people keep going on about stopping piracy by only making games available through download? Lets not forget that one of the current generation of consoles has done spectacularly well in this respect, to the point where games are just about piratable, but the vast majority unplayable, and involving an incredibly complex set up routine. All from burning the disks from outside to inside (more or less), not bloody rocket science is it. Back to the downloading games to console with serials locked to that specific console I recommend you do a search and read-up on DRM (digital rights management) that MS already has planned, and has already got them in (more) trouble with the European commission. Trust me, you won't want it after you read about it.
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